Open AI is Live! Social media posting et all here we come!

Happy Friday everybody has Sean coming At you from my level so man I am so Excited right now I cannot tell you this Is so awesome so today we are launching Our first AI powered item on in high Level so uh quick heads up here um we Are bringing uh open AI out to basically Everything in the app and uh that's like Emails and blogs and funnels and Websites and all that stuff all of that Will roll out very swiftly after this uh And all of it will be out by the end of The quarter but today we have started Off with the social media planner so if You go to the social media planner There's a couple of things here so Um I think this is only starting on the Pro Plan we'll check the release steps In a second but don't worry it's coming Out to all planes okay so I just Realized this okay so we're learning Together folks so jump in the SAS Configurator uh and then scroll down and Then make sure that the content dot AI Is enabled so once you do that you can Set your markup so that's awesome this Is good we're actually kind of doing This the right way and so then I think What's gonna happen here is if I roll Over and let's say we grab our high Level account here and I go into that Then I think what's going to happen if I Had to guess is I'm going to roll down Here oh yeah so it's got to be on SAS

Mode okay so that makes sense because Obviously if they're on the SAS mode Then you can't really All right I'm back so check this out so I this is really cool so now you go in Here check it out so you can go new post Content Ai and then you can go through This process and you can and you can do The AI post the other cool thing is Check this out you go to create new Posts and let's say you're like ah no I Don't need this AI nonsense I'm just Going to do this myself you start Writing stuff blah blah blah blah blah Blah and then all of a sudden you're Like oh no uh you know what actually Um I am stuck boom you can hit content AI right there And you can actually uh go in and Actually uh write your post that's Amazing right um so okay so then once That happens Um then what it'll do it'll actually Create and I'll show you this in a Second it'll create all the Um all of the the variations and you can Use them you can copy them and then Check this out so if you go over into Automation at the top now it says Content Ai and check this out you can See all of the previous ones that you've Generated all the stats on it you can Actually click into it you can actually Pull it back up so you can use it in

Other uh situations Um and again this is how it works it Gives you these variations you can copy Them so that way if you've actually done Okay let's just go over this together so Anybody want to see the release notes go Ahead and uh go ahead and check this out So remember this is uh this isn't free So it's uh it's check it's gbt3 we're Looking at the chat GPT Um API discount so we'll probably be Moving that over Um but it's also rechargeable so and you Have to enable it um so but this is a Way for you as an agency where you Should be making money off of this but You don't have to so if you don't want To charge your clients just don't give Them access or don't mark it up all that Stuff um here are important notes this Is only on the 497 today and it's an Opt-in only feature but if you're not on The 497 it will be available at the Other plans um very shortly Um we just need to do a couple of tweaks Before we can do that Um and then let's see uh let's see Agency admins will have to go to the Company settings page okay cool I'll Drop all of that this runs through the Screenshots here see if there's anything We missed so that's the variations we Just saw when you created you copy it Um yeah this is the content generation

You put in your keywords it's pretty Obvious how you do that again marketing Content AI we saw that there's the Markup we already saw that okay cool We're looking good yup yup yup okay That's enabling the content API that's In the agency section Um you go to your companies make sure You hit that uh flip that switch on I'll Drop all of the Articles um help docs in The post Um otherwise I am just super pumped up About this I cannot wait so excited Sorry I took over four minutes but I Hope all of you have an amazing Friday And we will talk soon thanks bye

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