Message Security Updates + Social Media Bug Fixes!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so got some Really great updates so you know a lot Of times it's all about like the big uh Like visual features and and I love Those those are awesome but I also want To let you know how much we really think And work and act on um super important Other things as well so today I just Wanted to highlight the hard work of Some of the team members here um kind of Protecting you so one thing we got some Reports I think it was two three weeks Ago some people where Google Chrome Would flag like suspicious link and then We'd investigated this and what we found Was some of you were getting uh uh you Were getting people sending into your uh Either your emails or tax uh sort of Malicious like files like then we found The common ones were PHP and HTML and They're basically designed to try to Help like try to like get you to run the File and I don't know we have no idea What they were trying to do actually but Anyways they were definitely malicious And so what we went in is we cleaned all Those out which is great but you can see Right here the CRM team is excited to Announce we've rolled out HTML and PHP File type checks uh so uh well yeah so As I explained so with this new release We're skipping any attachments that are HTML or PHP user will be not will not be

Notified uh when that will also delete We've also deleted those out of our Storage bucket so it's really just a Protection mechanism for you so I Thought that was really cool Um skip it on to the um social media Posting um all just bug fixes here so um You can see this but Instagram posts That were getting failed um even though We had all the permissions LinkedIn Pages weren't showing uh because of not Having the content administrator Permission Um OG tag information not showing up for All the websites so a lot of really good Fixes there um the social media team Doing an awesome job just making sure That product is bulletproof and ready to Go for all of you I've got some API Changes and I've got another special Treat for you of an upcoming feature but I'm going to cut this one for now and I Hope all of you are having an awesome Monday and we'll talk soon thanks

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