Quick Win #9: Call To Action Forms

We as marketers know that every website Should have a call to action form where Somebody can enter in their details to Claim some sort of offer the problem is Most websites don't and therein lies the Opportunity with high-level forms we can Add a call to action form to any website It's quick it's easy and it generates a Ton of free leads so let's go learn how To set it up okay so first let's learn How to create a forum then we'll learn How to add it to a high level website And then we'll learn how to add it to Any other type of website so to create a Form we just need to go to sites and Then we'll go to forms and we will click Into Builder here we can click create a New form And the first thing I like to do is give It a name before I forget so let's name This claim offer Then we'll click back to fields and Let's drag in a field for the full name Email Phone and then let's scroll down and Drag in a button once we have our button Field let's click it and give that a Better name so we'll give it a call to Action of claim offer and you can see we Have a bunch of style options for the Button but I just like to make them full Width and we'll click out of this and Then let's add some text above where we Can put our call to action so if we

Click that text field we can change the Text over here and I'll just put some Generic text like claim our awesome Offer if we click out of it we can then Control the style so we could change the Font we don't need it to be that big we Can change the weight the color and even The font family so I'm going to go a Little bit bigger let's make this 30 and I'm going to Center that there and let's Click out of that field and go ahead and Just save this form alright so now let's Learn how to put this on a high level Website so let's go up to the websites Tab and then let's click into that Agency template website we loaded when We learned how to set up the web chat Widget now then we'll click the edit Button on the home page and click edit Page and every high level page has a Pop-up that you can use built right into The page so to edit that let's go to the Top and click pop-up and here we can Build out whatever we want to be in the Pop-up so let's go ahead and click add Row We'll add one column and then add an Element and we're going to choose form And here we'll get a modal asking us Which form so go ahead and type in claim Offer to find that form that we just Created and boom there we go we've got Our call to action form in our pop-up And now we'll learn how to launch it but Check out one cool option with pop-ups

If you click the open pop-up settings And then scroll down the very last Option is a toggle to show the pop-up on Exit this means that we can launch this Pop-up when someone tries to leave the Page it's a great way to get the call to Action form in front of someone even if They don't click a button so now let's Learn how to launch the form from Buttons so we'll go ahead and close our Pop-up we'll select our button I'm just Going to change the text to match our Offer claim offer and then right here we Get the button action so we can see by Default it's set to open the pop-up so If we hit save and then preview it'll Open this page in a new tab and if we Click our claim offer button boom there Is our call to action form we're now set Up to generate leads right off this page So now let's learn how to launch this Form on a non-high-level page let's Navigate back to our website area and Let's go back to forms Builder Let's search for our claim offer form And let's go ahead and click into that And now at the bottom right let's click This integrate form button so we can Embed this form on any website and we've Got options to have it stick to the left To slide in to pop up or to just be an Inline form on a page select the option You'd like you'll get a few more options But once you've got it configured to

Your liking you just click this button To copy the code and then you'd paste That code into the code of the other Website and with that congratulations You now know how to build and launch High level forms to capture leads on any Website Foreign

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