Mobile payments sneak peek!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so normally uh Well for a couple of things one a Normally I start off with stuff that's Released but this was just so cool I had To show it to you so I'm super excited About it and um just a heads up we have A lot of videos today so hold on your Hats folks um so first up check this out So this is a brand new design that is Being worked on right now that's coming Out this quarter for the mobile app and What it is is it is tap to pay in the Mobile app so this is the whole idea of Super simple I don't care where you're At what you're selling time and place You want to collect money from someone Now we're gonna make it super easy for You you're literally on your phone as You can see it's super simply just have The internet amount you can do more than That you can enter items and all kinds Of other stuff in fact let me show you That you can uh you can actually add Taxes and items and stuff and things but At the end of the day it's really simple You come in here how do you want to pay I'm going to either tap to pay which is The new thing and um if you haven't seen This yet think about it like this so We've all seen that thing where you tap Your phone against something like a Reader now the phones themselves are the Reader so the readers are going away so

The all the iPhones support this or I Think it's probably like some iPhone That's recent in the last couple years Whatever most iPhones support this and Then almost all Androids support this It's got um Universal support in the United States it has uh support in I Think that's like six or seven different Countries uh for Android and all this I'll get the details out later but Anyways point is you tap the silly card Or you put the phone near the phone so You can do both and you can tap to pay Or you can enter the car details and Then what happens is you see here Boop Hold to pay Um it comes through and Bam here's the Uh here's the receipt and then of course You can share the receipt via text Message and or uh you can uh download The receipt so this is a super awesome Thing it's come to the mobile app soon I'm super excited about it and on that Note I hope all of you have an amazing Thursday and I'll see you in the next oh I don't know 10 videos bye

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