Packaging Design for Beginners: How to Create a Simple Box in InDesign

Using Adobe Illustrator in Adobe InDesign will create a template for a Simple rectangular box that's adaptable For cosmetics and other products I'm Ashley Harrell and in this tutorial We'll also look at how to add patterns And format text to your box quickly and Easily before we begin make sure you Check out in Bottle elements get Unlimited downloads of design assets Templates and fonts like the one used in This tutorial don't forget to subscribe To envato tips Plus for more free Courses and tutorials The first thing you should do is open The box template in illustrator create a New layer and name it lines you can Either trace this image or you can do What I'm about to do which is use my pen Tool and I'm going to go over the lines You can also leave your stroke the color Black but since I wanted to be able to See the lines I decided to turn my Stroke pink also make sure you do a Dotted line as well this will be for the Folds Now change the width to seven Centimeters and change the height to 16.7 centimeters And adjust your template so that it fits On one of the panels Now go back to your dye line image and You can delete it Go to object artboards and fit to

Artwork bounds Now go to object expand and expand the Fill and the stroke Go to edit copy now jump over to InDesign and go to file new document Change your units to inches And in illustrator make note of the Width and the height of your document And we're going to copy and paste these Numbers into our InDesign document And from here set your margins to 0.5 Inches and the bleed should be zero Now expand your layers panel and for This first layer we are going to name it Pattern Then for our next layer name it folds And bleeds do not print And here you can toggle off the print Layer Create a new layer and name it dieline Do not print Create another layer and name it labels And for our last layer name it type Lock all of the layers except for folds And bleeds Make sure folds and Blaze layer is Selected and go to edit paste now go to Object ungroup Select all of the folds Then right click group Drag this group up to your dieline Now go over into your swatches panel And create a new color swatch Name this Color dieline Spot color

Change the color type to spot and the Color mode should be CMYK Change cyan to zero magenta should be 100 and yellow and black should be zero Now you can go up to view extras High Frame guides so that you can actually See the stroke And then go up to attributes and click On over print field now you have just Set up your dieline And go back and click on your folds and You can change those to Black As you can see I missed a part of my Dial line and I'm just here using the Pen tool to create a stroke to connect The two areas together Now go to your layers panel And unlock the pattern layer Grab the rectangle frame tool and cover The entire background Now go to file place or command D on Your keyboard if you're using a Mac and Place your pattern Use the eyedropper tool to pick up the Very pale pink color from the pattern Double click on the fill color box click Add CMYK Swatch and then click ok Repeat the process for the dark pink Color in the background of the pattern Adding this to the swatches panel Now grab your rectangle tool and select The very pale pink color make a long Rectangular box and this will be the Panel that we will place our ingredients

Now we're just going to make a border And fill it with black Now copy and paste the label and Border Placing these on the other sides of the Box adjust the scale to create a more Square label Now you can add a barcode to the bottom Of your box by using the rectangle frame Tool Resize your barcode so that it fills the Area And make sure you place these labels on The labels layer in the layers panel Now go up to type And type out the information for your Product Here I will be typing out pink Apple Change the font size to 60 and Center it Use the very dark pink Swatch Add another text box and this time type In hand cream Change the font size to 24 and here We're going to change the tracking to 125. Copy and paste this text box and change It to nourishing Copy and paste this text box one more Time and type out made by beautyco Copy all these text boxes and place them Over into the second label And on our last label type out the Ingredients for your product Now let's export your box for printing Make sure the layers you want to have

Printed and cut are visible if you don't Want the fold lines to be visible then Make sure to switch off this layer for Demonstration purposes here I've kept The folds layer switched on Go to file export Name your file And choose Adobe PDF print Change the preset to PDF 2001. Go to Marks and bleeds and select all Printers marks and also make sure you Use document bleed settings is checked And then click on export And that's how you make a package design Using illustrator and InDesign so if you Like this video and you would like to See more go ahead and hit that like Button and subscribe if you haven't Already and don't forget to click that Little bell icon to be notified of any New videos I'm Ashley Harrell thanks for Watching [Music] Thank you

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