Procreate vs. Photoshop: Battle of the Digital Painting Software

Foreign Versus Photoshop which one is the better Choice for digital illustration well in This video we'll discuss just that Adobe Photoshop versus procreate hi I'm Daisy Ein and I'm an illustrator designer and Developer I've been drawing and painting In Photoshop for well over a decade but I've also used procreate quite a bit too Over the years both have their Pros Their cons and a few places where maybe They tie Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Adobe Photoshop versus procreate Regardless of what side you prefer Consider checking out envato elements It's an amazing resource for Creative Professionals for example you can find a Library of awesome photoshop brushes There but you also get unlimited access To all of the procreate brushes too One low price gets you access to the Entire Library that's brushes fonts Templates everything check out the Description for more info also if you Love tutorials and design content please Consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel so you never miss out on our Uploads Now let's take a look at Adobe Photoshop Versus procreate So let's start with the procreate app What is it and why should you care well Procreate is a raster-based illustration

Tool it's been around since 2011 and It's a pretty robust tool I personally Love it for sketching and creating Thumbnails for all kinds of projects I Actually did a lot of concept art for Mobile development in procreate as well As assets for mobile game development I Can honestly say it is a joy to draw and Procreate even in my spare time So what devices can you use procreate on Procreate is exclusively for the Apple IPad and it's generally recommended to Do so with an apple pencil keep in mind However that not every iPad is created Equal so you're going to want to make Sure it's compatible some older models Or less powerful models might not be Able to use the apple pencil or a Comparable stylus So what are procreate features well Don't let the iPad exclusive aspect put You off procreate can really create Amazing professional quality work For example it has an in-depth system For layering brush creation and Customization and you can work at Resolutions appropriate for print too You can export a recording of your Process you can utilize photoshop Brushes and you can even export Animations procreate has a ton to offer Digital artists and one of my favorite Parts is just how easy it is to use Right out the box first time I used

Procreate I literally just chose a Graphite brush and had a great time Drawing I honestly can't say that about Photoshop So that said let's talk about Photoshop What is Adobe Photoshop and why as a Digital artist should you care Chances are even if you're not an artist Or designer you've heard of Photoshop Like the phrase oh that looks Photoshopped it's just synonymous with Being edited or retouched and Photoshop Is just that it's raster-based image Editing software so it's not exclusively A painting tool I've used Photoshop as Part of my process in web development Print Work surface graphics for Packaging image retouching I could Really go on and on Photoshop can do a lot of things digital Painting is just one of many and it is Very feature packed So what devices can you use Photoshop on Photoshop is available for both Mac and PC if you're using it for digital Illustration you're also going to need To invest in a graphics tablet most Likely you'll also need to consider your Computer's specs because Photoshop is Not necessarily what I would call a Lightweight program and it's even more Intense if you're working with a really Large file There's also a version of Photoshop for

IPad but I'm honestly not a fan it lacks Many of photoshop's features so it's Kind of a lacking version we'll talk About that a little more later So what are photoshop's features all About if it's pixel based raster work Photoshop can probably handle it you can Retouched photos there's filters plugins Actions you can create and manipulate Just about any rest or work you can Think of and Photoshop has some really Impressive AI when it comes to easily Selecting and manipulating raster work Like photographs but that's not to say It's not an illustration tool that's Actually how I started with Photoshop Many years ago I wanted to make digital Art the brushes have extensive Customization options and there's such a Wealth of Photoshop brush resources out There everything from real media brushes Like watercolor or oil paint to brushes For sequential artists like inking Brushes and comic tones and much much More I've built and customized my own Photoshop brush collection over many Years and I consider them an essential Part of my toolkit So that said let's break down the pros And cons of procreate versus Photoshop For the digital artist Procreate versus Photoshop pricing This tends to be one of the big talking

Points when comparing Adobe Photoshop Versus procreate and yes Photoshop has a Subscription you cannot buy Photoshop Outright and a lot of folks aren't too Keen on that procreate on the other hand Is a one-time purchase not only that but At the time of this video procreate's Price tag is 9.99 USD less than half of One month of Photoshop right now While I appreciate that photoshop has Ongoing development which of course Requires funding procreate does and has Received continued updates as well so if You're looking for a competitively Priced digital art tool procreate might Just be your winner Procreate versus Photoshop tools and Hardware That said the tools and Hardware Required to use these applications is Worth considering too if you have an IPad and an apple pencil already well Procreate is an easy investment if you Don't you're looking at a high-end iPad And an apple pencil before you can dig In but that's not to say Photoshop Doesn't require Hardware your computer Whether it's Mac or PC is going to need Significant strength and you'll likely Need a graphics tablet too to take Advantage of things like pressure Sensitivity I don't think there's a clear winner Here as this really depends on the kind

