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Motion tracking text and graphic assets To your footage is a great way to add a Little wow factor to your edits and it's Actually pretty simple to do hey I'm Tom Graham for envato tuts plus and Generally I'd send you over to after Effects to make use of the motion Tracker but admittedly After Effects can Be a little bit of a beast if you're new To it so in this video I'm going to show You how to get very similar motion Tracking results to After Effects Without leaving Premiere Pro but don't Worry if you do also want to learn how To motion track in After Effects I've Just put out a little guide for that as Well and you can find that Linked In the Description below or at the end of this Video alright enough Chit Chat Let's Open Up Premiere Pro and get tracking [Music] So getting started with this effect is Really easy all I've done so far is open Up Premiere Pro and I bought it in the Media that I'm going to be working with I've got this mountain biker clip here Which we'll see and then I've got a Little Speedo overlay which I'm going to Track to our mountain biker so first up I'm going to create a new sequence from The clip here I'm going to right click On our mountain biker clip and go down To uh new sequence from clip right here And there you go now we've got a new

Sequence from the clip I'm just going to Zoom in a little bit here so we are Working with just a piece of footage and You can see here let's play it through You know to see what we're working with We've got this mountain biker moving Along pretty quickly quite a lot of Motion and then we want to track our Little Speedo overlay to it so the way We're going to do this is quite simple Really we're going to start by grabbing A text layer and just creating a full Stop really I'm just going to do a full Stop you can do anything really but I Think a full stop will work and I'll Show you why so going into our captions And Graphics tab over here just to Highlight our full stop here using Command a I'm just going to to increase The size of the full stop here to around The size of our Mountain Biker's head And now I'm going to go back to my Editing tab just to get a little bit More screen real estate making sure that The graphic is the same length as our Mountain biker clip here I'm going to go Back to the start of our timeline I'm Going to select our full stop clip go up To the effects controls select our text Here and then I'm just going to grab the Anchor Point here and move it right into The middle so basically what motion Tracking is doing is it's taking a point In space here and we're going to motion

Track this guy's head and then tracking Up every frame or every sequence of Frames throughout and just kind of Making sure that we're plotting that Positional data all the way through and Then we're taking that positional data And we're copying that over to whatever Asset in this case the speedo overlay Whatever asset we want to be tracked Along to our footage so to do that we're Going through to the start we've got our Little Anchor Point set in the middle Like we did just before and then we're Going to go up to our effects here and We're going to search for something Called transform And we're going to take the transform Which is under distort and we're going To put that onto our layer what we want To do is we want to set a keyframe on The position parameter at the very start Of our timeline and again making sure That we've got our full stop layer Selected we're just going to set a Position keyframe but the first thing we Need to do is set where we want it to be So what I'm going to do is I'm going to Zoom in here probably 400 just so we can All see it nice and clearly I'm going to Position my full stop over our Biker's Head here and I'm just going to make Sure that it's sort of sitting just Roughly back where the edge of his Helmet is here you can see the edge of

His helmet just will be behind it just There and that way we're kind of using That as our Anchor Point throughout the Uh the whole thing so you know when we Need to move this full stop around we Know kind of exactly where it was on the Biker's helmet So making sure to set a keyframe Position here we've done our first one Now with the toggle stopwatch button so What we can do now is we can go through And change the position parameter with Every frame but I actually think for This use case it's easy to go every five Frames or so it can get a little bit Tedious having to go through and Keyframe uh you know a position Parameter for literally every frame so To go through uh five frame increments You're going to hold shift on your Keyboard and hit the right arrow key and You can see there I've skipped through Five frames so now I'm just going to Move our position parameter again over Here on the left hand side in the Transform properties making sure it Lines up with where we had it before the Helmet are just peeking in behind there Where the full stop is once again that's Created a keyframe so now we hit shift And the right arrow and again we just Continue this process the entire way Through Shift forward arrow move our position

Parameters here shift forward arrow and So on and so forth so I'll just go Through and speed up this process now so You don't have to watch every single Keyframe and I'll see you in a moment While that version of me goes through And manually keyframes those position Parameters let this version of me Quickly tell you about envato Elements Which is a simple to use subscription Service that includes millions of Creative assets like stock footage video Templates and music you get unlimited Downloads the licensing is really simple And the subscription is downright Affordable it's everything the modern Content creator could possibly need so What are you waiting for check out Envato elements today by clicking on That little Link in the description Below alright let's get back to the Other Tom so there we go we've now done All of our position parameters and I'm Going to go back to fit here I'm going To drag to the start and we'll just play This through and you can see the full Stop is now pretty well tracked to the Head of our bike rider now what you can Do as well if you want to go through and Just make sure that any of those frames Uh you know because we were skipping in Increments there might be a couple of Frames in between that didn't quite work Out but to be honest I think this is

Tracked pretty well uh doing it this Manual way so how do we get that Position data onto the actual overlay That we want to track in Pretty simple so I'm going to bring the Speedo overlay in and I'll drop it on Top here trim it back to the size of our Footage underneath and you can see that Plays through now just as a standard Overlay without any actual motion Tracking in it So to get the motion tracking data we're Clicking on our full stop we're going up To our transform properties here and Just hitting command C to copy that now We're going into our Speedo overlay Going into our effects controls again And just clicking down in this area Hitting command V to paste that data and Now let's play it through You can see that that has tracked Exactly to our Full Stop Now obviously We don't want the full stop there so It's super easy we'll just hide that Track or disenable it which you can do By right clicking and going to enable And you can see that's track through now So obviously now we can go through and Change our scale and our Anchor Point uh Not our position make sure if you want To move this around we want to change Our Anchor Point so let's just move this Down so it's a little bit smaller and We'll change our Anchor Point so it sort

Of sits within frame here and we'll see What that looks like throughout the Whole piece So now our little Speedo overlay Animates on and it goes through that Entire process and now the best thing About using the transform property to do This is you can add some motion blur in The shutter angle here so I'll just find A piece here where you can see the Overlay and if I move this to 180 which Is a common shutter angle you're going To get some nice motion blur As you move Through we can get more motion blur if We want if we make that a 360 degree Shutter angle you're going to get quite A lot of motion blur so we'll play that Through with the full motion blur now And I think that's probably a bit too Much motion blur so we'll bring it back To 180 and then play it through [Music] So there we go that's the manual way of Motion tracking objects within Premiere Pro and it yields some pretty decent Results I think you'll agree now if you Are interested in learning how to do This in After Effects make sure to click Through to the guide that I made for That which will be popping up around me Somewhere just now and while you're at It if you haven't already subscribed to The envato touch plus YouTube channel Make sure you do so right now okay until

Next time happy tracking [Music]

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