Recents Tab is Back + UTM params now work on embedded forms surveys again!

Hey everybody happy Thursday Sean coming At you from high level so two uh small And yet important changes or updates to Talk about today so first up Um let's roll up here actually so right Here we have brought back the recents Tab and the archive option in the Conversations page based on feedback we Received from users so this is a really Good example of where we redesigned a Lot of the conversations page added a Bunch of cool stuff filters Etc made it Really awesome but in our redesign we Took away something that people were Like whoa wait a second we want that Back don't take that away so if you look At this real quick uh let's let's look At what we're talking about so see up Here at the top where it says recents That is now there and then also notice Uh right here kind of in this well Whatever over here Um the archive button and so basically The way this works is the recents tab Just allows you to literally see what It's at it's recents it's like stuff That's just recently happened whether It's excuse me unread or red it's just Basically nicely stacked right there so That actually has been brought back and You can kind of read a full of details On it quite on honestly it's no more Than that it was an awesome feature to Begin with it should have gone away and

Now it's back so simple right so that's Up that's that now moving on to this one UTM attribution support for form and Survey in bed so now this is really Important for those of you who are Passing UTM parameters into a page where There's a hosted form or hosted survey So what's new so now form and Survey Embeds will start capturing the UTM Attribution from the parent site so this Is like the idea that my form is an Iframe sitting inside my parent website And my parent website you know the URL Has UTM parameters so if you don't know What those are just Google UTM prams You'll you'll figure it out but point is That information will transfer into the Iframe so that when the form is Submitted the survey is submitted Etc What is going to happen is we're going To get uh we're going to get that UTM Information and capture it as part of The lead so that is really good for Attribution and so forth let's kind of Look at actually it's a great example on The screenshot you can see at the top Utm's underscore sources Facebook and Then what's happening is this um you can You can sort of see down here the iframe Is actually having that value appended To it automatically and this basically Gets around it used to be that an iframe Is a little technical but an iframe used To be able to basically look up at its

Parent its container that it was within And sort of get all the data it wanted But that became sort of a security issue Right because what if you know you Embedded some widget and you didn't want It to read everything that got to the Page you just wanted it to be off on its Own all of that uh was there but now Um of course this uh you know so when They rolled out some browser updates Anyways they this is a while back they Stopped this anyways but this update Makes it so this in specifically in this Case our script will actually append That data and then this is actually what You're supposed to do in the new model Anyways which is like explicitly pass it Through so anyways that's a little more Than you probably wanted to know but I Like to get background if I can um so it Just basically means you 10 frames now Pass through those iframes so on that Note I hope all of you having an awesome Thursday and we will talk soon thanks

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