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Do you have do you guys have numbers Around Um what this does when you start doing It like how much better does it convert When you use personalized video yeah we Pretty consistently see two to three Times increase in engagement and that Has held true more or less throughout The funnel so if you're doing like super Cold Outreach and maybe your original or Pi radio is around like one percent it Goes up to three percent still pretty Low Um but if you're doing more targeted Outreach and you started higher at like 30 sometimes we've seen it go up to like 90 or even higher than 90 which is it's Pretty you know pretty high but makes Sense if you're already engaging with a Business you start getting personalized Content from them like you really feel Connected [Music] Hi everyone and welcome to another Episode of the high level Spotlight Sessions where we showcase awesome Marketers doing awesome marketing today I'm excited to be joined by Bethany Stackenfeld she's the co-founder and CEO Of sendspark a video messaging platform With superpowers for sales Bethany Thanks so much for coming on the show Hey I'm happy to be here I uh love this topic I was actually just

Talking about video I think on a recent Spotlight session and how underutilized It is but how powerful it is when used I Know that we're going to get into that But I'd love to hear a little bit of the History behind this were you a marketer Did you have an agency and you saw the Need for this Yeah definitely so I I was a marketer I've worked at other startups running Marketing for them and I've seen like Video is so powerful when you use it Especially as a smaller company where You're really trying to go head-to-head With larger Legacy players and having a Personal touch is really a great Differentiator to show you know how we Different than this other company you Might have heard about for years and Years and the difference might just be Because we're people that are really Passionate about what we're building and We're going to go the extra mile for you So when you have video you're really Able to show that Um and I also think it comes down to Being able to to sell to people the way They want to buy like video is the Number one channel that's what people Are looking at in their free time and How do you make sure that you're Speaking to people in their own language Very cool so I think it's super powerful You know I yeah this is literally now

That I'm thinking about the uh the last Interview I did we we came to this topic And I was like So much happens when you see a video Right that people don't think about you You immediately see the surroundings you See that it's a clean business you see That the you know the staff looks Friendly it looks professional like in The Split Second you can convey so much Information as opposed to just an email Or a text message yeah a million percent So talk to me about what you guys have Built I mean I know that there are a few Tools in the market how did you approach It differently what did you guys think That you could do Um different yeah so when we were first Starting to use video at the LA the Startup that with my co-founder and I Were working at we saw that when we sent Videos to existing customers or Potential buyers like they absolutely Love getting the videos they love seeing The people and it really worked but then You know as a marketer I'm like all Right well how do we build more of a Process around this and have it be Something that is something you can do Every day and really build into your Your automated workflows and your Outbound sales sequences and things like That so it's more systematic versus just When we really need to we'll send a

Video like because it works great why Not use it everywhere so we built Senspark to really make it 10 times Better than the existing screen and Video recording platforms when it comes To customer engagement and sales so if You think about sunspire Um like in your head picture like a loom Or a vidyard or maybe another video Recording tool that you've used before And you can use sunspark like that to Record videos of yourself or your screen But where we go above and beyond is Adding extra layers to personalize your Videos at scale and that can be as Simple as recording a custom intro on an Existing video so like if you have a Standard a video overview about your Business or a specific feature and Integration you have Um then you can have that and then you Can record a custom intro for individual People like let's say we're chatting and I want to follow up with you and be like Oh if you want to see how our go high Level integration Works check out the Next video that's going to follow that Way the custom intro is made for you but I don't have to repeat the video of our High level integration a thousand times I just click that one button Um so that makes it a lot faster to Really be able to use video in casual I'm saying conversations but like email

Back and forth and then another layer of That to take it one level up is using Complete Dynamic personalization so Using the same merge tags you might use An email like first name company name Job title and being able to Automatically apply that to the video Thumbnails the video landing pages and That's how I go high level integration Works you can create the video on Soundspark but when you plug that video Into high level you're using the Personalization tokens right from high Level and automatically personalizing Each video for each viewer so that way You can take one video and put it in you Know your sales Outreach sequence or Your customer onboarding sequences and Every person gets a personalized video Even though you've only set it up once And it's not like There's nothing about it that's fake It's not like I made this video for you And you didn't it's just about like Making them see how things are relevant Yeah yeah and what in my experience it's Actually interesting how you can use the Same video and not like I'm not saying Your name But something in the video says your Name on the screen and your brain just Kind of makes a connection that it feels Like it was a personalized video for you Yeah you know what I mean so like

I'm not saying hey Bethany I'm just Saying hey blah blah blah blah blah but Like on the screen your name is there Somewhere because that was dynamically Inserted And so it just feels like oh whoa like It catches you off guard and because It's not about like like personalization It means relevance and the idea is how Do you make it relevant to your viewer And we never want to trick people Because if you try to trick someone People are gonna be they're like oh I Know that wasn't really personalized for Me and you're like yeah but that's not The point the point is that it's Relevant that we are able to show your Logo here or we're able to to show you How this would look for your company and You can visualize you know our product On your website or you know your website As if it was redesigned by us or Something like that so it's like how do We help people create these really Relevant videos in a scalable way but It's never about being like You know inauthentic it's just about Being efficient and personalizing what Needs to be personalizing but automating Everything else yeah it's definitely not And it's funny to me because I feel like You've been able to do this stuff for a While now but it's still so Underutilized that when you know I get a

