New google calendar sync + facebook connection improvements

High level happy Tuesday so uh Loom is Still broken so I had to use another Quick timer recorder here so you have Two things to talk about on the Improvement side that I think is really Worth discussing so one is this calendar Release right here and basically this is A big overhaul of the way we're doing The calendar sync one of the big issues That we've uh identified on the on the Support side and just on the on the Ticketing side is a lot of issues around Google saying Google is a lot of weird Stuff so there's a bunch of stuff that's Happening in this change so let's walk Through this real quick internal release Focusing on the way our current Google Calendar Sync happens Um our goal here is to curb the number Of Google Calendar sync issues and Essentially you should see basically Nothing here Um and except for the fact that your Google Sync issue should decline Um so that's all you need to know there But um just wanted to walk you through To let you know that we worked hard on That and in the similar vein here let me Scroll down we did something on the Facebook side of the house so we've Rolled out a big Improvement on the Facebook integration flow which should Impact again same thing one of the big Issues we see with the Facebook flow is

Things like not selecting all the pay Pages the big one that I see so people Will connect to accounts and on the Second like on the first one they'll Select the first page that they that Belongs to that sub account which is Natural by the way and then on that Second page they'll select the second Page but what they don't realize is when They select the second page they Actually disconnect the first page and Then the first page breaks and they Think there's a problem with high level When in reality they should hit select All well this should help with a lot of That so you can see right here and read Through the notes as far as how that Flow is changing but in essence this Should hopefully bring down the number Of uh of issues on both the Google Calendar Sync as well as the Facebook Sync so again really great back-end Changes um these teams work super hard And I'd love to bring these um items out To you because I think they really help With a lot of consistency on the Platform and also these team members Really deserve to be uh out of a light Shown on them because they do a Fantastic job making sure things uh Continue to run smoothly so anyways Hoping you're having an awesome Tuesday And we will talk soon thanks

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