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And it brings this much money back into The business I love what you're talking About also related to attribution right Like proof of of the service because Attribution is what allows retention to Happen and that's obviously one of high Level's main sticking points to us as Agencies which is the stickiness Factor Like it's very hard to lose clients when You have very clear attribution the Easiest way to lose clients is to Overwhelm them make it impossible for Them to onboard give them way too many Features make it unclear of what you're Delivering if you just focus on for Example the Miss called text back or for Example X or Y or Z not X and Y and Z That's the difference right there right There Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Across the world I am excited to Tell you that this is my first Spotlight Session and I get to do this with Alex Shielinski if you're not familiar with Alex shielinski I don't know where you Are in the high level ecosystem or the Agency space this guy's a veteran I've Known Alex for many years Um and just a quick background about Alex he's a coach speaker agency owner And a heart surgery Survivor I know he Went through a lot of health things and Really had an amazing story to kind of Bounce back he has ran and still runs

His digital marketing agency he runs a Mastermind called prospecting on demand For years I do think some of us usually Go there I think Robin came a couple of Times chased it as well hope to see you There one of these days myself but Either way his agency was specialized in Personal injury attorneys for a long Time he's passionate about coaching Sales and helping High levelers Specifically as well scaling their SAS Business Um and today what I want to do is Talk about our June Mastermind that's One item I want to talk about because Alex is our VIP guest speaker in Addition to a few others we have but I'm Excited to have Alex there if you Haven't been to one of our masterminds It's a treat it's an amazing you know Breakthrough for a lot of people that Come in and they realize oh man I'm not Alone in this SAS Journey I can Collaborate and it's not really you know A Cutthroat and you know competitive Space but really more of a collaborative Environment so Alex is going to be part Of that Um and Alex has a group called Prospecting on demand along with Brian I Believe that you know yeah Brian's great Guy so Alex thanks for jumping in man Um and I'm honored to be interviewing You as my first Spotlight session and I

Know Chase does most of these usually But you know privileged to have you and Talk to our high level Community yeah Thank you so much for having me and it's Pretty cool I think I'll probably be the Only guest that has done more Spotlight Sessions than you at this that's pretty Cool I'm excited about that Um and also a quick shout out to chase For just no showing me it's all good on Recording Chase I love you I'm just Kidding though um but yeah no I'm super Excited uh for June it's gonna be great I can't wait I was at the uh the first Mastermind and the ghl event Um in October I couldn't make the last One unfortunately for good reason it was My son's second birthday which was Really great Um but I'm really honored uh and Appreciative of the opportunity to speak Um at the event I love uh coaching I Love speaking you and I did a four day Session Um in the ghl group I think it was early Last year I want to say it might have Been like around just a year ago exactly Yeah um which was a lot of fun and that Was a really cool experience and um just The way that high level is always uh Kind of platformed us in pod Um in order to support the community is Something I'm incredibly grateful for And appreciative of

Um and uh you know I can't wait Um to just bring the heat uh in June and I wanted to kind of share some of the Things that I that I want to kind of Seed plant uh for the June event so People can prep and be ready to maximize The Experience because the thing is when You go to events you get a lot of Intel Um but sometimes you leave a little bit More confused than you can mostly Because there's not like a very clear Direction of how you take action from There and I know high level is very Particular about ensuring that the Client experience isn't like that at the Events and so I think this is a good First stage for anyone coming to the Event but if you're not coming to the Event I still think there's a lot of Value to hear from the things that I'll Be bringing up because of course to be Able to check those things out later on I'm in the high level communities when We're updating trainings and all that Jazz which I'm really excited about yeah And as you pull up your screen Alex one Thing I want to tell everyone if you are Interested in coming to The Mastermind Um I would say get into the waiting list As early as you can because usually as Soon as we launch it and publicize it Within a week it's usually sold out Mainly because we have about I believe 100 to 150 C it's usually on those and

