Quick Win #4: Facebook & Instagram

The next quick and easy win leverages The power of consolidation it's Extremely difficult for businesses to Manage leads and conversations across All these social networks today but we Can alleviate this pain with high level By connecting our Facebook and Instagram Accounts to high level and once that Connection is made we will automatically Start pulling in the Facebook messages And the Instagram DMS right into the Same conversation stream that we've been Working with all along it's quick and Easy to get them connected so let's Learn how to connect Facebook and Instagram to high level you just want to Be in a browser where you're already Signed into the Facebook account that Has access to the Facebook page and then In high level we're going to go down to The sub-account settings we're going to Click on the Integrations Tab and then Here we're going to hit the connect Button below the Facebook and Instagram Icons that's going to launch a modal Where you'll just continue as yourself And then here when you see this modal You want to select all of the accounts That you have access to in Facebook then Go ahead and hit next and again select All of the accounts that you have access To and hit next again You want to leave all these permissions On hit done you'll get a confirmation to

Just hit OK Then you should be redirected back into High level where you can select the Facebook page that you want to link to This sub account sometimes it gets hung Up here in that redirect so if that Happens you should be able to just close Out of this modal and you'll see that The Facebook account has actually Already been connected now we just need To hit the select a Facebook page button And now we just select the Facebook Account that we want to connect to this Sub account when we do that if the Account is already connected to Instagram we can then connect them both In one shot once the connection is made You'll see the Facebook and the Instagram icons light up indicating that They're both now connected to this sub Account and with that congratulations we Just Consolidated our Facebook messages And Instagram DMS into the same Conversation stream where we're already Getting SMS messages you can test this Out by just heading to your Facebook Page or to your Instagram account Sending the account a DM and then Popping back over to the conversations Tab where you will see those messages Flow right into the conversation Foreign

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