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Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I gave Rob Bailey's group the scoop on this a Couple days back and I wanted to bring It out to everybody because I'm pretty Excited about it Um so okay really big problem that we Have always wanted to solve for is Something to help with prospecting for Your clients right um so obvious issue Is you want to get more customers that's Amazing but how do you do that and what Can you how can we help you do a better Job right so we actually have a lot of People who are in our group who do Things like help you get lead list and That sort of thing and I think they do An amazing job but then let's just say You have a particular business in mind That you're ready to go Prospect at and You want to like you know break the door Down Um you know create create that opening Offer that kind of thing we have awesome Coaches that'll help you do that but What about some things intangible that You can kind of give them or use so That's what this is all about so let's Take a look at kind of what we're Working on and the idea is very simple Here this is going to drop this uh this Quarter so first of all we're going to Introduce a new construct where it's Like adding a prospect and a prospect is

Just a business it's something you want To sell to or you're in the process Around link to and you haven't yet sold To so if you take a look at the screen Here that's the idea that's what you're Going to get again this will be the Agency section so that's cool so you go In and you know obviously you can search The business down um that way and uh you Know that kind of thing and then once You pick a business you know obviously You also do first uh manual manual entry Ride that kind of thing so that's great That's awesome that's wonderful and then Um what do we got oh yeah Prospect Overview so you can do obviously the Contact information you could you could Do activities around it maybe you want To do notes and tasks you can see History Um that kind of thing blah blah blah but The coolest part of this is this right Here marketing Auto report for your Prospect has been generated view report So this is literally a marketing audit Report that we are uh working on and Like I said uh we'll go live this Quarter and it is literally this it is The uh it goes through and it does a Health score now Um you know some of this may change in All of that but it's very much tilted Towards um helping you um with the SAS Sale so doing things like looking for

Text enabled numbers missed call text Back being on uh review requests all That stuff GMB messaging the listings Reviews blah blah blah blah online Reputation Etc etc etc website performance so don't Get too tripped up on every detail here Because this may change a little bit Here or there but the rough idea is that You're getting this really great report That's physical you can hand it to that Person you can email it to that person Um it just helps you back up that sale So anyways you can see right here um Export to PDF all that good stuff and Then yeah there's like just stand alone Right um kind of thing and then you now You have this really nice report that You can send to clients um and use this As a way to go in and actually make that Sale happen Um so I'm really excited about this Because you know we want to find a way To make uh it easier for everybody uh to Prospect as much as humanly possible and I think this is a really good step in That direction Um as always Um love to get feedback uh from folks This is actually um underway right now I Think we're gonna launch this in two Sections the prospecting section we'll Go live without the report first and Then the report is being worked on

Simultaneously by another developer I Mean it could be that they sort of come Out at the same time but unlike likely I Think we'll go Prospect first marketing Uh report second but anyways all of that To say um I hope all of you are having An awesome Tuesday Um and as always if you have any Questions let us know and we'll talk Soon thanks

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