New mobile app released!

Happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming at You from high level so we're gonna we're Going kind of crazy today but I'm pretty Excited about it because we have the Latest mobile app production release That's right so if you've been following The soccer from this weekend we put out A release from some color issues and a Couple bugs so we fixed color issues we Squashed all the bugs and now we have This amazing new update coming out that Is fantastic so just checking out some More screenshots here just that's light Mode dark mode a bunch of enhancements Here on the opportunities list Um and I think the colors are amazing on The conversations list a lot faster load Times really awesome performance um Updates looking over here real quick you Can see major enhancements on Conversations dark mode inbound calling And opportunities and look at all these Bug fixes done look at that you can Pause the screen if you want to look at The bugs but they just did an amazing Job so um real quick this has been Submitted Apple have been submitted to Google look at that version 3.39.2 if you don't have it it's because It hasn't made its way through the App Store Um and then sometimes it'll make its way Through the App Store but then it won't Make it like to your like neck of the

Woods for a little bit whatever but Point is it's on its way out I think the Team did just a Monster job um with this Release I'm super excited about it very Proud uh of them as well and so on that Note I hope all you're having an awesome Tuesday and don't worry because I have a Couple other cool awesome things coming Your way in a minute thanks

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