New Backend Billing API Live Behind the scenes!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so as you can see Right on my screen this said not to be Announced but here's the thing this Project has been under uh been being Worked on for like two months by a bunch Of team members who have done such an Amazing job Um I just had to talk about this so Here's what this is this really is a a Big back-end project that's designed to Actually help you make more money and Let me just walk you through kind of how This how this works so essentially this Is a Billings uh a billing service API And the way it's going to work or the Way it does work is it basically allows Us to take any of the things that you Might want to mark up and allow you to Actually build this out to your to your Customer and so let's talk about kind of What this is going to power and some of The timelines around that so this is Literally going to power the new uh uh Workflow actions the um what do we call These things premium workflow actions The uh email validations and also the New Um AI for uh the new gpt3 powered um AI So anyways all of that to uh plus Anything in the future will all sort of Glue on top of this so it's really Really really cool and essentially you Know it's it's a simple concept to

Explain I think which is in general it's Just the ability you know when you come In oh I should have pulled this out made It bigger sorry when you come in and Hold on I'm gonna fix this there we go So you know when you do these Rebuildings like this it gives you the Capacity to come in and actually just Put in service after service after Service and set markups and make it Really really customizable to each of Those services and you can see here These are just like billing tests so Anyways this is going to power the Ongoing um like I said uh the these new Releases so uh let's let's go through Them one at a time so email rebuilding Should be out the next week or two uh Content AI should be out the next week Or two and then finally Oh shoot what Was the other one oh premium workflow Actions also out in the next week or two And what are those we're talking slack We're talking Google Sheets we're Talking inbound web hooks right and then More and many more as we move out so This is a really cool release huge props In the team just wanted to put it out There for those of you who like the kind Of the behind the scenes of what's Really going on and as always if you Have any questions let us know otherwise I hope you have an awesome Tuesday bye For now

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