Popup Forms Live on Beta!

Happy Friday everybody Sean coming at You from high level that's right good Day everybody I am so excited so some Days this is like the most the coolest Part about about my job is I get up in The morning I look at the release notes Channel and I am stunned by the amazing Things I see and today is no exception So check this out so first where are we Right now I am in a sub account I'm Under forms and all of you are like yeah Been there done that buddy seen that a Million times yep I see you dragging out A form here not impressive Sean I don't Get it what is the big deal here so Check this out so you go bottom right The good old-fashioned yeah I've seen This before we're gonna integrate the Form but guess what Boom that's right ladies and gentlemen Pop-up forms are here so check this out So um first and foremost this is on beta So just note up with your eyeballs to The top left hand corner of my screen And notice it says beta dot go high Level.com doesn't say after I go high Level.com doesn't say app.tacos.com says Beta.ohyllable.com so when I post this And everyone's like I can't see it where Is it Where is it it's on beta so the way to Get there is you just go to beta.goal High level.com and you'll log in the Same way you would otherwise log in on

Any other day but you're gonna go to the Beta code base or you can check this out And you can start using it right away And guess what it works it's live on the Website that you integrated with but as Far as the editor goes it's going to be On beta okay great now get that out of The way let's check out this feature and Dive in so as you can see you've got Options here sticky sidebar boom polite Slide in I love it it's polite you know It's nice a pop-up you know the Traditional pop-up that we're looking For or inline so Um all of this is is here so you just Basically come in here and you choose You know what you want to do and you can See some of these options have very Specific so like a sticky sticky side Right left Sticky Side by right slide in Left slide in right right that kind of Thing then you let's say I'm going for Pop-up here check out the trigger types This is amazing this is Bunker balls as They like to say on uh podcast my son Listens to Um show on scroll percentage show after X seconds always show activate on this Is amazing right so like maybe you want To let's say you could do something like You know what I want to do I'm going to Say if they scroll 10 of the page I want It to pop but you know what I only want It to be on the third visit like that's

Phenomenal right that's awesome and then Deactivation options just as important As activation options right like hey Don't after it pops up twice don't Bother these people again or better yet Deactivate once they fill out the silly Form that's amazing right so on and on And on and on and on and then when You're ready to rock obviously you can Copy the form link code or you can copy The embed code you can even oh obviously This is the open link that all of us are Used to there's your form right just Like you would expect that kind of thing But all that to say Um this is an amazing amazing feature uh I'm just gonna shout out Mike cooch Because I'm pretty sure he asked me to Build this uh or get this build uh two Or three years ago so Mike we're finally Here buddy um it's our day so anyways I Hope all of you are having a fantastic Friday I I hope you love this feature as Much as I do and as usual with beta Here's how we roll you go on a beta you Try it out you give us feedback we make Sure we didn't miss anything and then Boom it goes live after that so on that Note I'm gonna send it back to all of You I hope you're having an awesome day And we will talk soon thanks

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