Massive Forms Survey Speed Update!

Hey happy Friday everybody it's Sean Coming to you from high level this is a Super cool and super exciting Announcement because it is just about Raw speed Um so check this out so uh on our if you Look right here forms and surveys update We're pleased to announce their issue of Slow loading speed for embedded forms And service on websites has been Resolved we fixed the problem with high Level forms and servers by adding them Saying title attribute in the iframe so Check this out those are like the Weirdest thing ever I didn't even Believe it when I heard it so check this Out so let's start right here so look at That speed oh my gosh that's terrible It's so slow ah what's the deal Well Turns out it was our form causing the Problem but then it was like I don't get It I mean what's wrong with our forms Why are they so bad well it turns out That there's like a there's a title Attribute on the iframe that uh somehow Caused some issue like with all of the Speed testing so I don't know if it's Like one of those things where like it Was actually slow or whether or not it Just sort of then tagged it as slow but It doesn't matter because now that has Been fixed so check this out so we went From that boom to this on the same Website so huge difference right in in

Speed so um so here's the good news is This is fixed okay so what's the bad new Song bad news is if you have a former Survey that you've already embedded what You need to do is you need to first of All refresh the app because you need to Get the new embed code And then go out to the Forum uh service Section and I've seen those schools like We're making notes as we go like the Team is just still attacking us so uh Just go grab the new embed code it has The changes in it Okay so now if we go over into sites and Then I'm gonna go to forms let's go to Builder and then let's just say uh well Actually I probably should switch to a An account with uh forms that would be Smart huh okay so let's just say for a Second excuse me this is the form we Wanted to do right um so first what I'm Going to do is I'm going to hold on the Refresh button just for fun I'm gonna Hit the reload page and what that is is We always call that the hard refresh Basically we're gonna pull it down and Pull down the new code and that's gonna Make sure we obviously have the new Embed code and then down here bottom Right integrate form Um and obviously um there's all these Awesome uh options but Just a little copy embed code action and Then I'm just going to roll over to JS

Bin if you haven't ever seen JS been It's essentially just a website where You can like post up code really quickly And so you can see like the form kind of Uh loads in here so anyways um but that You know obviously the JS bin step isn't Required but anyways that's how you get The new embed code and that's how you're Gonna get it on the website and that's How you're gonna make things a lot Faster so anyways I am super pumped About this and huge huge props for the Team for making this happen so anyways I Hope all of you have an amazing Friday And we will talk soon thanks

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