OpenAI Powered Social Media Posting Live for all plans!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming out Jeff from high level back as The ShamWow guy so super excited about This announcement um the team worked Really hard on this uh so uh first heads Up for those of you who don't know this We have open AI powered social media Posting uh live it went live last Friday We're gonna have social opening I post Uh powered blogging that goes Live this Week and by the end of the quarter and That's right that's two weeks if you're Looking at your uh calendar right now We're gonna have it out in emails we're Gonna have it on websites we're gonna Have it in funnels and there's probably Another place I forgot but basically We're putting it everywhere um so Anyways for those of you who don't know That now you know obviously you can go In here and you can uh start doing this But one of the big issues was when we First launched it it wasn't available on Any of the lower accounts it was only on The 497 account and you had to have a SAS enabled location well today that all Changes so let's jump into the uh the Release notes we'll take a look but Basically the gist is when you go into Your agency settings over here you can Go down to settings right there and then I'm on uh I'm sorry I'm at the social Media show so the internet here is Terrible but you're going to go into the

Company settings I believe scroll down And then right here it has the enable Content AI now let's jump into release Notes and go over all of the details so You can see right here about this Release content AI is available for all Plans SAS or non-sas 497 SAS agencies Can obviously rebuild the customer now Heads up uh let's see you can enable it Obviously for all of your accounts if You're on 497 we're showing all the Terms for the opt-in form if they're 297 Or 97 removing the terms of SAS because Obviously we're not doing that all sub Accounts will get the first free 500 Words for One Time pricing right now is A thousand words for 75 cents but here's The great news gpt4 actually just Released so if you didn't know this gpd4 Just came out now it's not available for Developers yet we've applied for open API access but long story short when we Do get API access we'll be able to drop The cost of this dramatically so stay Tuned and you won't have to do anything It'll just magically happen one day I'll Obviously drop a video on that and Agencies can turn on on or enable or Disable agency wide so now real quick Here note if you turn this on it's going To go live for everybody we will have Sub account level uh ability to turn This off and on and it'll probably come Out next week but in the meantime just

Heads up if you turn it on it goes live For everybody if you're not in the 497 You're not on SAS the agency is going to Pay uh the cost of that so just be aware But it is available right now for all of You I'm very excited about this Enhancement they did a fantastic job Getting this out and again it's Literally agency settings uh company Settings enable content AI enable and Bam you're good to go so anyways wanted To get that out hope you're having a Fantastic Wednesday and we will talk Very soon thanks

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