More website and funnel templates are live!

Hey everybody happy Wednesday Sean Coming at you from high level so today Oh we've got a couple of just quick Announcements here on the uh template Side so uh quick uh heads up there so You haven't seen this before like Websites and funnels we've got great Templates so you go into this section You hit new funnel obviously your new Website you go to go to template library Now if you don't see this you're not an Agency user or you're not an agency Admin we are working to make this so That it's shareable blah blah blah blah Um but don't worry we'll get there but For today all I want to tell you is we Got more templates in here so let's look At the release notes so I can tell you Exactly what we have okay so I want you To focus eyes on the prize right here Template update six uh uh templates have Been published so two more financial Services three more Home Services one Medical and then as you can see Susie And team uh just uh doing a great job Four more website templates One Restaurant Bar One automotive and two Legal so anyways just wanted to get a Quick announcement out there we got Those added and as usual if you have any Questions let us know and I hope you're Having an awesome Wednesday thanks

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