Recurring Calendar Appointments Live in Labs!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so today I have a Really awesome exciting announcement so Uh before we get started one thing I Wanted to uh let you know is it's in Labs and we always do this in order to Give people a chance to preview the Feature and see it and all that good Stuff before they dive in so quick quick Uh reminder there Um in a sub account we're going to go Over to settings and then inside the Settings there's a lab section and then We're going to scroll down now obviously Check out all the other things in the Lab section in case you may miss them Maybe scroll down here and look at this Recurring appointments on the calendar Yeah yeah so this is amazing for those Who've been waiting congratulations Today's your day Um there's a lot of detail in here that You can look at there's also a link to The help docs as well that are in Click Up that are kind of like our Labs Health Docs uh that'll give you sort of a good Way to get started but the idea here is Really simple if you want to have Appointments that recur you can now do That in the calendar so let's take a Look at how this all works so if we go Over the help doc real quick and then Let me see here so we go to settings I'll actually go settings I think and

Then we go over to calendars and if you Look at the dock which is the same dock That I linked to before you can see here How do we set this up so first select a Calendar type so we're going to go in Here hit create calendar and now we're Going to do a round robin booking right And you can see that and then you could Say uh you could select your calendar Group so this is the group so you're Like oh wait hold on wait a second what Are groups right so groups are um uh any Of the groups over here obviously groups Can have one one person in them zero People in them all that stuff Um very very simple and then once you do That what you're going to see down at The bottom here let's click on this You're going to see recurring Appointments now when you turn that on Uh on once you get that toggled right You're gonna see these options so when You want this about these events this Event to recur do you want it to be Daily Etc if slots are not available what do You want to do appointment status for Overlapping slots what do you want to do Is there's a lot of detail here to kind Of walk through right and uh so you can See like what is the if slots are not Available setting right this basically Means if there's another appointment or Event already booked in the attended

Slot then the user has the following Options either double book it right skip It that means it'll skip only that one Right uh that are available and ignore The rest so that like if you have a Dentist appointment right we we you Could choose to like say oh you know What skip that and move on or book the Next available that simply means that to Book the recurrence irrespective of how Far out in the future the calendar needs To scout for available slots uh and says It only checks three ahead so anyways You can sort of read through all that And then of course the other thing and I'm gonna hear that goes along with this Of course is a workflow trigger right Because remember uh there's two types of Events now there's the normal AKA One-time event and then there's also the Recurring event so inside the workflows Now you have the capacity to go in and Actually trigger off of the uh recurring Events specifically so you know we can See this here we added a new filter type And the appointment trigger so you can Control triggers that can fire for types Of appointments so the idea is you know You may not want to have it triggered For uh uh you know you wanted to trigger For recurring appointment specifically Now you can do that so go through here And read through this and this is why we Put it in lab give you a chance to kind

Of experiment with it I highly recommend Doing this for yourself first and Foremost before you do it and again take Time read the docs we put them together To really try to help you uh kind of Understand this now all of this is very Much modeled after other systems that do This and so you're not going to be sort Of seeing anything here that should take You by surprise if you've done this Before but if you haven't done it before Really good opportunities so anyways uh And then also Excuse me and we're deprecating this is Really important we're deprecating the Customer booked appointment trigger uh Launching on Monday Um we're just gonna have the appointment Status trigger so you can see that here And a couple of notes so can I bulk Update appointments users should be Careful in selecting a recurring option In the meeting if the meeting location Is zoom or Google meet all the recurring Appointments will have different meeting URLs which makes sense if you're Dynamically creating URLs you want to Have them different for each meeting Right so they should be dynamic for each Meeting so that kind of makes sense Um let's see here recurring appointments Gonna Leave the book for standard slots For custom slots users will not be able To book recurring appointments from the

Opportunities page so that's really Useful and interesting to know so so a Lot of that stuff so anyways take a look It's in Labs recurring appointments live Now this is a huge feature I'm sorry I've been going on for so long but I Think it's just super important uh to Actually get this out I know this is a Big thing that people wanted now we do Have some other big calendar updates Right around the corner so do stay tuned But I hope you're having an awesome Friday and as always if you have any Questions let us know thanks

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