No more Zapier , Premium Workflow Actions Are Live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I had to get Up early today because of all of the Updates that have been released I'm so Excited the team has done such a Fantastic job so here's what we're going To do first of all this one is kind of Like a uh I don't know like a four Release within one but basically Um we'll start with the top here in this Video and then I'll dive into subsequent Videos to all of the sub items so first Of all premium workflow actions are now Live now what in the world is a premium Workflow action so this is really the Start of us trying to help you replace Zapier Um by and and with a couple of goals in Mind so one we want to save you money if You're currently using zapier but two we Want to give you the capacity and Ability to pass along these costs at a Markup to your clients who are actually Using all of these sort of what we're Going to call Premium workflow actions And so think about things like um Google Sheets integration slack integration Inbound web hooks all of that are kind Of the kickoff points for our premium Workflow actions so I'm going to dive in Actually and um thanks to the dev team I Got a killer demo here to show you so Let's take a look at exactly what I'm Talking about in a real life example and

We'll kind of go from there so there is A cool help doc here which I will link Out but let's just start off with let's Assume here for a second I have this uh Cool Um Excel worksheet uh and then I uh over Here in high level I have this amazing Workflow that's been built um so let's It's already got basically all of the Premium or several premium workflow Actions already uh configured so where Do you find these things and we'll go Over this so first you have to enable This in your agency account because it Does cost money Um so but once you do that you click Here you can see right up here at the Top here they are and of course uh There's an explanation now uh they'll Learn more here we'll link to that help Doc but don't worry it won't be visible To your users it'll just be visible to You although your users will be able to Use the premium workflow actions okay so Now that we got that out of the way Here's what we're gonna do we're gonna First we're gonna have an inbound web Hook what's an inbound web hook an Inbound web Hook is literally the Ability to send data into high level and I'll show you how this works but Basically you can see here that you got This we get this your L here and you're Going to use that when you're sending

Data in so now what we're going to say Here is okay when the data comes in what We're going to do first is we're going To create or update a contact and we're Going to use the information coming in From our web Hub to do that then we're Going to go out we're going to look up a Row in the spreadsheet and then from There we're going to decide okay if the Row exists then we it doesn't exist Rather we want to create it if it does Exist we want to update it pretty simple We can see here create it add the Columns in now I'll cover some of this In all the other subsequent videos on Those individual uh Integrations so Don't select that if it does already Exist we're going to look it up and Basically what are we going to do with It oh we're going to add to this total Column so okay now I'm going to bring up My Postman here and Postman is just an Easy way to send data into into web Hooks so if you don't know what this is Though you can ignore it it's not a big Deal but here's that URL that we got From inside the app just now here is the Body I'm sending in you can see here Sean1133 Etc at Mount zero I hit send boom boom Boom done success now we go into the History here and what we're going to see Is here is me coming in on that history And then if we go into the spreadsheet

Oh boom there I am right so from there What I can do obviously is I can come in And I can say oh I'm going to put 10 as The amount I'm going to hit send and Boom uh then what will happen is that There it is right there it updates the Amount it updates the total Um so and then of course you can record You know you can I can change this like You know strong eight uh and hit send And then Sean Eight's gonna come in here As well and so all of this is being Powered by this premium workflow action So the point here that I want to get Across to all of you is okay premium Workflow actions are really about think About all the things that that you do in Zapper every day it's a it's a great way To start to replace those a couple of Things here um well let's dive into help Docs um so first to start with um we're This is only available on the Pro Plan We do have plans though to bring it down To the 297 and the 97 so don't sweat it If you're on those planes we'll get it To you but um we wanted to get out to 497 first Um so here's what's going on Um you have to enable it in your agency Settings so let's scroll down and take a Look at exactly how that works so Literally in your agency settings you'll Turn it on and when you do it's now Available to all your sub accounts and

If you look here I think it costs a Penny and execution right now you'll Have to read this doc I'm certain it's In here and then also um you can see Right here new sub-accounts we'll have 100 free executions oh existing and Excuse me new sub accounts will have a Hundred free executions because Obviously we want people to be able to Play with it and and try it out and all Of that other stuff and then of course Like everything else you can actually uh Uh you can actually rebuild it right so You can turn on the rebuilding for this You can create a markup for this Um so I'm pretty excited about that it's A great way for you as an agency to Start adding additional Revenue Um whereas before um you know really Weren't able to do that with zapier so Anyways um as you can see how does Rebuilding work I mean they've done a Really great job Um even white labeled instructions for Your clients which is pretty cool Um huge props to the team for getting That done so anyways that is the gist on Premium workflow actions I will be Coming out with videos all day on this Specific slack integration all of that But the the sort of craziness that is Possible now that we've enabled this Also just from a complexity perspective Um is pretty wild they sell workflow

Where um we're literally um using it to Update our ticketing system based on Time so like every every day it checks To see if the ticket was up it was Closed if not it automatically escalates It it's really wild what's possible so Anyways on that note I hope all of you Are having an awesome start here Friday Morning and we will talk soon thanks

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