Membership Update Comment privacy settings is live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody coming at You from high level so today real quick We got some membership updates but these Are great for those of you who are Rocking the memberships which is Actually these days a lot of you which Is so cool to watch so check this out Comment privacy so we've added support For comment privacy in desktop and Mobile pwa app so instructors can now Set the default privacy for comments Public everyone who has purchased the Product can see it private instructor Only only it will be visible only to the Instructor and the user who added it Both of the above users didn't select The Privacy for the comment while adding It so replies will always respect the Privacy of the parent comment for Example if you reply to a comment that's Public if the privacy of the parent Comment is public same goes for the Private instructor only the instructor Can also change the privacy of any Comment and let's take a look at what That exactly looks like so here we go We're in we're doing comments we can see Right here product is this new comment Privacy is going to be by default Instructor only you can see the recent Comments that's pretty uh easy to Understand and then again here's how it Might look on the page and you can kind Of see that it's tagged right instructor

Only this is cool you can actually Filter on that great detail guys Um and then here in the pwa kind of same Deal right Um so anyways really awesome uh quick Feature just want to show it and throw It out there but for those of you who Are waiting for this today is your day So on that note I hope all of you are Having an awesome Wednesday and we will Talk soon thank you

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