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Castanet is an efficiency tool it's Designed to help you do all the things You would do anyway to get a Conversation started with an ideal Prospect and our technology actually Stops the automation as soon as a Response is detected Hi there and welcome to another episode Of the high level Spotlight sessions Where we showcase awesome marketers Doing awesome marketing today I'm Excited to be joined by Jeff Chaney he Is a partner and executive GM at go Castanet or Castanet uh jeff which one Is it and thank you for joining we'll Answer to either one of those just like Go high level I know you get called both Um go casting it Castanet we go by both Nice I was going to say we can relate to This all too well Jeff I'm excited to Have you on today we're talking about Prospecting today Um and we're talking about a cool Integration that you guys have built Before we hop into it I'd love to hear Your backstory did you have an agency Were you a marketer what led you guys You guys actually acquired this tool and Have been improving it over the years Yeah Yeah absolutely and thank you for having Me on the call today this is this is an Awesome opportunity to get in front of Everybody so

Um my back story I'm as you said I'm the Executive general manager at Castanet Um been in Marketing sales and Technology for over a decade now Um but Castanet we did acquire Um just about two years ago and it was We acquired it because it was one of Those tools that as a as a venture Studio that we operate we have multiple Different pieces of SAS technology uh And we used Castanet at the core of our Lead generation for every one of our Companies and so we had the opportunity To fold it into our portfolio we we Jumped on it uh I've been at the helm Running the company for uh the last year And you know it's a really really fun Piece of tech and and it's really neat To be able to work with so many agency Partners and build out our white label Solutions form Well that's why I think it's it's pretty Cool right like we get hit up by LinkedIn connectors all the time Um but I was impressed how far you guys Have taken this so you have a full Agency program uh you built the native Integration with high level uh so this Seems to be a pretty uh this is not a Fly by Night LinkedIn scraper yeah this Is an established tool Um and we're even gonna hear from uh one Of our mutual customers I think in a Minute uh which is exciting but talk to

Me about in general the current state of LinkedIn prospecting Yeah absolutely so we are um just to Clarify we are an agency first model so Our technology was really designed to be White labeled and we offer phenomenal Support to our agency partners to help With uh handling the technology and also The Fulfillment of ongoing services and Support to your clients Um but the status of LinkedIn uh lead Generation in prospecting is kind of a Constantly moving Target LinkedIn is Always changing things and it's so Incredibly important that we continue to Adopt and adjust and modify our Technology to suit where the industry is At today and we've really pioneered that And we've adapted our software to be Able to adjust to those changes when They do occur really really quickly Um but what we're seeing is you know There's there's always going to be the Abusers in the space you know you get People that are sending generic messages To large generic audiences and it falls On deaf ears and people really see that That kind of automation is being a Nuisance Um you've really carved out a niche Where we don't even allow our users to Abuse any of the permissions that LinkedIn provides to to them Um we set Smart Limits on on our users

So that we really force people to Niche Down and focus on hyper targeted list of Prospects with very specific messaging To ensure that it's as genuine One-to-one and personalized as it can be Hmm very cool Um well it looks like Hunter is actually Here so I'm going to bring him in and I Know He mentioned he was pressed for time so Definitely want to Hear from Hunter how's it going Hey Hunter thanks for joining us yeah Thanks for having me appreciate it Uh Jeff mentioned that you're pressed For time so I wanted to bring you in Right away and hear from you you've been Using Castanet in conjunction with high Level for a while now that's right well For just a little bit of time yeah okay Cool well talk to us about it I mean What um industry do you serve So I typically serve agencies Okay and they're clients so you help Agencies find new customers new clients Um I I do technical services for them Okay manage services I do a lot of work Behind the curtain Got it so you're a builder for an artist As we call them our architect yeah yeah Awesome so talk to me about LinkedIn Prospecting what are you seeing Well obviously I I love uh Jeff's Solution right and um he had mentioned

Uh you got to check out this go high Level because I was doing a lot of the The manual Integrations Um and what I mean by that is you know Going and connecting zapier and building Email campaigns making sure they're Integrated and it's quite a bit of work Especially when you're managing over 40 Clients so Um went to go eye level and and just Really saw how easy it was and I was Like man thank you for doing that Um it's pretty simple you know nice well We're going to check out the actual tool And and what it looks like and how it Works in a bit but talk to me about LinkedIn prospecting in general I mean You're finding good results and the tool Helps you sort of narrow down on a on a Really targeted audience Yeah it does it does Um I think Jeff Jeff's tool in general Has a lot of abilities to be human-like And then of course you need to pair that With somebody who's an expert user or Somebody who can give good guidance Um so with with those things I'm able to Appear like a human for all of our Clients right and our staff's able to Manage some of the inbound along with That Um some some things like for instance Viewing profiles or endorsing profiles You know should just constantly show up