Of Hardware you have or prefer investing In Procreate versus Photoshop learning Curve in my experience teaching design Photoshop has often been an intimidating Program for new users there's just a lot Going on even as someone who has spent Years drawing with Photoshop I just Don't find the tools to be inherently Intuitive In my opinion procreate is different in That regard literally my first time Testing out the software I sat down Relaxed and just drew something Wonderful I didn't find myself Preoccupied with how to do it because it Was just that straightforward In comparison I would not call Photoshop Inherently straightforward to a brand New user that's not to say learning Photoshop isn't worth the time Investment because it really is a very Powerful tool but it's something to Consider so in terms of learning curve I Personally think it's easier to jump Right into procreate Procreate versus Photoshop overall Features I think it's worthwhile to really sit Down and consider what features are most Important to you as a digital artist If drawing illustration digital painting Are your sole focus and you want nothing Else then procreate really does a great

Job at that it can arguably do some Other things too like you could do some Image editing and stuff like that but I Generally consider it to be a solid Illustration tool Photoshop on the other Hand is a great investment if you're Looking for an overall raster image Editing experience I turned to photoshop At some point for almost every raster Based project I work on and PSD files Are extremely common in my workflow so Consider your professional goals are you Going to need these features Procreate versus photoshop brushes This is a hard one because both Procreate and Photoshop have some pretty Awesome brush capabilities you can Create and customize such a wide variety Of brushes in both programs they both Have pressure sensitivity as well as Opacity or flow that you can manipulate To customize your brush Strokes I do honestly prefer procreate when it Comes to hand lettering because some of The stabilization tools are just really Great at the same time some of my All-time favorite brushes for painting Are photoshop brushes I would personally call this a tie I Think both are more than capable and if You're looking to give brushes a try Remember to check out that library of Brushes on envato elements there's some Really fun brushes over there so check

Out the description and take a look for Yourself Procreate versus Photoshop file formats So file formats this is essentially how You can save and Export your work Procreate supports a large number of File formats including dot procreate PSD Jpg PNG and several others Photoshop Supports over 28 image formats not Including the additional 3D related or Video related formats it supports Including most of the ones from Procreate that's pretty substantial but Keep in mind that this all depends on The format you actually need in your Workflow Photoshop's native file is a PSD file Which is also compatible with procreate This is interesting because it means you Can potentially jump between Photoshop And procreate rather than choosing one Or the other Procreate versus Photoshop iPad finally Let's talk about the iPad if you're Really here to work on the iPad and you Enjoy the apple pencil you enjoy the Mobility I'd highly recommend procreate Photoshop or iPad in my opinion is just Kind of Photoshop light it doesn't pack All the photoshop's features in it so it Just feels like why at this point maybe That'll change in the future but at this Point I consider procreate to be the Much stronger iPad drawing experience

So procreate here's a list of pros and Cons for your consideration Pros the cost of procreate is very Competitive it's a low one-time cost Procreate is amazing for illustration on The go you have the convenience of an IPad with a pretty powerful illustration Experience Procreate imports and exports most of The popular image raster formats this Means a procreate generally plays nice With most graphic design situations Procreate can open and save as Photoshop PSD files this is a huge selling point For me because it means I can use Procreate in my existing workflow if I Want to And some potential cons procreate is Largely an illustrative tool which isn't Bad but I'm not going to go to procreate For some of the image editing I do in Some of my other design work If you're looking for extra raster image Editing features procreate might not be That photoshop replacement you're Looking for Procreate is exclusively on the iPad if You have a compatible iPad that's great But if you don't that's a barrier to Consider And then looking at Photoshop here's a List of pros and cons for your Consideration too Photoshop is packed with features if you

Need to work with pixel based raster Imagery Photoshop can probably handle The job There are mountains of Photoshop Resources out there on the internet Whether you're looking for brushes Actions or templates there's just so Much to choose from Photoshop is often considered one of the Most well-known industry standards when It comes to digital art and design it Can be a valuable overall addition to Your skill set I can't really tell you How many times I've used photoshop on The job There are some wonderful photoshop Brushes out there and they can mimic Almost any texture or media And some potential cons The price tag a lot of folks do not like The subscription model and if your Subscription lapses you lose access to Photoshop it does add up and it's a Factor to consider Photoshop has a lot of features and a Lot of them might not apply to your work If you're purely looking for an Illustration tool you might just not Need all those extras and for newcomers They can be kind of overwhelming too So which gets your vote procreate or Photoshop personally I like them both Maybe that's very middle of the road of Me but I find that using them both is a

Really pleasant experience and I like to Take advantage of the best of both Worlds Let us know what you think and if you Enjoyed this video please consider Giving it a like And subscribe to our YouTube channel you can also click the Notification Bell so you never miss an Update I'm Daisy Ein thanks so much for Watching and I hope you create something Awesome today happy designing [Music]

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