Quick Win #6: Reputation Management

Our next quick and easy win is all about Reviews it's no secret that positive Online reviews drive more sales in fact 94 of consumers say they're more likely To buy from a business that has positive Reviews but did you know that 84 of Consumers say they're more likely to Choose a business that replies to their Reviews as well that's right so it's Absolutely critical that we're Generating more reviews from our Customers and that we're replying to all Of them the challenges most businesses Don't know how to do either one of those Things but the good news is high level Solves this problem for your agency and For your clients as well and guess what It's already set up when we connected The Facebook account and when we Connected the Google business profile we Automatically started pulling all the New reviews from Facebook and Google Right into the conversation stream so Let's hop in and learn more alright so Here we are in the conversation stream And again we can see a healthy mix of Google chats emails SMS messages and Then look here is a review from Google We can see the star rating we can see The review we can reply to the review Right here and look at this we can even Dispute it this is a pretty powerful Feature because most businesses get very Upset of course when they get a bad

Review and oftentimes those reviews Aren't relevant or a Spam and Google Will actually take them down if you make The request we've made it super easy for You and your clients to make those Requests by just clicking this link and It'll take you straight to the Forum to Request that they take the review down Additionally let's hop over to the Reputation Tab and here we can see a Dashboard outlining all sorts of stuff About our online reputation how many Reviews we've received the average Rating the average sentiment the trends The reviews themselves and more if we Click to the reviews tab we can see a List of all the reviews and we can Filter them by Google or Facebook their Ratings and even the date range so now We know how to read and respond to Reviews but how do we get more of them Well high level makes that easy with Review requests templates let's go ahead And click on this Cog icon So the first thing we need is your Review link if it hasn't been Automatically generated you can head Over to the Google Places ID finder tool And just search your business name so if I throw an agency in here and I click it It's going to give me the places ID and I just need to copy that bring it back To our tool here hit generate link now This is going to give us a link that if

We open this up is going to take us Straight into the modal where we could Leave a review for this business now That we have the request to review link We can go down here and edit our Templates we can add a logo the message Hey your feedback means the world to us Would you mind taking a second to leave Us a review on Google whatever you want It to be you can make the template for Both SMS and email and then once you Have your templates ready you can use The quick action here to send a review Request to a contact in seconds so you Can search people by their name you can Search them by their email or phone if You can click the phone number it'll Send the SMS request if you click the Email it'll send the email request and Then back in the reputation tab we can Go to the request Tab and see all the Requests that have been sent and in the Overview dashboard we can see how many Invitations have been sent in a certain Time frame note that in the mobile app It's just as easy you can hit the quick Action and send a quick review request With just a couple of TAPS so Congratulations now you how to generate More reviews read and reply to reviews Right from the same conversation stream Where all the other action is happening And as you get more advanced with high Level you'll actually learn how to

Automate these review requests so you Can put your entire reputation Management program on autopilot Foreign

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