Quick Win #5: Google Business Chat

Our next easy win leverages the power of Google specifically Google Business Profiles you know when you search for a Business or a service and the first Thing that you see in the results is That pack of businesses that's Google Business profile in fact that pack of Business profiles holds the number one Spot in 94 of searches on Google and the Average small business receives over a Thousand visits every month through Their Google business profile what's Crazy though is that most businesses Still aren't aware that you can actually Activate through your Google business Profile Google messaging which puts a New message icon in your profile listing On mobile searches and in Google Maps We've already talked about the power of Messaging we don't want to get on the Phone we want to chat and when you Activate Google business chat you can do Just that right from the search result Or from Google Maps the problem is most Businesses don't know how to turn it on And they don't know how to reply well Guess what as soon as you connect a Google business profile to high level we Automatically turn on Google mess Messaging and we start to pull those Chats straight into the conversation Stream in high level along with your Emails your text messages and everything Else that we've covered so far just

Think of the amount of free leads you're Now going to capture for your own agency And for your clients as well let's learn How to get it connected alright so Connecting a Google business account Which will activate Google Chat is Really easy you just need to be signed Into high level in the same browser Where you're signed into a Google Account that has access to the Google Business profile and then we head down To settings at the bottom of the left Hand column we're going to click Integrations and then we're going to Click the sign in with Google button Under the Google icon here That's going to open up a modal from Google go ahead and select your Google Account Then it's going to ask you to give Permissions to the lead connector app Again lead connector is the gray label Of high level so you just want to hit Allow here we're going to get a page That asks us to choose the Google Business profile that we want to connect To the sub account and then we have a Checkbox here for the missed call text Back on our Google business profile so If we leave this connected it's going to Move your business's number to the Second phone field insert the new high Level number and now anytime somebody Calls your Google business profile and

The call doesn't connect that missed Call text back that we learned about in The last lesson we'll go ahead and do Its thing so select your page here leave That checked and go ahead and hit Connect all right once the connection is Made it'll redirect us back to the Integrations page here we can see that We can actually connect more Google Accounts like analytics and ads here but On the Google my business section which Is actually called Google business Profile now we can see that we're Connected we can see that messages have Been activated now this often takes 24 To 48 hours to get activated on Google Side so you might not see the messaging Button right away you'll just want to Give it a day or two and then you should See that icon appear and you can test it Out by going to your Maps listing Searching for your business on mobile Sending a message and you'll see it flow Right into the high level conversation Stream your agency is going to generate A ton of New Leads off your Google Business profile and your clients will As well [Music]

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