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Hey and welcome to vid Society so over The past few weeks I've been making some Videos on video creation and how to do It using a tool called Pick 3 and I've Been getting a lot of questions about This there's been a lot of updates Recently so that's what I want to go in And show you today is how to use this Tool to create videos particularly from Scripts just pasting in a script and it Creating a video for you now I'll put a Link below this video where you can Actually try this for free and pick it Up if you'd like it for a 20 discount So this is Victory and this is an Amazing tool when it first came out There was a lot of features that it Lacked because I was used to using a Tool called vidnami I absolutely loved It but since then uh picture has been Making continual updates gradually Updating and adding new features and It's turning into a very very powerful Video creation tool now just real quick If we jump over to their home page you Can try it for free here without a Credit card or anything but you can Scroll down through here and look at Some of these features because there's a Lot this tool would do that I'm not Going to be getting into today basically I'm going to show you a demo of how you Can use it to quickly create a full Video from a script so jumping back over

Here you can see we have four options When we start number one you can paste In a script to make a video like an Educational video a listicle coaching Step by step you can paste in a website Address and it will go and take that Content turn it into a video you can Edit videos using text and you can also Add your own visuals and it will create A video from that but this one here is The one that I use all the time so now What I do is I use a free tool at least It's free right now called chat GPT to Create scripts for my videos for me so I Don't even have to do that so if you're Not familiar with this tool I got a lot Of other videos on my channel you can Check out where I use this and show you How I use it but basically what I told It to do was I told it to write a YouTube video script for the top five Ways to earn money online and it did so It wrote out five ways to make money Online I could make this a lot longer if I wanted to but I want to show you just In this example how this works so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to Copy this content that they gave me and We're going to jump back over to my Pick 3 page I'm going to click on proceed We're going to paste that in here And I'm going to title this uh top five Ways to make money Online

And we're going to click on proceed and Now we're going to have the option to Choose a template and there's all Different kinds of templates here but Keep in mind any one of these that you Pick you can change it once you start Creating your video and you can edit it However you want to you can change the Fonts the colors the placement of the Text pretty much anything you want so I'm going to start with this one here And we're just going to click on select So here you can choose if you want it to Be a 16 9 video for playing on YouTube Or even 916 maybe you're using YouTube Shorts you can create videos this way Now I'm going to mention one of my Friends online just released a course For I think it's around 12 I'll put the Link below this video on how you can use Software on your computer to create YouTube shorts videos it's an amazing Course it's only like three videos but He goes step by step and showing you how To do that that way if you don't like Making YouTube shorts on your phone you Can actually use software to do like Screen recording on your desktop to Record anything you want to it's pretty Neat all right but for this video we're Going to do 16×9 I'm going to click on Continue and we're going to wait for it To create this for us all right so what It did here is it took our content it

Broke it up into smaller pieces into 18 Different scenes and over here we can See what it created for us and then down Here at the bottom is each one of the Scenes and we can go in and we can edit Every one of these and that's what we're Going to do I'm going to show you how to Turn this into a really nice video So first of all we're going to start Here on the first scene and I don't like This background video it says hi there Are you looking for ways to earn some Extra cash online you're not alone so Before I start changing these background Scenes I want to adjust the the text and The font make it smaller so it's not Covering so much of the scene so what I'm going to do is click on the font And we're going to come up here and We're going to do 22 and that really Sized it down now if I wanted to I could Come up here and I could also change on This grid where I want this text placed So we could do the top Center we could Do the top left and we could even shrink This so it's only on the left side or You could do the right side even and Have it over here so however you want to Do it you can do it per scene or you can Apply this setting to all of the scenes At once So we're going to go ahead and just Stretch this back out And we're going to do the bottom center