We want to keep it an intimate setting So we can work with every every single Person at a group level small group Level or a one-on-one level but if you Are interested in coming find the link I Believe it's Mastermind Don't shoot me if that's not accurate But in the community in the Facebook Group you'll find the link if if if it's There but either way I'll tell you this Every single Mastermind I usually take Away something new regardless of where You are in your journey it's important That we bring in people like Alex Um to show you some of the practicality Of building an agency you know a lot of Times you know early on you get the Misconception that you can click a few Buttons throw in a couple of sales Scripts and voila you know clients are Going to just show up and in reality There's more to it there there's a lot More context to building these things Um so we asked Alex hey Alex can you Come into the Mastermind share a lot About your sales expertise you know kind Of share in 2023 what is what are you Seeing among your hundreds of students That's working on sales you know so Let's dive a little deeper into it Alex What do you plan on sharing with our High level attendees at The Mastermind In June yeah I love it Paulson I'm super Excited to share this so basically my

Goal at the event is to share with you a Quick win Playbook how you can add as Fast as possible a multiple number of New clients and I say multiple because Let's say you're starting out I want you To get your first 10. if you already Have 100 then it would be multiplied Right so I don't want you to be able to Double it and get to 100 or 200 excuse Me much faster if you're already at 500 How can we add on an additional 500 so It's basically going to be based on Wherever you're currently at adding on An additional factor or an idea or a Unique mechanism that you can utilize to Generate more opportunities for you Regardless of where you are on the Spectrum uh in the business whether You're full-time SAS part-time SAS Full-time agency part-time agency or You're brand new at it all together I Want to have a quick win Playbook to Help and set you up for Success one of The main things that we're going to do Is be talking about how to use the brand New scanning tool from high level to Maximize your opportunities when people Get tools that are really valuable Especially audit tools like the scanning Tool that tells you more about a Client's business or a prospect's Business that gives you more leverage to Utilize and sales so often they don't Really know how to utilize that or worse

They like overspend in terms of time for Each Prospect expecting that that Prospect will ever like look at the Email or loom video that they send one Of the most common things I see in the Space is you know I sent out 75 looms And no one answered but it took me eight Hours it's like well yeah that's not the Most effective route so what I'm going To do is create a client acquisition Process for everyone at the event a very Simple format of how you can generate Opportunities and then focus on really What I do best which is closing those Deals so anyone that comes to the event Will have this insight and I'll share With you a few tools and tricks on this Spotlight session too and then also at The event as well and I can just dive Into that if you like Paulson yeah let's Do that and just to clarify the the Reason why we like the idea of a Playbook is because we've already tested This out other software companies do This at scale if you're familiar with Chase's Playbook the lead generation Playbook or quick wins like these are Essentially hand-holding mechanisms for Your brand new customers to get to a World where they're successful inside Your platform when it comes to software The number one thing is the usage of the Platform itself how do we get your users To a world where they're actually

Logging in almost every single day maybe Multiple times a day right and getting Stabilized inside the platform so I do Love the idea of a Playbook Alex can you Show us the execution side of it what Does that actually look like from a Structure standpoint yeah absolutely so In terms of structure essentially the Way that we're going to go about going Through this training is going to be how You generate prospects in a in a funnel Process right so for example where do You create your opportunities from we'll Break down multiple different variations I don't want anyone to expect that I'm Going to go there and teach you some Sort of like very heavy detailed funnel Process they have to spend a lot of Money on ads for it's definitely not my Expertise it's very challenging to do There are a lot of people in the space That are very good at it but that's not Really where I'm an expert at whatsoever I like to consider by the way Paulson That I'm a crappy marketer but when I Say that people are like no that's Ridiculous to say I'm like okay like I'm Okay at it but it's not really my best Skill to be frank Um so basically what I want to do is Develop you uh the funneling of your Client acquisition so where you generate Opportunities from how you are able to Manipulate through the sales process to

Help them convince them that this is the Right fit for them and then retaining Them right making sure that they Actually utilize the product like you're Talking about and one of the simplest Ways to do that is simplifying the Product one of the great things and bad Things about high level is the amount of Options now no one says it's a bad thing Because it gets them excited about all The features they have but the reason Why people have a hard time starting Very often related to high level or Getting off the ground is because Sometimes it's like you're an inch wide On the on the um on the features and a Mile long right so or sorry an inch deep And a mile long and what we like to Focus on when I'm coaching a particular MP OD for agencies and SAS businesses is If you just focus on one product of the High level sphere you're going to have a Much more successful method because it Will ultimately lower the confusion of The prospect confused prospects just Don't buy one of the main things that I Consistently see in the high level group I mean it's almost every single day that I see this there's a question that is Some relation to an objection of like I Already have a CRM or all right or I Already have this feature right like I See this all the time I hear it all the Time the thing is though high levels