At people's notifications which is Basically the same thing you would be Doing if you did it manually to get Attention it's not necessarily just even The messaging but half of it is just Seeing you around And and that tool is able to do that Very well Interesting very cool Well Hunter thanks so much for dropping In I know that you got to run I don't Want to keep it for too long but Jeff I Do want to hear more about things like Sales training and stuff I know that you Guys are sort of more than just a tool Right you guys have sort of an agency Package where you talk about some of This stuff Yeah absolutely so I mean one of the Things that we're doing is we're not Just providing software and and walking Away as Hunter knows we we really try to Provide a tremendous level of support to All of our agency partners and their Clients so we have comprehensive Training program that that every user Can go through at no additional cost we Have agency training programs where we Not just focus on the software but Basically how to implement the software As a division of your business and how To generate Revenue Um but then as far as the ongoing Outreach strategies go you know those

Those are always evolving you know the The things you say the way you say them And how you engage with prospects is is Critical in the Lincoln in uh ecosystem So yeah we we do provide a tremendous Level of ongoing support and guidance Um for all of our partners Well that's great I mean I honestly Think that most people coming into Prospecting Probably learned that lesson the hard Way right you probably waste a lot of Time and money sending some pretty Generic spammy kind of stuff and seeing Low quality results and so I think That's great that you guys go beyond Just being the vehicle but also sort of Helping people not shoot themselves in The foot while they're getting up and Going with this well it's so important It's so incredibly important because Once somebody has a bad experience with With a piece of technology they get Intimidated by it they don't want to do It again they uh they'll kind of pull Back and so what we want to do is make Sure that everyone is kind of going to Market with the right plan and an Effective approach to whatever vertical They're targeting and there's some Things that most people wouldn't think About when initiating an Outreach Campaign on on LinkedIn whether using Automation with hard technology or not

But it really comes back to a lot of the Fundamentals first and foremost you know As your is your LinkedIn profile well Optimized and people always ask what Does that mean and at the end of the day What it means is are you telling LinkedIn what you do do they fully Understand who you are as a user do they Believe that you're a real human being Or are you still kind of under scrutiny Because their AI is so sophisticated and It's watching your user behaviors and It's seeing how you normally interact on LinkedIn and when you have a radical Change in Behavior that's that's a red Flag and so LinkedIn looks like that's Interesting something something's wrong Something's going on with this profile Um and you want to make sure that your Position in the LinkedIn ecosystem is One that LinkedIn trusts so when you add Things like a header image and a profile Image and you tell LinkedIn what Services you provide and what you talk About as a if you activate Creator mode You can put in hashtags Um when you put in your education and Your past work history and then those Third-party endorsements or Recommendations from other other clients All of those things basically add up Your your LinkedIn credit score and they Look at this and say hey that is a Authenticated user and so when they do

See that you're using their platform to Do Outreach and prospecting and engage With people and you've got a lot of Conversations and profile views and Searches occurring Um they'll generally just feel like okay This is a real user doing real user Things and most people don't realize That it doesn't matter if you're using Automation or not if you increase your Output on LinkedIn and start doing Things that are not normal if your Profile is not well optimized LinkedIn May ask you to verify your identity or Just put a stop on your account and say Hey you've hit your limit for the day You need to cool it Um well that makes total sense and that I mean that seems obvious but you know I Hadn't really thought of that myself Like before you go Fire up prospecting you should probably Start warming your account up in general Right like clicking around and liking Articles and sharing things and posting Yourself and all these types of things That a real user would do because I Imagine it would be pretty easy Algorithmically to just find accounts That do nothing but spam people without Messaging but that is not the space we Want to play in we want to work with Real genuine users who are genuinely Looking to get authentic conversations

Started with the right prospects on LinkedIn Castanet is an efficiency tool It's designed to help you do all the Things you would do anyway to get a Conversation started with an ideal Prospect and our technology actually Stops the automation as soon as a Response is detected because we don't Want to continue to to go down a path of Having an artificial conversation this Is all about kind of what I call the 80 20 rule if you identify a thousand Prospects on LinkedIn I guarantee you 800 of them aren't ready talk to you They don't want to talk to you or They're not interested in buying your Product or service yet but there's 200 Of them the 20 that are probably ready To have a conversation and a smaller Percentage of that ready to buy so Castanet really helps you work through That first 800. so that you're not Spending your time and resources on just Cold Outreach on LinkedIn but as soon as That conversation is initiated you get An alert you can pop into the inbox you Can manage some conversation from there And take over and let the automation Focus on just getting more conversation Started yeah that makes total sense it's A a conversation starter before we check It out I do also want to talk about your Model which I love you guys are white Label right so you know a lot of people

