Pop up Forms are Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody it's Sean Coming up with you from high level so I Am excited today to announce the release Of a feature that was in beta that is Right pop-up forms are live that's right So uh what you're seeing in front of me Is really uh simple so when you go into The form Creator right so if you you go Into sites on the left hand menu you go Into forums and then when you click Integrate form now well before it was Just like a link to the Forum or uh or The I think it was like the embed code Or something anyways uh uh now you have Of course the pop-up uh options as well So Um what you see before me is uh kind of All the options there and and you know I Think these options are amazing right so Not only do you get to choose like Sticky sidebar or polite slide in I love The polite that's so cool anyways pop up In line all that stuff right and there's Options for each of those but look on The right hand side the trigger type is Also really amazing right so it's like Show on scroll show after X seconds Always show right act up um activate on X number of visits are always activated Like you get all these and then the Deactivation options as well are just as Cool right like what I would not want to Show all this stuff so really great job Of the team awesome awesome job um just

To jump through here to show you kind of How this how this works this is like Think blank canvas here imagine the Websites in the back end uh or the Background so this is like that that Sort of middle thing and pop up and then You've got like this thing going on this Is like the left side there and this is Like minimize uh version in the bottom Left hand let me move my big head Version Um so anyways just you know this is not Something you haven't seen before but I'm so happy it's in the system now it's Live to everybody Um right now so just refresh if you Don't see it Um so on that note I hope all you're Having an amazing Tuesday and as always If you have any questions let us know Thanks

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