Reputation Management Updates Internalization Enhancements Bug Fixes Live!

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so we've Got some reputation management updates Today that's right so uh heads up here Uh uh a couple things on the review Widget I think is really cool so first And foremost um internationalization so If you uh if you have a review widget on Your website Um it'll actually chew it'll actually Pull the uh language from the location And now it'll actually internationalize The widget on the website which is super Cool right Um second up uh DND implementation so Anybody who had DND uh prior the review Requests were not respecting the DND Settings that's now been fixed uh proper Attribution on review request sources so Like workflows bulk actions manual users So we fixed that uh sort of last night Some kind of enhancement we've sort of Added that so you know where uh the Review request was sent from so that's Cool and then obviously we've uh changed Up uh some of the address formatting on The review review request emails reviews Widget and so check this out um A couple things when you go to do that Like this is like you do the check-in or You go to send it if they're marked as d D it's not going to let you do that uh Same thing for email obviously uh and Then you can see right here hey latest

Review requests there's a report on this That's in the system already and before It just wasn't showing me like where Does this come from so now you can see It was set by a person it was set by a Workflow it was sent by bulk action and Of course you have all the normal Delivereds and all of that which is Super cool just telling you the status On that um so that's that's live and Then there's some bug fixes here that You can look through when you get a sec Otherwise I hope you are having an Awesome Wednesday and I'll see you in The next video thanks

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