Local Services Ads Promotion Starting Feb 27th!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I wanted to Talk to you about a upcoming uh uh Promotion that Google is doing around Their local service ad so first of all If you don't know what local service ads Are you are in for a treat so local Service ads are the ability to go to Google and actually book someone from Google that's right you can actually Book a business like schedule an HVAC Company or a real estate agent or a Lawyer or whatever right from Google so That is what a local service ad is now In order to use them you must have a Partner who has Google local service ad Integration you can't just do this by Them yourself and your customers cannot Do it without you and so the cool news Is guess what high level has this Integration and we're one of very few People who do and so it's already built Into the system you can go check it out Go look at the help article right now But they're running a awesome promotion That we should all pay attention to let Me grab the Okay just so I got this right you can See right here on my screen starting February 27th Google will not charge for The next five bookings that are made uh And I think that they meant to say first Five bookings but it was it or oh I see Why it says next because it applies to

Both new and existing integration users Five free bookings per sub account it Applies to Home Services real estate and Legal Um so if you are in any of those Industries you should run out Immediately tell your clients about Local service ads tell them what they're Missing and tell them about this uh February 27th uh thing that they're Doing here and definitely start using This product in general being able to Book directly off Google is insanely Amazing and everyone should be doing it In the niches that are available so Anyways I'm excited about this just Wanted to get this out get it to your Attention as always if you have more Questions do let us know and I hope You're having an awesome start to your Monday thanks

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