Opportunities Enhancements V1 Live in Labs!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody it's Sean Coming at you from high level so this is An awesome awesome update so check this Out so we are completely revamping the Opportunities page and we're doing it in A couple of stages but today round one Is available to check out it's in Labs So let's first start there what in the World is Labs remember Labs is the way That we help you turn on beta features So you can look at them first at the Subaccount level and sometimes at the Agency level so that way you can Experience this type of new update so if You want to get there it's settings and Then lap so when I go in the labs I'm Going to scroll down and I'm going to Turn on opportunities page enhancement Version version one and you can see Right here we're optimizing the user Interface and experience and we're doing Bug fixes and that's exactly what this Is all about so now when I go back and Go to the opportunities page it's a Totally different uh look and feel let Me clear all this out And let me see if I get some more data Here okay perfect so right away what You'll experience is a lot faster load Times which is I think the most Important thing but just a totally Different user experience like even the Drag and drop is like radically faster And you can actually all the loading is

Faster you could you can see like when I Put my mouse over here like they've got This awesome uh like we have a billion Tags and you can actually see them you Click on the card this modal is now part Of from that standard UI library that We've been talking about so many of you You've seen this UI Library uh it's Slowly making its way into the app all New items automatically have it and as You can see we're going back and making Sure we're adding it in in other places As well and this is just to update the User experience and just make it more Fluid and smooth and to kind of give you All of the things that you would Otherwise kind of come to expect when it Comes to different modal inputs Searchability sortability you know that Kind of thing anyways Um so all of that is in there you can Obviously right now it's all the same Filters and everything else that you Would sort of expect or you would you Know you would think should be there but Um just an amazing uh increase in speed So anyways this is just kind of round One for everybody to check out to get Really wanted to focus on the things That matter which is usability stuff and Then of course we have round two coming Where we're gonna be doing things like Adding custom uh values to Opportunities And you know potentially multiple owners

And you know that kind of thing so Anyways that is live right now Definitely turn it on Labs check it out And I will see you in the next video Thanks

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