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Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level this is a huge Awesome announcement so we have our Brand new funnel and website builder Live on lab so what is this this is Literally a uh think of it as a ux Update almost in in its entirety the Idea here is we've had the old funnel Builder design for a very long time and Now it's time to usher in the new we've Learned a lot from working with all of You and we've brought this into the Funnel Builder a website builder in Order to try to really radically bring This forward you'll also see this same Builder uh also in the future for things Like blogging and email building and Forums and surveys Um but today we're starting off in the Funnel and the survey section so let's Dive in real quick and take a look Before we do let's just kind of read These release notes and we'll look at The actual update excuse me um so uh Covering phase one and phase two uh of The revamp what's new so new interface Focuses on on Aesthetics and usability The new to offer design offers a clean And intuitive layout all the elements Columns and sections are structured from The left-hand side we've introduced Layers features we give you complete Control over the organization Arrangement of your funnel elements it's

Also show the visibilities of different Elements and uh and uh in Mobile and Website and we've introduced a brand new Sticky text editor which is easier to Use so anyhow here's how it works you're Going to go in and you're going to turn It in on laps so if we roll over here We're going to go into the sub account And we're going to hit settings we're Going to hit labs and then we're going To scroll down Oh brand new funnel website builder boom On it goes okay so now once you do that You literally just go back you go into Sites you hit new funnel and you say Well actually I wonder if we can just Choose an existing funnel let's see Let's try I don't even know what any of This is uh let's try this one This will be fun it's like you know Let's do it let's do it live uh okay so Now let's say I'm gonna hit edit new tab Let's see what happens Whoa there it is so check this out so This funnel is not very exciting right Because there's only like this little Button here but you can automatically or You can already see all of the new Designs here so hit add elements let me Put my big head Um you can see this is how the new Elements Trail Um rolls out it's over here Global Sections are here section templates are

Here Um and then uh obviously elements the Rows are here the sections are here Um I don't I'm learning this like as I Go calculator oh that's the page name And then there's mobile view there's Desktop view uh let's see we've got uh Oh there's the settings over here uh and Then up here are all the options we had Before custom CSS typography Etc now Let's see here let's say I go uh Elements and then I go like headline see This new text editor everyone's raving About oh yeah check that out okay cool Um so uh oh cool it's even got the open AI uh AI content generation in here this Is rad okay awesome okay so hold on Let's go back to the release notes and See what I miss Um let's see how will this impact my old Funnels and websites old funnels can be Viewed and edited in the new Builder Without any changes all new funnels and Websites built in the new Builder can Also be built even the old Builder so The good news is there's cross Compatibility here you don't need to Like there's no like 2.0 here it's just All like old Builder new Builder all all Works so any custom code and all that Will still remain uh working why is this Important excuse me we're planning to Build a lot of new features uh which can Be added in excess via the new Builder

Um the old Builder is not properly Structured and takes time for New Jersey To get accustomed to we're focusing on Reducing uh funnel build time and the New design structure will help with this We actually worked with a lot of top Funnel Builders out there as part of This rollout so I'm pretty excited Because I feel like we were able to take A lot of the best ideas out there in Funnel building and website building and Incorporate it now of course some of you Are going to say well what about this And what about that don't worry there's Lots of uh more items to come so don't Sweat it but we really need to get the New UI out there and we want to put in Labs because we want to get your Feedback right so before we get you know Get too far ahead of ourselves as always We want to make sure our customers love It so that's what today is all about uh Let's see uh yeah phase two release is Coming soon I guess here's some cool Screenshots of what a better funnel than The one I showed you looks like oh here Oh I didn't even share the layers so see Check out the layers you can like see The layers and I think you can move them Around maybe I have no idea but the Waves were very cool uh yep so that's What that looks like that's the sections Look like that's what the columns look Like Global sections okay I didn't miss

Anything and that's how you turn on the Lap so anyways go turn this on the labs It's really amazing I hope all of you Are having an awesome uh start to your Thursday and I'll see you in the next Video thanks

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