Prospecting Tool Updates!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so we've Got a prospecting tool update today so For those of you didn't know this we Have a full prospecting Tool uh in the App so in your agency settings left hand Man you can see it right there I can't Miss it says prospecting you can go and Actually create prospecting reports for Your clients but we've made some awesome Updates to it so first let's go through Convert Prospect to sub account Functionality the prospects one can now Be converted to sub accounts directly so What happens is sorry let's go back to The screenshot Um you actually click that little button Right there It pops us up ask you some questions Additional info and then bam Congratulations it's been it's been uh Converted so that's awesome just makes It super easy when you make the sale Convert that person bam into an account Awesome cool check two SMS capable phone Numbers the prospects will now be Analyzed to see if an SMS capable phone Number is is there and if not Um or either way it'll be indicated on The our audit report so you can see Right here text text enabled business Number we detected the listing phone Number is not text enabled so as a Result what's great about that is it

Helps you when you go to actually make The sale you can say hey uh Chandra law Firm in Cleveland Ohio I noticed that You um your customers can't actually Message with you or text with you um That's did you know that nine out of ten People want to use message interact with Businesses it's critical you got to do It Um time to buy my uh White Label so that Is also in there and then um heads up We'll also be showing if the GMB the GB I think they meant GMB or no maybe this GBP I don't know oh yeah there right Actually Google business profile used to Be G and Beyond the person who's out of Date there see if it's claimed and also To see if the website is WordPress yes Or no again trying to help make that Sale so you'll see that uh in in the Upcoming releases for this product uh in Probably next couple weeks so anyways on That note hope you're having an awesome Wednesday I will see you in the next Video

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