Membership Assignments Live + Eliza Backend Upgrade!

Hey everybody happy Wednesday Sean Coming at you from high level so another Update today a couple couple things We're gonna cover here so first of all The Eliza update so uh what's Eliza uh Eliza is like this uh whole other Platform we have for like chat rollover Um check out the helpdocs all that good Thing all that good stuff but quick note For those of you using it quick Engineering update you can see right Here updated lips are the latest version Lazy load modules UI improvements for Small screens and improve socket for More efficient real-time communication So just want to get that out because That team does a great job and it's um Sometimes the back end stuff goes Unnoticed and I never want that happen So now that we got that out of the way Let's talk about membership release That's right so ladies and gentlemen the New assessment type assignments also None of the community is offline quizzes Homework paragraph slash subjective quiz I had no idea that that was known by so Many names but I guess apparently now it Is so anyways let's go through this Together check it out and we'll jump Into the screenshots here so create Offline assignments which allow course Creators to upload a questionnaire Supported file types jpeg PDF Excel with Instructions and manually grade them the

Student can write their own answers in Paragraph or upload answers answer Sheets oh my God this is amazing how to Create an assessment you can create how Does a student go about it you can look At all this Um okay so let's take a look real quick At the screenshots and go through it Together so you can go in inside the Product and you can add a new assignment You can see our assessment or what have You new assessment type assignment okay Cool awesome here's the assignment title Here's the instructions you can upload a Template if you need to right and you Can write your confirmation message so Then As you see here instructions please load A file after answering all the questions They can download the Um the template fill it in all that Stuff blah blah blah start it Market is Complete so they can write their answers Here up or they can upload the Assignment this is all of course up to The course creator right just a really Advanced way to do these types of Assessments as we're going deeper here And then of course you can look at the Uh the analytics on that you can grade Them you can pass fail them all that Wonderful stuff so that's awesome uh and Then oh yeah and then here you can sort Of see how this is all working

Um uh in terms of uh when you're looking At the answers and you can Mark pass or Fail Um as the assessor on the back end so Anyways that is awesome and amazing and You can see right here what's next um so Announcement when an assignment is Graded so we'll be adding that so when You do the right now when you grade it It won't announce it but once we add That feature then it'll be in there That'll happen it'll be on the P or add Pwa support for this as well that's Coming up and snapshot uh uh support is Coming up now um helpdoc is not live for This yet but I will get it out or we Will get it out Um here shortly but we I just wanted to Get this release out because I wanted Everybody to know Um because uh if you're if you're Running memberships and you needed this Today is your day so anyways with all That uh uh being known if you have any Questions do let us know otherwise I Will see you in the next video thanks

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