Just like that and then um the collars So if you want to change the collars you Come up here to the text collar and you Can change the color the text you can Change the background color so what I'm Going to do is let's do green because This is about making money So we'll come up here and maybe make it Um a greenish collar like this but I Want it to be a little bit transparent So I'm going to drag this Down a little bit And let's just leave it Let's leave it like that and see what Happens if we change the text to White And then the Highlight collar will Change to maybe a blue so we could do That but let's make this a little bit Darker actually we'll just make the Background color if if all else fails And you can't figure out which color to Make the background just make it like a Black and do a little bit of a Transparent collar so the text shows up And it always looks good that way so We'll just leave it like that and then We can click on this and make sure we Click on apply to all and it's going to Apply that same style to the entire Video and then you can also save this Style so if you really like it and you Can use it on future videos so now that We have that done you do have even more Options up here so you have different

Ways of your text appearing so we could Do like all caps Or you could do all lower case or you Could do and this is the way that I'm Going to keep mine now that we have that Done we can start going in and editing The background scene so for this one It's saying are you looking for ways to Earn some extra cash online you're not Alone so what I'm going to do is come Over here to visuals And we're going to type in okay actually Here's a really good one I like 18 Seconds long and if we scroll down Through here you can see where it's got All these different uh video clips Already where it pulled words like way And cash from this text so you can see The words that we have highlighted here In this text and that's what it's using To search to automatically show us some Ideas that we can use for background Clips so if I click on this one it's Going to automatically replace it and This is what it looks like which in my Opinion is really good So then we can go to the next scene and On this scene here uh I don't like this Background one it says with so many People working remotely or looking for Ways there's plenty of opportunities to Make money online uh let's use this clip Okay that looks good or we can even use Somebody let's come up here and say uh

Working on computer From home and we could do something like This one And use that now we can come over to the Next scene in this video we'll be Discussing top five ways to earn money Online okay I like this one And then you can become a freelancer I Like that one And then it talks about that a little Bit and then in the next Scene It says Websites like easy to connect to uh Clients so that's not bad but I don't Want a cartoon image so instead I might Do something like Working with clients And we could have uh let's just do this One or actually I think I like this one Better we'll just do this one here And then we could go to the next scene And I really don't like this background It starts you start a YouTube channel so Maybe we could do something with make Videos And we could do This one Or show somebody recording Now over here on the right hand side We're going to click the arrow and go to The next scene It says YouTube's a popular platform So let's look for another maybe this one Here Just something that has to do with

Recording And then scene nine we could do selling Online and see what it comes up with Do this one That's fine and then sell products or Services on eBay so we could do Uh this guy is checking his computer and Phone looks happy that works And then if you enjoy creating and Selling maybe Etsy or Ebay okay here's Something where she's holding up a shirt That works perfect And then these platforms make it easier To reach a wider audience so we could do Something where it shows a lot of people For audience so let's do Let's just type in people and see what We get okay here we have all kinds of Stuff so let's just do this one and then We'll go on to scene 13. surveys Um let's just do work on computer We could do this one And then next companies are always Looking for feedback on their products So we'll do this one And Scene 15 Focus groups let's do group of People talking So this could be like a focus group Okay and then next we only have about Three left Affiliate marketing So let's do make money computer And we'll use this one

And then if you have a Blog you can earn Money promoting products and services Let's scroll on down here and see what Else we can find Let's type in sell online And we'll do this one here And then lastly when someone clicks your Affiliate link you'll earn a commission So we'll do uh make money again That's not really pulling up much so We'll do Make money online Maybe Not finding one I want for that either So let's type in cash computer There we go this one looks a lot better So let's just use this one Okay and then this our video now is done With all these background images now Lots of times it will put together these Scenes very well and you may only have To edit a couple of them but for this One I wanted to change a lot of them And then down here you can delete Individual scenes you can preview Individual scenes if you want to preview The whole video you come up here and Click on preview you can trim the video You can also add voiceovers to Individual scenes and then under Settings you have options and then you Can also add some background music and Audio and what I'm going to show you how To do next is just that so if we come Over here to the left hand side you can

