restricted snapshots now available for SAAS pro accounts

Foreign Happy Monday everybody Sean coming at You from high level so I wanted to uh Talk to you today about a really awesome Feature that we just launched as an Upgrade to the SAS Pro account so this Is a 497 account so if you're saying Where is this you got to be on the SAS Pro account to check this out but this Is pretty amazing so this is the ability To actually lock down your snapshots to Your agency so think of these as like Secure snapshot links so the idea here Is really simple so right now when you Go share a snapshot you get a pop-up That looks like this there's a brand new Uh there's a brand new Option here uh in Fact I think there might be two of them Yes one is the agency restricted link And the sub account restricted link so If we look right here we've added two New types the agency one which lets you Share snapshots with only those trusted Agencies you want to share them with Simply add the relationship number and Voila so what we mean by that is really Simple you can actually add relationship Numbers here and you can actually Restrict which agencies can use your Snapshot level agency link which is Amazing right and then uh using sub Account links so this lets you share Snapshots with for specific sub-accounts Making your data sharing more

Personalized and only with the snap the Sub accounts that you're interested in Same thing here you can specify down to The subaccount level the idea here is Really simple we don't this allows you To put up protections around your Snapshots so that people cannot share Those snapshots out unless you give them Explicit permission to do so so anyways This was a feature that we've been Working on for a while we're super Excited that we were able to get it out For you and it should make it a lot Easier for those of you who are doing a Lot of really uh big IP kind of Selective sharing kinds of stuff where You don't want to have any of that IP be Able to be reshared as an additional Snapshot kind of down the line This sort Of locks it down uh only to those Accounts that you give permission to so Anyways hope all of you are having an Awesome Monday on that note and we will Talk soon thanks Foreign

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