Membership Updates Live Mobile apps + course lock + quizzes in snapshots!

Hey everybody Sean coming at you from High level on Tuesday so today we've got Some awesome updates to the membership Stuff and the and the pwas or Progressive web apps or AKA mobile apps For Learners to use with your membership So let's kind of dive in real quick so First of all if you didn't know we have Memberships well congratulations you now Know we have membership so that's Checked off you're going to go into the Sub accounts to see these they're going To go into sites and you're going to go Under memberships and then you're going To click dashboard and you get going Here and there's obviously dashboards And products analytics and everything Else but what we're going to talk about Today is the mobile app support Memberships now here's here's what's Important right so if you have a sub Account and that sub account has a Membership obviously you're gonna have Members and members want to take their Uh courses on the road right they want To take them on mobile and the best way To do that obviously is dedicated apps That allow you to do that and that's What a pwa is here so it's a progressive Web app you can go kind of look all About it but here's the gist the gist is I can add it as an icon to my home Screen or my app drawer and now I have a Dedicated app that allows me to access

My membership at any time so how do we Turn these on it's easy membership Settings and by the way I'm gonna rush Through this but here's app settings There's a whole bunch of help docs in This so like don't just go look at Help.go high you can check it Out but I really want to get into the And actually this is probably an easier Way to do this so first up users can now Download uh files through the pwa app so The idea here is really simple when you Go in uh there there are files that you Can actually download as part of and I'm Just showing uh actually let's pull this Little screen up here There we go that are part of the uh that You can post in your membership courses And now on mobile we've made it super Easy to actually download those so That's great Um comment support added for posts in The pwa app so let's check that out so Let's say I'm over here We go I'm actually in a uh one of the Actual training courses we have Community we have the ability to do Commenting back and forth you can create That really good Community flow that's Now supported in the pwa app so that's Awesome and now users can take and Retake quizzes now this is really cool So first of all if anybody didn't know This we have quizzes in the membership

App which is awesome right but now Um that we now have them in the pwa as Well so you can see here just an example Of an assessment and then you can Obviously see oh yeah here you go this Is sort of going over like you know you Missed this one or that one you can Retake it Etc this is exactly what we Have in the desktop app as well Um and then a general update so category Post assessments all can be locked by Category uh so check this out so we go In here here you go you can actually Lock this uh you can actually lock a Post and when you do that you can see This post is locked to gain access Please uh to this post please complete And then you can see that you actually Can make it so that somebody actually Has to complete the uh the prior lesson In order to actually get access to that So they can't just skip ahead which is Awesome uh and then also um supports for Quizzes in snapshots and cloning so we Didn't have this before those are all Now in there these are really awesome Updates to the membership uh and this Just is a great example actually of how Awesome our teams are this is really What you what we're looking at here is An amazing engineering team plus an Amazing product team plus amazing Customers for the win right so what We're doing here here is we're taking

The product team who's working with you Our customer to really Define what are Those features that matter how do we Need to enhance our memberships to make Them better and then doing a great job Designing those getting those ready and Prepping them for the dev team who as You can see went out crushed it and got These out there for you now we got some Bug fixes as well if you want to check Those out but on that I think the team Did an amazing job here I just wanted to Oh let's bring that that's a cool Screenshot just wanted to do just a huge Thank you to everybody who's involved in This team um they are just crushing it Um and on that note I'm going to send it Back out to everybody and I hope all of You are having an awesome Tuesday thanks

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