New Teams UI + Agency Labs Live!

Hey happy Friday ready Sean coming from High levels so check this out so um it's Kind of funny because we released this Like uh so we released labs for the Agency section so this is the same thing As labs for the non-agency section so You go basically in your settings at the Agency level and under settings you will Now find let me move my head you'll find Laps now the reason we rolled out of Labs in the HTC section is to announce The uh the release of the team's uh Reworking which will be live in as you Can see 44 days so we've this is really Just rolling out the same user interface Uh changes that you've seen across other Parts of the system so if we go over to Team here what you're going to see is You now have this brand new UI obviously You can do all kinds of cool stuff like Select by type and that kind of thing so If we jump into the release notes here Real quick and go through some of these Visuals you can see you've got uh you've Got that nice new visual you have the Ability to easily swap out or remove the Logo of the person Um again sort of just UI uh changes Across the board here nice confirmation Pop-ups all that stuff this is really That same UI that you have uh that You've been uh seeing pop up pop up Across the whole system so essentially That's now live in the agency section

For the team section but in order to Enable it you've got to go to Labs which Is brand new and it's in the settings so Anyways I'm super excited I think this New UI is way better than the old UI so Super excited that we're getting it out To you um and on that note I hope you're Having an awesome Friday I'll see you in The next video thanks

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