Should not ever be sold as a CRM or a CRM versus another CRM it's a result That you're selling versus a lack of Results that they have right now and the More that you focus on the tool and the AI and the tech the more that you think It's exciting but the truth is the Prospect probably doesn't and the way That I like to frame this Paulson is the Plumbing metaphor I wouldn't put any Juju on anyone watching this but let's Say that your tummy your toilet breaks Okay if your toilet breaks and you call Up a plumber and you say hey I need you To come fix my toilet and they come to Your house and say I can fix it by using My hand by using snake or by using a Vacuum what do you want me to do you're More than likely going to say I don't Care I just want you to get it fixed as Inexpensive as possible and I don't want It to break again and I want it to be Obviously you know good legal Appropriate respectful all those types Of things right when you guys go into a Business either through an online Marketing funnel or through referrals or Through in-person communication or However you're generating your Opportunities so often I see people Positioning high level as a multi-tool Multi-channel multi-opportunity sale for A product that you're probably selling At like three four five hundred dollars

Maybe a little bit more for some people You your perceived value of what you're Delivering which is this huge number Like of opportunity but then the price Which is really small for neophyte sales People they're like that's the best Thing it's the opposite what it does is It causes anxiety and stress an Overwhelm for the prospect because we Are built in internally psychologically To be fearful of two things one Overwhelming list meaning the amount of Things that we have to choose from is More challenging which is why Procrastination and indecision is really Common in sales and then number two the Two good to be true Mantra pretty much Anyone from any Walk of Life has heard Of this model before of the too good to Be true and even though they may have Not been sold high level before because You're positioning as a tool with lots Of options they've been sold hundreds of Tools hundreds of options that were Promised the greatest things in the World but then it didn't end up coming To fruition and so when you wonder why You're struggling to close is because You're doing a lot of this inch deep Mild wide sales process and what I would Rather you do and what I really want you To focus on now and moving forward and Obviously we'll talk more about this in The Junie event is I'd rather you focus

On making it a mile deep on just one Feature that gets some very specific Results because you can start filling in The gaps of other problems they have Once you're like no and Trust factor is Much higher when you're like like known Trust Factor the highest after they paid You after you delivered them a speedy Result on the first thing you sold them Because then when they have another Problem you can add it on either by Increasing the price of the product or You don't increase the price of the Product you just ask them for a Testimonial or a review or a feedback or A referral the opportunities are endless So that's going to be one of the main Things that I really want to touch on And so today I brought together Um one of my favorite features of high Level which is the missed call text back And if I can share my screen pulse and I'll happily show a calculator I made For it yeah as you pull that up I'll Just add a few commentaries here like One of the biggest mistakes Um marketers and saspreneurs make is They look at a company like high level And they try to duplicate almost like The culture or funnel hacking right You're trying to duplicate our process But you have to understand we have 21 Plus avatars every different type of Agencies that we're catering to

Including like creators right that are Not even running lead generation Agencies so that's one component the Other component of is like we have like 400 plus features that could be Manipulated and used and integrated with Each other merge and combined in all Kinds of different stuff where your end Users your SAS customers just need a Simplified customer Journey there are Two different features and that's really A misconception that's really like most Marketers have this idea that more is Better to me it more is not necessarily Better The best is better meaning the most Efficient the most least resistive the One that gets you the closest result to The revenue line of the business is Going to give you success so yeah let's Share what you have if you don't mind um Go for it and I'll I'll just add one Additional concept before I share the This uh calculator that I made for you All and consider the calculator that I Made you can make this exact type of Tool to showcase the value of any of the Features that high level has I think This took me the calculator Uh 90 seconds 90 seconds I'm pretty sure Uh to be fair was Brian because I don't Know how to use Google Sheets but I told Him the idea and he made it in 90 Seconds because I'm not really a Google

