Multiple Language Support Launched for WorksFlows!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level you want to see Something super super cool check it out So uh I've been telling everybody that You know multilingual support is rolling Out over phased out over this quarter And today is another awesome day uh for This so what you can see in front of my Screen here is uh uh the workflows and I Don't know if you notice but it's in a Different language that's right now Um uh so if we roll through some of These screens you can kind of see what's Going on here so basically um notice all Of the buttons all of the options all of Those things uh are fully translated Um and they did a great job putting These screenshots together for me to Show me uh all the different uh places That this has been updated but the idea Here is really simple Um once you set the language Um at either the uh at the location Level or the user level what you should See is that this will automatically Switch let's see if I missed any other Screenshots here Um and so it just did an amazing job now Let's look at the release notes and I'll Uh we can go over the details real quick Okay so if we look right here you can See internationalization support on all Workflow Pages the following Pages were Any or sorry languages were enabled so

German Spanish French Canadian Um uh French uh what friends French Something like that I don't know why Those are different anyways Italian Norwegian Dutch Portuguese uh Portugal Portuguese Brazil Um and so all of those are live now now Of course we're continuing to add more Languages so don't fret um the nice Thing about the languages is they as They the translations are actually quite Easy Um more or less uh these days so that's Kind of cool uh so you'll continue to See those roll out but anyways that's Now live on workflows you might have to Like uh a hard reload to make that Happen and again remember you set the uh Language preferences at either well at Both really the uh sub account location Or sub-account level and the user level Now so different users even if you have Let's say a user who speaks Spanish but Maybe you companies uh sort of you know Stock languages French or something you Can sort of handle both so very very Very cool to see super excited about This um on that note about you're all Having an amazing Monday and I will see You in the next video thanks

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