Premium Actions Now Live on All Plans Slack, Google Sheets, & Inbound Web Hooks!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean Community from high level from the San Francisco airport on my way back from The social media World Conference Um but I wanted to make sure that Between planes I got my announcements Out and today let's talk about uh Bringing out premium workflow actions so Premium workflow action somebody told me I should visit the help article uh to See uh to show off what these are so We've released these prior uh premium Workload actions you can think of as a Google Sheets integration a slack Integration and inbound web hook and a Custom outbound web hook action these Were previously only on the 497 plan and They are now actually out on all plans So let's look at the release notes real Quick so you can see some of the data Here but basically they're available in All the plans Sasa non-sas when non-sas Agencies enable them um they'll be we'll Debit from the agency wallet in the Opt-in confirmation we so when we do This or when you choose to do this There's a pop-up confirmation box that You have to enable each sub-account will Get 100 free executions Um the reason why these are called Premiums because they cost us actual Money on the back end and with the API Integrations that we did or the extra Server cost that we had to take on so

But they are now available on both the 287 and the 97 and if they're on the 297 I'm almost certain that we can uh that They're billable the same way as they Are as the uh LC email LC phone costs Are which is me which means you can pass The cost along to your customers uh at Essentially uh at essentially cost so no Markup but you're charging the customer Versus charging you so anyhow I hope all Of you are having an awesome start to Your Thursday uh and you have any Questions let us know otherwise Definitely roll over to help.go high Level and I know this help article got Updated so just search uh lce premium Triggers or LC premium actions or premax Or something and you will find this Article that has all the details on how To enable it but again slack integration Uh uh I'm sorry I'm still half asleep It's like integration Um uh inbound web hooks uh Google Sheets And custom outbound webbooks so anyways On that note I hope you're having an Awesome Thursday and we'll talk soon Thanks

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