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So that is why I'm using QuickTime Screen recording so Um quick heads up we have a brand new Version of the lead connector and high Level mobile apps released into Production so as you can see on the Screen right here awesome bug fixes that Were put in place so definitely take a Look when you get a chance Um check out the new feature we have Calendar groups uh that are also now Live in the uh in the mobile app and we Went out and we put out some really cool New screenshots Um that we knew all of you would really Appreciate for uh the listings for those Apps Um obviously of those of you who are on The White level apps um you're wondering Oh no when's this coming for me don't Worry we're rolling this out for you Right now um if you want to know uh all Of that information please reach out for Those of you who didn't know did you Know we make a custom version of this App just for you that's right you can Look at it go to your agency settings go To the marketplace and then hit uh the White label mobile app but all of you Can benefit from this app right now you Can go download it right now it's a Great upgrade the team has even more Stuff coming uh so I don't even worry About that um on that note otherwise I

Hope all of you are having amazing Awesome start your Tuesday and we will Talk soon thanks

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