Prospecting Report Mobile View + Small Bug Fixes Live!

Not coming at you from high levels so we Got some more updates let's dive in all Right so first up public API uh bug fix In the public API whenever someone Edited a custom value name it used to Update the custom value key as well That's not good but that's been fixed so Don't worry and it's only in the API so Don't sweat it um great job for the team Getting that knocked out I love it uh Other uh reactivated sub account bug fix So some accounts can retry payments for Old strike prices which are not in the SAS plan now but are active in stripe Whereas before they could not so those Are cool uh bug fixes there on the SAS Side and then check this enhancement out That's right ladies and gentlemen Marketing Auto report the uh uh the uh Uh mobile view is now whoops uh is now Live and fixed and working and it looks Amazing so for those of you didn't know This we have a prospecting report so go Into right now choose Prospect or Tech prospecting report There's a whole dock on how it works and How to use it to get more customers it's Pretty awesome if you ask me Um and you can see right here basically What happened before is there was no Mobile view there is a mobile view now It's beautiful full they've done a Fantastic job with this very very proud Of them for getting this done and then

On the online listing side they've added A um additional what is it 24 additional Platforms that they're checking uh for The listings um now the whole goal here Is the the whole point of high level as Much as we love to create features as You're all aware now with all the Amazing features we pump out we really Care about making you money and the Prospecting tool is a great way to do This we've built the prospecting tool in A way that we feel like is uh tilted Towards getting sassled because if you Haven't heard me say this already SAS is Crushing it for people and the people Who have moved to SAS businesses are Have a lot more scalable businesses a Lot better sticky recurring Revenue Um and they're just doing a lot better Overall whether they're selling it on The front end selling on the back end All the front end tends to be better Because is uh is a lower uh price point All that stuff so anyways Um you can read all about that in the Help docs I think they've done a great Job here Um on that note I will see it in the Next video thanks

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