Make Hanging Indents in Google Slides

Adding references to your Google Slides Deck want to offset sections of content So they stand out well hanging indents On Google slides are a quick and easy Way to do just that hi I'm Andrew Childress I'm a Google Slides Pro and in This video I'm going to show you how to Do hanging indents on Google Slides Thanks to Google Slides web and mobile Apps you can do this from anywhere in Moments you can add hanging indents to Your favorite Google Slides Presentations and when you know how to Do hanging indent on Google Slides Presentations you'll be sure to wow any Audience For this tutorial we'll be using the Beautiful Marco Google slide template From elements I have it downloaded and Open in Google Slides here as you can See there are many slides included with An array of cool design options let's Learn how to make a hanging indent in Google Slides using this slide here Which is number five in the deck first Let's touch on what hanging indents on Google slides are hanging indents offset All but the first line of a paragraph You'll commonly see these on reference Lists and works cited pages but they're A good option anytime you need to add Some contrast to blocks of text to do a Hanging indent on Google Slides you'll First want to be sure that the ruler

Tool is showing you'll find it here in This open space right above your slide If you don't see the ruler you can turn It on easily to do that come up here to The view Tab and then click show ruler Now the ruler will appear now let's add The hanging indent it's really two steps We'll indent all of the text and then Reverse indent the first line to create The hanging indent to get started let's Click on the text box here to select it Then move your cursor up here to the Ruler see this Arrow here I'll click and Hold it then pull it to the right you'll See the text indent below now typically Hanging indents are half an inch over From the left but you can use any value That you want as you can see all of the Text is now indented now let's left Align the first line to create hanging Indents on Google slides look back up at The ruler and find this horizontal blue Box right above the arrow that we just Pulled click and drag it back to the Left making sure to place it at 0.0 Inches release your cursor and you'll See the complete Google Slides hanging Indent now keep in mind that a hanging Indent applies to full paragraphs so What does that mean well in essence if You type in another reference you'll see It with a hanging indent effect Automatically if you're using a works Cited list it's a powerful Time Saver

That automatically keeps your formatting Consistent watch the hanging and then Apply as I'm typing here and remember if You don't want the hanging and then Effect simply remove it using the slides Up here on the ruler that's all it takes In moments you've learned how to do Hanging indent on Google Slides Presentations it's an easy efficient way To make text Stand Out keep it in mind For your next project especially if You're sharing references or or a Bibliography all you need is a powerful Premium template from envato elements Elements is an all you can download Resource for Creative content for a flat Monthly rate you'll have unlimited Access to thousands of Google Slides Templates along with stock photos music And more you simply can't afford to miss Out before you go don't forget to like This video then subscribe to our envato Touch plus YouTube channel there you'll Find countless other tutorials just like This one plus you can enjoy courses Content roundups and more you can't Afford to miss out I'm Andrew Childress For envato Test Plus and thanks again For joining me Thank you

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