Mega Developer API Updates Live!

Happy Monday everybody Sean coming at You from high level so really good Updates right now for the API so real Quick if you are um working with the API Or interested in the API this one's for You if not hit stop get me off your Screen not worth your time but if you Are using the API this is like Christmas So take a look here so we've got some Great uh updates on the conversations API we'll just go through them one at a Time so first up we have a brand new uh API which is the upsert Um so obviously if you look at this the API will fetch the conversation ID if a Conversation exists for contact or it Will create one so upserts are really Just like a combination of updates and Inserts so the idea would be you can use The upsert and it's basically first Check you can see is there an existing Conversation if so we're gonna return That conversation if there's not an Existing conversation we'll create a new One and return it to you so it's kind of A very convenient way so you don't have To look for one first on your own and Then create one so anyways that's there Which is really cool Um API enhancements on the message Search uh endpoint there we've added Support for a new query parameter Location ID uh that'll make it easier as Previously we supported the Alta d uh as

An optional parameter on top of this There's no breaking change so um it Won't break excuse me any of you who are Currently doing it anyways okay and then On the post uh inbound we've added Support for uh GMB messages via the API So you can now do that previously this API was used by our Dev Council Developers to push any inbound messages Via the custom conversation provider but You can now actually do straight up GMB Messages uh natively which is really Cool Um this is part of our microservice Roadmap where all the teams and the apps Will be used using these apis for crud Operations into the conversations Messages and emails so really what this Means is as as a team here um we're We're taking our internal development Team putting on the same apis as our External partners are using as well that Way we're all kind of going along on the Same path and there's no reason to have Two different apis for external versus Internal they should all work uh just The same so anyhow moving on to the Contacts API Um we've also added some new Enhancements there so you can see uh uh Post context upsert we've added support For upserting contact via the GMB API This kind of corresponds to the uh Previous previous one as well and again

Contact search duplicate you can now Look for duplicates based on GMB ID as Well and then finally on the locations Uh side on the get locations location ID We've added the new additional field Deleted to this API so that way you can Actually see whether or not it was Deleted or not so anyways I hope all of You are loving these API updates huge Props to the team for making this happen And huge props to all of our developers Who are creating things around the high Level platform we could not uh do it Without you and all of you are creating Such amazing things we continue to try To support you everywhere you can Um anyways on that note I am going to Send it back to all of you and I will See you in the next video thanks

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