Think prospecting they think for my Agency to get me more clients but you Have built this out to really be a Product that you resell a new Revenue Stream a new offering for agencies to Prospect for their clients on their Behalf Exactly so as I mentioned you know Castanet is an agency first model we Work with literally hundreds and Hundreds of different agencies around The world we're in 19 different Countries Um and our agencies are using it two Ways they use it for themselves first And foremost they they want to generate Leads they want to start the new Prospects and they want to provide it as A service to their clients so Traditionally it's packaged as a B2B Lead generation service we white label Our technology to the agency themselves They're able to provide the software and So they can just provide SAS model if They want to sell seats on on their White label platform and just have their Users log in manage their own campaigns No problem uh that model is most Commonly sold to organizations that have Sales teams so if you've got a client That has 10 sales reps well you can sell Them 10 seats on your white labeled Castanet account Um and their users can log in and manage

Their own profiles themselves But then we have the Fulfillment Opportunity then the agencies can charge A premium to manage LinkedIn Outreach on Behalf of their clients and I mean you Can charge between fifteen hundred and Twenty five hundred dollars a month and Even more with the high level Integration because I would say 1500 to 2500 is standard for just if you're just Selling pastinet managed Services Um but if you add on High level and all Of the things you can do with that Prospect after the conversation gets Started Much much more than that Very cool I love it well let's check it Out you want to take us on a quick tour Yeah let's do it Move my screen around a little bit So the first thing I'm going to do is Just show you Within the the high level system on this Particular Um account I just have a couple sample Workflows that we built and I just want To show you those so that when it comes Up here in a second you'll you'll Understand the connection sure Um so this is the I don't know I'm Actually going to show you my account Let's just go to Jeff Chaney and go Month over month All right so what you're looking at here

Is Castanet has given us a snapshot of what It's doing on this profile's behalf and You can see first up here at the top Left I have my main account and I have seven LinkedIn profiles that I'm managing Under a single account so as an agency You can have profiles that are under Your agency account then you can also Add sub accounts under you with their Own list of profiles so that means you Can manage your own accounts your own LinkedIn initiatives for driving revenue And you can also manage profiles on Behalf of your client without having to Log in and out of a bunch of different Profiles this is all seamlessly under One log Cool see the system is sending Connection requests it's doing Endorsements it's sending messages it Can do follows and profile views on Average we're for this particular Profile I'm averaging between 500 and 700 connection requests are being sent Automatically on my behalf to targeted Individuals Um on a monthly basis Uh now obviously this is going to vary Based on who I'm targeting and what the Output rate I've set for the the Campaign is Um but it's also important to note that

You're never going to see the same Numbers twice because the system is Behaving randomly throughout the day it Will log into the LinkedIn profile do a Little bit of this log back out log back In do a little bit of that and it does This in order to be as human-like and Authentic as possible Um you can see here one of the campaigns I'm running is targeting 971 prospects Um we're getting the 24 acceptance rate So far and a five percent response rate This one's lagging a little bit behind Um an average you know but over time it Will increase but typically what we're Shooting for is a nice healthy rate of About 30 acceptance rate maybe as high As 35 and a 12 to 18 uh reply rate That's right where we want to be as far As setting expectations aside cool So that's the dashboard and then the Other key elements are inbox campaigns And sequences these are kind of the most Important elements of the the system uh Your inbox manages your your Communication so you have no need to log In to LinkedIn to manage conversations Um and especially if you're providing This as a service to your client this Makes it really easy to see everything That's happening in the client's LinkedIn profile within Castanet so you Can manage all the dialogues Um seamlessly here

Um so just to show you that what that Looks like here you can see I can see all my prospects if they have A phone number or an email address on File it displays those you can click to Send an email click the call if you've Got um a Voiceover IP setup Um you the the other thing that really Stands out here is you can change the Statuses so you can manage conversations And kind of where they're at in at what Point they're at in the conversation Whether they're engaged talking or Trying to book an appointment or not Interested Um all of these are important to manage And just streamline how you're Interacting with prospects on a daily Basis Uh conversations you can click to view You can respond you can then change the Status Um some of the statuses that we have Here are automatically changed based on What the user is doing and these other Ones are manual statuses so for example If I change the status of this lead to Follow up in CRM that's actually the High level trigger to send this lead Into high level and put them into a Workflow so this would be an instance Where a customer or Prospect said hey This sounds really interesting I'd love To know more well boom my goal now is to

