Quick Win #8: The HighLevel Webchat Widget

This next quick and easy win will turn Your website and your clients websites Into lead generating machines the High-level web chat widget enables us to Put a chat widget at the bottom corner Of all of our websites that serves as a Gateway into an SMS conversation this is Not the old school live chat where you Open it up and you send your message and It replies with we typically respond in Six hours let's be real nobody's gonna Sit around and wait for that reply but The high-level web chat widget is just a Gateway into an SMS meaning when they Fill out the form it comes into the System as a text and when we reply it Goes back to the leads phone as a text Message so we untether our prospects and Our customers from our website they're Free to go about their day but we Maintain the conversation you will be Amazed at how many leads and Conversations the web chat widget Generates once you get it set up so Let's go learn how to install it alright So the high level web chat widget can be Installed on any website in this Tutorial we're going to learn about Three different ways the first being how To set up on a high level website then We'll talk about how to set it up on WordPress websites and the third is the Script you could use to set it up on any Type of site so let's imagine you're

Just getting started with your agency You don't have a website yet we're going To go left hand column down to sites and Then we're going to click on the Websites Tab and let's click new website We're going to click into the template Library and launch an agency website Template So at the top right let's just search Agency here we get a bunch of awesome Options I'm just going to select the Second one Hit continue agree and then hit get this Template once that templated website Loads into the account go ahead and Click it and we're not actually going to Do any work on this website we're just Going to preview it so on the home page Let's click the preview button and here We can see what this template looks like But notice there's nothing in the bottom Corner here so let's go back and let's Click into the settings of this website And notice how we have a toggle down Here for the chat widget all we have to Do is enable that toggle hit save and Then we can come back to our template Hit refresh And notice how it loads up with the chat Widget here if we clicked that and Entered a name a phone number and a Message this would come into the system As a text and when we reply it would go Back to this leads phone as a text

Message so it's that easy to set up the Chat widget on a high level website so Now let's talk about WordPress maybe Your site or your client sites our built In WordPress if we're in the back end All we need to do is go to plugins add New Search for the plugin called lead Connector Then go ahead and hit install now Once it installs hit activate And then once it loads just click the Lead connector item in the menu And then here it's going to ask you for Your API key so you just need to head Into the sub account and then click Settings And here on the business profile page You'll see an API key section here and You can just click the clipboard to copy The API key and then bring it back and Paste it here into the settings field Then hit save it'll save the key give You the green check mark and you're good To go so now all we have to do is come Over here and click enable chat widget Hit Pull and Save and then if we go to The site hit refresh we'll see the chat Widget at the bottom and again if we Were to fill this out And hit send we would see the Conversation pop up in the conversations Tab there it is and then if we reply It's going to go back to my phone as a

Text message okay so let's talk about The third option if you're not using a High level website or you're not using a WordPress website we can get the script For the chat widget and put it on Virtually any site and we do that by Going to sites and in the sites area we Click on chat widget at the top and Here's where we get all the settings for The widget so we can come in here and Configure the messaging the default Messaging what it says when you open the Widget colors all that kind of stuff and We can even look brand it yourself so Again you can put your own powered by Link here in the bottom that links back To your white label of high level and Then we get some more settings down here But once you have it configured just Scroll to the bottom and hit get code And here's the actual script that you Just need to paste into the body of Whatever site you want to put this on Notice there's actually two convenient Options here you can get the default Option or you can get the option that Works with Google tag manager if you're Using tag manager for all your sites and Your client sites so congratulations now You know how to install the chat widget On your agency site all of your client Sites and once again you will be amazed At how many people initiate Conversations through the chat widget

Because remember chat is the most Preferred method of communication Foreign

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