Sheets guy but I know there's a lot of People that are really good at it Definitely not that kind of person I'm Like how do I do the the summation thing He's the thingy the thing bro you're Exactly he's like the thingy I'm like I'm sorry I don't know how to explain This but the way that I like to frame it Is in in terms of the most common Decision in sales the most common Decision is indecision so when you look Back at your last 20 30 50 sales calls Whatever you sell whether it's a Coaching product whether it's a SAS Product whether it's an agency product Whether it's a mix of all those products The large majority of the answers that You get are going to be amazing right so Let's say you close at a 30 clip and Then you have probably 60 percent say Maybe and 10 say no now a lot of the People that say maybe are really saying No they just don't know how to say no so They're like yeah like let me talk to my Partner or whatever and they'll do some Like objection handling Um but we'll do live objection and Handling at the June event so any Objection that you come with I'll make Sure you leave very confident on how to Handle it but one of the main things That I like to coach on and just give an Example on and we'll do this real quick Paulson it's like Paulson do you want a

Snickers Uh I like Snickers yeah okay so how many Options did I give you Paulson Uh one cool how many options did you Have to respond though I would contend Three right you could say yes you can Say no you could say maybe and that's Pretty much what the suite of options Are for every offer that you make now Let's go to this next scenario okay Paulson do you want a Snickers or do you Want a Twix Um I like Snickers but Twix is a good Option too cool so how many options did I give you in that scenario no you gave Me two okay but now you also have the Option of six potential responses yes no Maybe to Snickers and yes no maybe to Twix plus the kind of like ethereal Incalculable calculus related to compare And contrast which is extremely common In the SAS product you're like well we Have the 197 product that has these Features we have the 397 product that Has these features and people are Wondering why they struggle to close It's because it's not just in a vacuum Do you want the Snickers do you want the 197 it's the compare and contrast and The yes no maybe on each of them every Offer that you provide every option that You provide every feature that's added You're really adding three potential

Additional responses to it and an Incalculable number of compare and Contrast and so when you look at your Sales process right now and if you Recognize that you're struggling to Convert the deals even though you know For a fact you know in your heart that If the person would just make the Investment 90 days later they'd be so Happy why are they not doing it it's not A pricing problem the price of this Product is very low most of the other Coaching I do outside of high level is For agency sales products where it's Like 2500 or 5 000 this is like 300 to a Thousand bucks basically at usually the Highest level you see what I just did There for high level right and so it's Never a price problem it's a confusion Problem and if it's a price problem then The business has no business being a Business that was the worst sentence Ever but you get the point like no one No one can't afford high level they're Just are too overwhelmed with the amount Of things you're bringing and so with That being said that's why I'm a big Believer focusing on one tool I want to Say this before I show the tool I'm not Saying this is the tool I'm saying this Is one tool that I'm advising and in Order to make it simpler I didn't give You tools for 50 of the tools I gave you Tools for one feature to make it easier

But it doesn't mean that you can't do it For any number of the other features on High level any number because there's Like 400 of them like Paulson just said So this is the one that I've used for Miss called text back basically what we Did was we created a calculator for the Missed call text back feature but again As I had stated just because we made a Calculator or tool for one feature Doesn't mean that you have to use this Feature particularly it's just a Showcase of something that you can build That allows you to then sell to the People that you're speaking to so for Example you might be using the scanning Tool or some other feature not the Missed call text back feature that You're going to sell your SAS product With try not to get overwhelmed with the Idea of how many potential tools there Are for high level and instead focus on What's the best for you your Niche and The way that you can sell efficiently so Let's show you the ghl missed call text Back feature the calculator now I do Believe ghl actually was inspired by This tool and made their own version of It that I know is going to come out Either in their course or some other Thing so please feel free to bother Paulson until he gives it to you you're Kidding don't do that that's rude but I Just want to show you an example of what

