Quick Funnel Fix Live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so why am i Showing a Facebook post um so I just Wanted to give a quick shout out to uh The whole funnels team so David came out Here you see 22 hours ago um he found an Issue where you can see kind of how at The very beginning of the orange section There you can't see what the text is Um and uh and I guess to the right there As well um and so the team jumped in and Actually fixed this overnight Um so I just wanted to give a huge shout Out Um uh to the team because they just Rocked this uh for not just David but For everybody Um and so huge props to that it it just Shows that our team is very much uh on The case and cares a lot about all of You and I just love to highlight that Because I was super impressed this Morning when I woke up and it just Magically got fixed so huge shout out to Anish and this whole team Um thank you very much great leadership Everybody and I hope all of you are Having an awesome Friday bye

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