Quick Win #10: Social Link Pages

This next quick and easy win is Extremely powerful because it enables us To turn our social media profiles into Lead generating machines as you probably Know most social profiles only give you One link most companies use it to link To their home page which most of the Time isn't very optimized for a mobile Experience but then companies like Linktree and Lincoln bio came along to Solve this problem by enabling you to Build very mobile optimized Pages that's Basically just a couple of buttons the Great news is we can build these Pages Very quickly very easily in high level And we can turn them into templates that We roll out for all of our clients so Let's go learn how to set it up so to Build a link tree like page in high Level we just need to navigate to sites The websites Tab and then click new Website Let's go ahead and click into the Template Library And here we can just start typing link And we'll get a couple of templates that We could start from I'm going to grab This Jan's Cafe template let's go ahead And click continue to load it up agree Get this template and then once it loads Into your account go ahead and click Into it then we'll click edit to open up The page editor and here we have our Template to start with I'm not going to

Completely rework this in this tutorial But obviously you'd want to click into The elements change the image to your Client's logo or your agency's logo Click the row where you could then go Change the background image if we open This up I will point out that you can go Ahead and search unsplash and pixel Bay For free so let's say we work with Dentists we can come in here and search Dentist and we could grab any of these Images that we could just double click And that would load right in for our Background we then obviously changed the Name to Dr Bob's or whatever the name of This business would be edit the text but Most importantly here is where we would Want to work in our call to action so I'm just going to clone this button and Then looks like we need to give it a Little margin on the bottom that looks Like it's probably 20 pixels I think I Got it right we'll change the text and This would be again we want to match our Call to action from when we learn how to Build forms and so I'm just going to put Claim offer for now And we remember from that other lesson That we can scroll down and set it to Open the pop-up and then again we open The pop-up we're going to add a single Column row and then we're going to add a Form and again we're going to search for Our claim offer form

We're going to close that and once we've Finished editing everything else we can Go ahead and just hit save if we go Ahead and preview that we can see we've Got an awesome mobile optimized page That we can now use for the profiles of Our social media accounts complete with A call to action that's going to go Ahead and open up our call to action Form so we can generate leads right off Our social profiles one quick tip to Preview how this page actually looks on A phone an easy way to do that if you're Using the Chrome browser is to just Click this little icon here and choose Create QR code and then you can just Point your phone's camera at this and It'll open up that page on your phone so You can check out how it looks on mobile Once you've got your page set up you Just need to send it live on a subdomain And you can learn how to do that via the Tutorial Link in the details section of This lesson so congratulations now you Know how to build Lincoln bio or Linktree style pages so start generating Leads off all of your Social profiles And your client social profiles as well Foreign

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