We mean by utilizing the missed call Text back feature to me personally the Missed call text back feature is one of The best and easiest tools to sell Because every single business ultimately Misses calls on a monthly basis they Don't want to or mean to it's just a Matter of busyness availability and so On so let's just use a couple examples Here we'll do two just for the sake of Time the first one would be a woman's Hair salon so if we consider that the Average client value of a women's hair Salon is about 250 dollars uh per you Know cut per color Etc and maybe my wife Goes to a much more expensive place Because I'm thinking it's more expensive Than 250 but in general you get the Point right so if we're saying the Average client value is 250 and they Miss okay 25 calls per month the math is Done for you but just so you know if you Do 250 times 25 that's 6 250 of money They're potentially leaving on the table Obviously we wouldn't say that every Single missed call they have Automatically becomes a paying client That would be ridiculous so let's say They have just a 25 close rate at a 25 Close rate that means the money that They're leaving on the table based on Their standard close rate is 1560 roughly dollars per month if you go To a women's hair salon in person you

Call them up and they don't answer you There's no text back and then you go in Person or call them again and finally They answer you and show them this Calculator how could they possibly say No to investing 297 dollars a month Basically the price of one client for Them when they're leaving more than Fifteen hundred dollars of money on the Table every month and just consider Right the value of this as in a sales Process you can say well what if you Close at 30 well then you're then you're At 1800 dollars you think you close at a Higher rate than that 40 you're leaving Two thousand five hundred dollars a Month on the table we're only charging You three hundred dollars and the number Does not go up even if you were to close That seventy percent or if you missed 50 Calls it's something that will provide You on an ongoing basis and then it Shows you the ROI calculation which is Just a no-brainer who wouldn't want to Make an investment of you know 297 Dollars for 800 percent ROI one more Example just to kind of close this out Just so you're clear on it because I Don't want to just show a low ticket Product I want to show a high ticket Product too let's say the average client Value for a roofing company they're Doing mostly repairs is around four Thousand dollars if they get 20 missed

Calls a month whether it's because they Don't have someone taking calls at the Front desk or because when they're out In the field they don't have anyone Fielding the actual calls they're Missing 20 calls per month let's say Their close rates way way lower because Obviously it's a much higher ticket Price they're only closing at five Percent still they'd be leaving at least Four thousand dollars on the table when You consider the total actual amount Right four thousand times twenty that's Eighty thousand dollars of potential Money that they're leaving on the table And then at a five percent close rate That's four thousand if you change this To twenty percent though let's say They're just really good at sales They're leaving sixteen thousand dollars Worth of money on the table every month And you're charging them four hundred Dollars 397 dollars Effectively sell high level without Getting too distracted on the 400 other Features because who cares Paulson about The 399 other features when you're able To help someone make let me show you Again Help someone make four thousand thirty Percent profit look at the number it's Here Who cares who cares about the 399 other Tools that's the idea Alex you know what

I love about missed call Tech spec offer It's quantifiable oh yeah it is Quantifiable to the Prospect and your Existing customer whoever you're Actually selling this to and you can say I can bring these numbers back into the Business and the offer is so close to The revenue line it matters to the money And when you you know I I once in a While I I mess around and make you know Make fun of our some of our internal Guys and gals who used to be in the SEO Industry and I'll ask them hey you know SEO magic dust is really hard because You got a magic dust all the things and Prove to your customers what you're Actually working on because it's very It's very difficult to quantify the the Benefits of SEO and this right here Allows you to just go right into you Know something that's number oriented And they're not guessing oh you know What working with Paulson I can take Care of phone calls and it brings this Much money back into the business I love What you're talking about also related To attribution right like proof of of The service because attribution is what Allows retention to happen and that's Obviously one of high level's main Sticking points to us as agencies which Is the stickiness Factor like it's very Hard to lose clients when you have very Clear attribution the easiest way to

Lose clients is to overwhelm them make It impossible for them to onboard give Them way too many features make it Unclear of what you're delivering if you Just focus on for example the Miss Called text back or for example X or Y Or Z not X and Y and Z that's the Difference right there right there That's the key difference if you just Focus on one of them and become best at That without feeling this weird sense of And it's very common especially in the Ghl community this feeling like I'm Being left out it doesn't matter the Prospects don't care about the other Things that they don't know about they Want something that's attributable that Helps them make money that's easy and Requires very limited work on their end You can add stuff always later but just Simplify for now and so all that is Essentially what we'll be covering in The Juni band and then just as a quick Sneak peek I'm not going to dive into This too much but I'm going to also be Sharing with you sales psychology so That once you've implemented the tool Once you know how to generate your Opportunities once you've implemented Our quick win Playbook I'm going to Teach you four simple tips just for just Four simple tips on how to close at a Higher rate using what I would consider The 80 20 of sales psychology so what 20