Get this conversation offline I want to Get it out of LinkedIn and into an Environment I can control so I might Respond back with a link to my calendar Change their status to follow up in CRM Instantaneously they just got an email With me with some more details and we're We're now transitioning that Conversation out Like it sequences uh campaigns are your Target audience So this is where I showed you that list Of uh prospects I was targeting here's The Here they are and here is every single One of them so this is this system is Importing these leads directly from LinkedIn and then putting them into what We call the sequence and the sequence is The series of actions you want the System to take so for example this is The sequence that we built for this Particular list of prospects Um one of the things we do is we talk About hey we lead off with do you want To discuss a partnership and I actually Include a video in that message so that It automatically displays a quick one Minute video of me giving contacts to The partnership This is sent at the time of invite so Step one send an invitation right we've Got to do that because we got to connect With these people first

Step two send a message this is Triggered one day after the invitation Is accepted But the automation will stop if a Response is detected and so that's Important because we always want to view Responses before we let the automation Continue Every single response will give you the Option of reinitiating the automation if It's appropriate So one day later we send another uh Follow-on message Um then for step three we send an Endorsement and an endorsement is Nothing more than where the system will Go in and endorse that Prospect for a Skill that they have listed on their Profile just picks One automatically That's already Associated to their Profile the user will get a notification That says hey uh Chase just endorsed you For marketing strategies and now I can Go oh hey thanks Jason I see oh you've Already sent me two other messages that Maybe I've overlooked and it's a great Way of kind of giving them a little LinkedIn nudge interesting step four Send another message with time delay Step five well there is no step five This is where we chose to basically end Our sequence typically for Prospect Purposing for prospecting purposes You're going to want to have four to

Seven touch points in the first 30 days That's going to be the best most Effective number of touch points But here's where it gets interesting What happens after Someone connects with you well because We have our high level integration Activated this is automatically built Into the sequence Builder so as a high Level user it goes ah we noticed you've Got multiple workflows already set up in Your high level account so I can say Workflow number one is for all LinkedIn Prospects who connect with me If they connect with me it's just going To drop them in to my CRM tool it's Going to maybe tag them with a unique Tag so I know they came from LinkedIn And are part of a certain campaign and Then maybe it sends that welcome email That I mentioned automatically so it's Kind of like that hey thanks for Connecting with me on LinkedIn let's Take this conversation offline Now if the lead says I'm interested I Want to talk more then you would maybe That would be workflow number two So now that you've defined What workflows are associated with this Particular Outreach you just hit save So now you've created your unique Sequence for a unique group of prospects In this case 977 of them and they're all Going to receive this highly

Personalized messaging with the unique Workflows attached Um and then you sit back and monitor Your inbox your inbox management Shouldn't take more than five minutes a Day because all you're doing is popping In here and looking for green envelopes Green envelopes mean new incoming Responses so you can say okay show me All my unread messages Well here's my to-do for the day I'm Just going to roll through open up each Green envelope respond accordingly and Then I'm basically done let the machine Keep doing its work So that is the that's the demo I I don't Want to go into too much detail here but That's the funnel that's awesome so Basically when somebody connects to Something the Autumn like the Automation's going And then somebody connects they like Accept your connection requests or Whatever then that makes their contact Information accessible to Castanet and Casting that's able to then go create The contact in high level and push them Into a workflow so every LinkedIn Profile is different you can see some Here have their email address and phone Number visible others don't that is all Permission based within LinkedIn so if a LinkedIn user says don't display my Contact information to anyone then we

Don't get that contact we're not Scraping it out of their login Credentials or anything of that nature This is all permission based access So other permission levels might be only Display my contact information to Someone I'm connected with so that means That on day one we may not have their Contact information but after we connect With them then it will update Um so yes that's that's basically what The system is doing is is displaying What we're allowed to display per user Um every campaign that's imported you Own the data so you can not only import It in the Castanet you can export it Into a Google sheet so this will Automatically create a CSV export of Every single data point and every single Detail that we have on every single Prospect including birth date phone Number website Um all of that so this is the kind of Stuff that you can actually show to your Prospects or to your clients and say hey Here's the list that we're targeting Here's the statuses of of where we're at With each of these Um and you can even you know see the Notes the notes or this final column Over here on the side Um so this list this export is just Available to every single user of Castanet we don't hold it Ransom it's