See they have elements and this is Something new now where you can add Stickers you can add gifs and emojis to Your videos and these are going to be Really cool if you do like YouTube Shorts or things on Instagram things Like that that a lot of people tend to Add text to and images but what we're Going to do is come down to audio And right now we're on background music And you can see right here they have Over 15 000 tracks available and it Automatically applied one of them to our Video so what I'm going to do is hit This play button and we're going to hear How this one sounds That doesn't sound too bad and if you Want you can come down here and you can Search for different audio you can sort By mood you can sort by Purpose By genre Duration it's really nice how they have All these filters so you can find the Kind of music you want for your video so We're going to leave this it says it's Already been applied to our scene and so What we can do now is come over here to Voiceover and we can choose one of the Built-in voice overs they have here now Honestly I am not crazy about all the Choices they have for voice overs these Compared to what is available out there On the market now there's much better Ones with tools that you can use like Murph or play HT I have some videos for

Those I'll put the links for those below This video where you can go check them Out as well but when I do use the Voiceovers from Pick 3 the one I like The most is the female and the one Cleared to bottom says South African English so I'm just going to click on Her and it's going to apply that to the Entire video we're going to listen to it In just a minute but over here you can Also upload your own so if you have your Own voiceovers you can upload them here And it's going to sync it to the video Clips and if for some reason it's not Perfect you can actually adjust it and You can do the same with background Music if you have your own you can Upload that but we're going to go to Voiceover and we have this one applied To it and then if you go to audio Settings you can adjust the background Music volume and what I'm going to do is Turn this one to 20. we'll see how loud It is we may have to adjust that but What we can do is we come down to scene One here and just click on preview Hi there are you looking for ways to Earn some extra cash online You're not alone okay that's not bad at All in fact this is the way that I'll Probably keep the video but before I go Up here and finish the video over here On the left hand side I just want to Mention some of these other things they

Have such as the text where you can add Additional text anywhere you want to on The videos they also have styles so you Can create your own style templates here So you can use them over and over you Also have the option for Branding you Can have intros scenes and outros added To your videos you could have logos Added intro text added and if we jump Back up to story you can see everything That it broke down in your scene and you Can drag to reorder all of this you can Also change any of this you can link These together the scenes and if you do That it's going to use the same Background image for them or video clip That you use you can also change your Scene duration and you can do it apply It to all the scenes so maybe the scenes Aren't exactly as long as you want them To be you can change that here okay so First I got to go back and change this Because I turned the intro scene on and I don't want that one so we're going to Turn that off so what we're going to do Is come over here and click on generate And video and what that's going to do is Go ahead and create the video for us now This video it shows up here is 2 minutes And 27 seconds so it should probably Take maybe five to seven minutes for it To render so I'm going to pause this Video and then we're going to watch it And see what it looks like Okay so this

Video is done now what I'm going to do Is play about 30 40 seconds of it so you Guys can listen to it if you want to Listen and watch the whole thing I'll Put the link below this video where you Can come here and just watch it yourself Hi there are you looking for ways to Earn some extra cash online you're not Alone With so many people working remotely or Looking for ways to supplement their Income there are plenty of opportunities To make money online In this video we'll be discussing the Top five ways to earn money online Become a freelancer if you have a skill Or talent that can be done remotely such As writing design or programming Consider offering your services as a Freelancer websites like upload and Fiverr make it easy to connect with Clients looking for your services Start a YouTube channel YouTube is a popular platform for people To share their thoughts so I'm going to Go ahead and stop it right here you get The idea behind it it sounds great what I'll probably do though is go back and Reduce the background volume some Because it's kind of overwhelming and I Might even pick a different background Because that one's just like really kind Of in your face uh something maybe a Little more subtle but you can see here

Too you can come down and you can Download the text from your script but If you go to your projects let me just Go back and if I go back to this project You can see here where it gives you the Project file so you can open the project Back up and start editing again you also Have the link here where you can share This which is what I'm putting below the Video so it makes it really easy to Share with other people and then it Gives you your SRT vtt or your text Files of the transcript so you can even Use those and upload to Youtube or Whatever you're uploading your video to So this is an amazing video editing tool That I've been using almost on a daily Basis for creating videos especially for YouTube and uh now even YouTube shorts And so if you guys want to check it out That Link's below the video and there's Also a coupon code down there that'll Save you an extra 20 so that's it for This video If you guys enjoyed it please Subscribe to my YouTube channel and I Will see you on the next video have a Great day

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