Of sales tips can you implement to get 80 of the results it would be this if High level gave me an opportunity to Speak in front of the community for 10 Hours I could teach you 10 hours worth Of sales stuff but you're not going to Remember everything it's not possible so If you leave the June event with just Those four specific things and make sure That you have very clear understanding Of how to generate new prospects and Opportunities you will become Unstoppable and you will be able to Scale the SAS business the way you Always want to and frankly the way that People in the community are doing right Now because there are people that are Succeeding in insane ways I think Frankly probably much greater than Sean Or Robin or Paulson or chase or anyone Really thought possible and it's really Comes down to the secrets of what we're Talking about today simplification Attribution and consistency on delivery That's really what it comes down to yeah I love this Alex and I I'm excited for You to join us in Dallas and you know be Part of that incredible event Um and and here's what I'll tell you you Know the whole idea of SAS was like an Accidental finding when we initially Launched high level with unlimited Sub-accounts what some of these agencies Were doing when we started understanding

The full structure of it they were Selling sub accounts by themselves as if The customer just got their own account Right and it was under the agency and we Saw some agencies charge for that and When we thought about it like wait why Can't we make that as a full oil machine That's available for everybody 100 and It makes it easier for them to just you Know essentially jump in Um looks like someone else jumped in or My tripping Okay there's three participants on my Thing I don't know why it showed up like That but either way random Zoom fluke Um any any other things that you want to Share when it comes to what you might be Um bringing to the Mastermind no I I Feel like that's pretty simple I will Just plug it because we're closing out Here uh I'm gonna have copies of my Brand new book the anti-hustle uh which I'm really excited about I can't wait to Share it uh with all of you I'm Finishing it this week Paulson has been The craziest Journey ever writing this Book 16 months in the works Um finally coming to the last final Edits and getting it ready uh for my Event and then the uh the June event in Ghl so can't wait for that uh really Excited about it but other than that Just really can't wait to see everyone Um I hope you have a an exciting a few

Months here before we get there I think We're about just about two months away Um from the event so hope you guys learn From the insights that we're sharing on This session and utilize everything that The high level Community has available To you people are out there that care And want to help you it just requires You to simplify which I know is hard for A lot of people but if you simplify you Will scale much faster yeah well Alex Thanks for joining us for a spotlight Session here we've got a lot of insights And a quick few nuggets of like what we Can expect in The Mastermind as well as Getting some ideas for those that are Not coming to The Mastermind of what They can Implement on the sales side so We appreciate you just real quick before We jump off Alex how can people find you What is your business called again I Know it's Prosperity On Demand on my Side but like just throw in a plug of How people can find you yeah absolutely The easiest way probably is looking in The ghl group I'm always there my last Name is spelled s-c-h-l-i-n-s-k-y Um you can find me on every platform on One active on all of them I do content Every single day for all of them Um and uh yeah you can find me at we help agencies SAS businesses coaches and Consultants Scale more efficiently and effectively

And we'd love to support you if you want Okay awesome one last question at The Mastermind will you be wearing the T-shirt with all of our faces on it oh Don't spoil it man don't spoil it don't Believe you I've seen you in it so we Love it but maybe some people maybe some People haven't yeah we'll see you know I'm uh I'm known to wear uh pretty Outrageous things so I've got some ideas I've got some thoughts some plans some Some ideas some some eye openers so That's that's what I'll leave it as well I'm looking forward to it man we'll see You in Dallas appreciate you jumping in For a spotlight session and we'll be in Touch take care yeah you are brand new To high level and if you're not a user I Would say go to go high jump Into a 14-day trial and we'll help you Out and see how we can centralize a new Operating system inside your agency all Right take care take care Thank you

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