Lot of cold Outreach emails every day And I would say less than one percent of Them are ever personalized like that and Other than like hey Chase in the you Know the opening So when I see it as a marketer I know That that wasn't like you know that it Was dynamically generated but it's still Makes me stop and it still makes me kind Of appreciate the fact that like oh That's a nice touch you know what I mean Like it it definitely does its job and It's kind of surprising to me that it's Not been overused to the point where Where we kind of negatively react to it Yet to me it's still very uh powerful Yeah I mean I definitely agree I think When people use it they instantly see Better results Um but like Behavior change is hard That's something that or how do we help People know what to say and help people Create good content because like it's Just different do you have do you guys Have numbers around Um what this does when you start doing It like how much better does it convert When you use personalized video yeah we Pretty consistently see two to three Times increase in engagement and that Has held true more or less throughout The funnel so if you're doing like super Cold Outreach and maybe your original Reply rate it was around like one

Percent it goes up to three percent Still pretty low Um but if you're doing more targeted Outreach and you started higher at like 30 sometimes we've seen it go up to like 90 or even higher than 90 which is it's Pretty you know pretty high but makes Sense if you're already engaging with a Business you start getting personalized Content from them like you really feel Connected 100 and I think especially in scenarios Where like somebody books an appointment And you're trying to make sure they show Up sending them personalized video I I Would assume would dramatically increase The chances that they're going to show Up because There's a connection that's made in Video right if I'm talking to you even Though we've never met and I don't know You I kind of feel a little more Obligated to not let you down Yeah and that's actually something we've Recently helped a lot of companies get Started with because often people Schedule meetings and not show up and so Even setting a simple video in your kind Of Auto confirmation that's like hey I'm Bethany this is the agenda for our first Call feel free to reschedule if you want But otherwise talk to you soon it's like You know clearly not made for every Person but since implementing that the

Companies you've worked with have seen Like huge increases in either the show Rate or at least the reschedule rate but They're not getting ghosted the way Before it's just a you know a random Sales person that doesn't really exist In your head Well I mean honestly I don't know of Many businesses whose sales teams are so Busy that they don't have time to make Personalized videos you know I mean like The average business you've got plenty Of time right so I like the idea of Instead of just triggering you know it's One step to just trigger an automated Email it's a second step to trigger an Automated email that has a video that Dynamically inserts somebody's name but I feel like the you know the The pro move here is definitely just to Trigger a task to somebody of hey record A video it takes 10 seconds and then hit Send and we're gonna see our rates jump Up but like you said by 50 on whatever We're trying to do here yeah and I think It's really about the blend Um like where can you put videos so like They're always going to be good and I Think for that you know it's often like You know the audio schedulers or things Where you want it especially when you Want to have it instantly like the Second someone's signs up for your Platform maybe they get a video that

Shows them how to get started and you Don't want to wait but then exactly like Having the personalized task to make a Truly personalized video is is huge Um one of the things we've been talking About recently too like product LED Growth is obviously really big and like How can your product data tie into when You should be sending a personalized Video Um and I think like creating tasks when People hit certain product qualified Leads and then sending the personalized Video is one of those perfect blends of Like product LED growth but person lies Human touch that like when businesses Implement they're accelerating so far Beyond what you know their competitors Or anyone else using kind of the older Marketing tactics are going to be able To keep up with yeah I mean my gears are Turning there's definitely certain Points in at high level that we should Be sending personalized video I can Think of a few of them off top of my Head one that came to mind earlier was When people don't show up right no show Campaigns I think are a perfect place to Recover way more people because when you Know show somebody oftentimes at least For me I don't do it on purpose but then I kind of feel bad and I kind of like Want to avoid that confrontation Um but if I got a nice email from

Someone's like hey sorry you couldn't Make it like no worries totally Understand like we're all busy we'd love To get you rescheduled you'd be way more Likely to go ahead and be like yeah my Bad okay I'll come back and book again That's a great idea that and then one I Was just talking with a client today is Um re-engaging like clothes lost so Maybe it's three or six months later and For some reason wasn't a good fit but Like you know they've moved on with Their life they totally forgot about you You send them a video they're like oh This is the person I talk to Um but yeah both those cases I think are Are really cool ways to use video and Kind of the like I want to say like the flip side of them Off side but like bring it back yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure So how do you guys price this We charge per user So it's 15 per user Per month and that comes with unlimited Videos custom branding basic features Yeah Wow so for 15 a month I could bake as Many videos as I want into my sequences Anywhere I want them That sounds like a pretty good deal We might raise our pricing soon but That's what it is right now Oh well that's pretty awesome and am I Correct in that you guys actually set up

A promo for high levelers Yes Yes so um high levelers can use the Promo code high level to get their first Three months for 33 off Wow that's awesome and um I saw the note It was like high level all capitalized Does that matter I just want to clarify Good question I don't think it matters Um Yeah I I don't know try it both ways oh It's in capitalize like capitalized so I've always written it that way I have No idea try both ways see what happens I Mean try both ways if it doesn't work Once try it the other way and you should Be good to go yeah awesome so um if People are watching they like the sound Of this they want to try it out they've Got a discounted rate thank you very Much is there documentation as far as Using it in conjunction with high level Yeah we have um like a help article with A nice walkthrough video so people Should be able to use that Fantastic awesome well I think to me This is a no-brainer it undoubtedly will Increase Um output and conversion rates and so I Think if you can afford it I would bake It in especially the cold Outreach stage You know you mentioned going from one Percent to three percent doesn't sound Like a lot but I feel like if you're at

The early stages in your journey and you Don't have money to be spending on ad Campaigns you're relying on cold Outreach for 15 bucks a month if I can Take my response from one to three Percent I think that's a pretty good Roi So Bethany thank you so much for coming on To talk about the power of customized Video awesome thanks for having me it Was great Awesome thanks for watching guys see in The next one [Music]

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