New Email Reporting for Agencies!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so we've got Some new agency reports out today Um we'll take a look at some screenshots But let's just jump into the release Notes real quick to make this easy so New reports on the location dashboard so Introduce the email report to view Different email status Journeys the user Can now analyze conversion patterns over Time and each graph is highlighted with Absolute numbers along with percentage Increases and the decreases for the Specified range which is awesome because Then you can do Um sort of look backs and so forth Anyhow notes the data on the graphs is Accurate as of December 20th 2022 Because that's when we started keeping Track of the data and to get there you Go open the location dashboard then go To agency sub-accounts page and click on Reports on the location card and then a Quick note on some enhancements here Updated the names sub-accounts uh to Stick with some new nomenclature but Anyways so these are let's take a look At this these are uh check this out so You can look at engagement reaction Delivery summary successful deliveries Opens clicks right and then reaction is Like what do they do with it right so do They reply unsubscribe complain uh and Then of course the delivery summer you

Can see how many he failed over time so You can start to see whether or not These are good lists or what's happening With them anyways just continuing to try To improve and this is kind of a good uh Overall uh as you can sort of see it Within the reporting section there just Trying to continue to improve the Reporting that we're doing for you so You can really get a gauge on the Performance at the subaccount level and Uh just letting your customers know how They can do a better job and just in General how great of a job you're Probably doing for them getting their Email deliverability across and their Emails uh to who they need to go to so Anyways I hope all of you are having an Awesome Monday and I will talk to you in The next video thanks

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