Your data we give it to you That's awesome well thank you for the Tour Um I think That's really interesting I mean you Could put together a really like you Said I mean valuable offering where you Know traditionally To pay somebody an agency to Prospect And work leads for you cost a fortune Right because we're paying humans for Their time whereas here we could say Hey You know for this price we guarantee We're going to Target this many people Per month on average like I'd imagine Once you do it for a while you showed us Those averages at the bottom right we've Propirates and this rate so You would know going in like yeah this Is the price we target this many people Typically we get this many engagements And then we nurture them using high Level for however long you want to do That in high level but you're basically Guaranteeing prospecting and action and It's like if any given time you want the List I can send you the list too if you Guys want to call it till you're blue in The face great but like we're doing that Every day like guaranteed and it's not With the high level integration it Ensures that every Prospect who Expresses interest or who's open to Having conversation is now getting

Nurtured outside of LinkedIn which is so Important these days you don't want to Try to close schools in LinkedIn that's LinkedIn is the right environment to Identify prospects get those Relationships started and and once You've got that conversation going get Get it out of there Um but that's just for appointment Setting purposes generally is is where Your if your goal is to appointment set Well yes you you you want to follow the Model we just shared but you know I have Users who are high level CEOs that just Want to nurture their existing Network So you might have five or six thousand Or ten thousand people in your existing Network and you just want to send them a Once a month touch point And you can set up a one-year drip Campaign to just stay engaged with all The people in your network Um so that's possible too there's a lot Of variations and different strategies Depending upon uh what the goal and the Outcome of the the campaign is really Designed to be yeah I mean I love that I Love honestly personally I love Year-long nurtures right because even if It's an email a month like 12 emails you Know that's not that difficult to craft But to be able to say like yeah we Nurture prospects for a year in LinkedIn And in email and in you know SMS if we

Have their phone number uh That's a pretty robust offering that you Could put together to be honest it Certainly is and that's where you know The opportunity to generate real Revenue As a division of your agency is is it's There I mean like I said my agency Partners are charging anywhere from 1500 To 2500 a month for managed profiles Um so you don't need very many of those To to make a big difference in your Agency but then also for yourself I mean You're probably already paying for leads Or doing your own cold Outreach and What's your time worth Um a quick equation I like to share this Is part of our training is if you were To sell the software to an organization That has 10 sales reps then just reverse Engineer everything it if that if that Organization has sales reps who are Selling B2B uh statistically they're Probably spending between four to six Hours a week hold prospecting on LinkedIn so order six hours let's say an Average of five times ten there's 50 Hours a week times four there's 200 Hours a month being spent on cold Prospecting on LinkedIn Castanet can automate 90 of that and do It with more consistency and more Regularity over the course of the entire Month than what the sales reps will do Themselves so Satan's alone in time the

System just paid for itself Well organizationally You also get access to data that you Never had before you've got a dashboard Where you can see what are your sales Reps doing are they following the proper Protocol are they using the sequence we Defined Um are they actually following up on Their leads the way they're supposed to So another huge benefit then you go CRM Integration once we connect the CRM to The tool now the organization owns the Data and if that sales range bounce and Switch to a competitor they're not Taking all those leads that the company Paid for and carrying them over to a Competitor so the value proposition to An organization with sales teams is Tremendous and the opportunity is to Charge you know a thousand or two Thousand dollars a month or software is Is it's there Yeah totally no for B2B I mean folks That are working with B2B Seems like a slam dunk so Jeff you guys Put together Um you guys have a lot of resources put Together for agencies to be honest and So you you guys have you set it up just For us a URL right what was that Gocast.com just slash high level yes so Go Castanet uh.com forward slash high Level will get you access to our high

Level agency page there's going to be Some resources on there there's going to Be a kind of a general overview Um there's a form that you can submit Back to us if you want to do a demo One-on-one with a member of my team and We don't care if you're looking to White Label the product today if you're Looking to provide it to one of your Clients or you just want to talk about How you can use Castanet uh for yourself To generate your own leads Will will take you however and wherever You're at that's part of the discovery Process is who are you as an Organization who are your customers how Can we help and we'll build the package To suit your needs and your clients Needs Very cool awesome well if you guys are Watching you're you're uh you've got Clients in B2B sounds like a pretty good Offering it's at go castanet.com high Level and now it's natively integrated So you're going to be pulling prospects Straight out of LinkedIn right into your High level account and I really like the Model of reselling that and the pricing Looks pretty favorably for that model as Well so Jeff thanks so much for coming On to share and Chase thank you I Appreciate the opportunity to work with You and and your entire network this is A really exciting partnership for us

Likewise and thank you guys for watching We'll see in the next one Foreign

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