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Green screen removal or chroma keying is A long news technique in the world of Compositing and it allows you to quickly And easily remove the background of a Piece of footage while leaving the Subject intact in the past the tools That were available to achieve a clean Key were a little bit tricky to use but Lucky for us we are living in the future And it's easier than ever to get rid of Those pesky green screens I'm Tom Graham For envato tuts plus and this is a touch Plus quick tip on how to use the chroma Key Tools in After Effects first up We're going to need two things we're Going to grab some footage that has been Shot with a green screen and then we're Also going to find some suitable footage To composite in as the background and We're going to grab those assets from Envato elements now environments is a Super easy to use subscription service That gives you access to millions of Creative assets that you can download And use in your project right away just Like we're about to do to learn more About Enviro elements all you need to do Is click that little Link in the Description down below but right now It's time to open up after effects let's Jump in alrighty here we are in After Effects and you can see I've got already My two layers lined up here I've got our Green screen footage in this little TV

Vintage section here playing over the Top and then underneath I've got this Like video game retro video game kind of Start title thing that I want to Composite onto our TV screen here so how Do we do that well first of all what we Want to do is we want to select the top Layer with our green screen go up to Effects and presets and if you don't see This go to window and go to effects and Presets to make sure that that's there And then you're going to search key We're going to find something called key Light we're going to drag that onto our Piece of footage that we want to key out In this case it's the top piece and over Here on the left hand side in the Effects controls panel under screen Color here it's on black at the moment If you select this little eyedropper and Then select our chroma key green Basically that's as easy as it needs to Be now you can see there's a little bit Of stuff happening here where the Transparency has not kind of held Exactly how we need it to but we will Fix that up really quickly in a moment You can go through and change a whole Bunch of parameters in key light and When you're doing things like masking Hair and stuff like that I really urge You to go through and play with all of These parameters but this is a quick Tips tutorial here and I'm going to show

You how to do it the really quick simple And easy way but first off let's finish Our composition so underneath we've got This little screen we want that to fit Here onto our little TV screen so we're Going to hit s on our keyboard with the Bottom one selected just to bring up our Scale parameters and we're going to Scale this down around about here going To hit p on our keyboard and just change The position of this a little bit like So we'll just play it through make sure That's working how we want it to be yeah So I'm just going to drag this up so our Start happens a little bit earlier Play that through Cool so that's kind of exactly where we Want it to happen now you can see some Of this transparency still going on in The background here if I go up to our Top one and I just turn our key light on And off you'll see we're losing a whole Bunch of color and a bit of transparency So how can we fix that without kind of Having to go in and change all of our Parameters in key light well it's super Simple we're going to right click down Here go new solid I'm going to bring a Black solid up and we're just going to Drop that black solid down underneath Now we have still lost a little bit of Color as you can see here we've got a Bit of a color grade that's happening in The background here because we've gotten

Rid of this chroma key green it's also Taken a little bit of the green out of This blue here so once we turn key light Back on it's a lot less graded but That's okay we can bring that grade back Momentarily so the other thing I want to Do to sell this composition here I want To create just a little push in on our Top piece of footage here so I'm going To bring up our scale properties on the Top piece of footage set a keyframe here Go to the end give it a little bit of a Push in about so and I'm not going to do Any easing or anything like that we're Just going to do a a slow dolly in and You can see that obviously when I go Through the piece of footage underneath Doesn't scale with it it's really simple To do that Making sure that we've got the piece of Footage that's underneath selected to Scrub this little Pickwick here and Parent it up to our top piece of footage And now that's going to move with it Perfect Now again compositing is all about make Maces of media kind of feel like one and At the moment this doesn't really feel Like one so how can we kind of achieve That a little bit better just using some Color grading tools it's really simple We're going to go up here and first of All I'm just going to bring the contrast Back down of this centerpiece to kind of

Match our main piece of footage so I'm Going to search brightness and contrast Going to drop that onto our little Screen footage here going to bring the Contrast all the way down and the Brightness you know sort of Midway that Looks a little bit better but now I'll Just color grade the whole thing to kind Of make it match and bring back some of That uh stylized grade that we had Before so I'm going to select both of These pieces of footage right click I'm Going to go down to pre-compose and We'll just call this TV screen Now on the TV screen I'm going to get a Lumetri color effect And drag that on top and then this is Where we can just start to dial in some Of that color that we had before so go Ahead and bring up the saturation just a Little bit and then I'm going to play With our contrast A bit more contrast in there I'm going To drop the Shadows just a little bit And I'm going to pull down the Highlights quite a bit as well so I Think that kind of is matching a little Bit more now Looks a bit look a little bit more Contrasty but we want to get some of That teal and orange in that we had Before so we'll go down to our color Wheels here what we want to do is we Want to put a bit more blue or I guess

Teal into our shadows here so we're just Going to pull this down and then see how That's looking and then in our Highlights we're going to just push Towards orange a little bit to bring the Hay out There we go I think that looks pretty Good so let's play it through and see What we think So in really no time at all what we've Done is we've taken two separate pieces Of footage one that had green screen on It remove the green screen composited Them both together added this little Dolly push in and then kind of color Graded everything together to make it Feel like one coherent piece and really It didn't take us any time at all so There are a lot of great Tools in After Effects and knowing the basics of how to Use them is going to get you a long way In your compositing and editing Journey So I hope this helped you out Let me know down in the comments what Other quick tips you might want to learn About in After Effects and if you liked The video get subscribed until next time Happy editing [Music]

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