Retain More Clients & Ramp Up Your Bottom Line Webinar (Co-Hosted With CallRaiL)

Um okay cool well Amelia uh do you want To kick us off yeah absolutely well I am Thrilled to be joining all of you today To talk about one of my favorite topics Which is retention So Chase let's go on to the agenda slide I feel like I I feel like I'm just like Chase show them what they've won uh here We are here's what you get today a whole Lot of me a whole lot of Chase uh we're Gonna kick it off here with introduction Some housekeeping items everything You're used to from every webinar you've Attended previously Um and then we'll get into the meat of The sandwich by going into the problem With client retention and solutions how Uh you can help that problem at your Organization and lastly hoping really For some robust Q a from all of you I know marketers are Not shy so be thinking about what Burning questions that you want to ask And we will try our best to answer that All right well a little bit about me Um I Amelia Northrup Simpson product Marketing manager here at callrail and I've I'm a career marketer I've worked In marketing my whole career I've worked In situations where the marketing Department was me and one where I was One of 40 kind of everywhere in between Um I've also I've been in the trenches Doing client work at agencies and

Consultancies As well as being on the other side of The desk I've been a client Um I always think of myself as a Difficult client but I probably wasn't That bad in terms of what I have seen But I will also say that I am a learner And I'm a teacher I occasionally teach Marketing and data literacy at The Graduate level at the University of Denver Um and so a lot of topics near and dear To my heart here today retention uh the Data that we can glean about retention And what is actionable there so excited To chat with you about all of that chase Take it away I'm Chase Buckner I am the director of Product marketing at high level it is a Pleasure to be here with everyone before High level I spent about seven years Building a full-service marketing agent S at high level getting to work with so Many of you so many marketers Consultants agency owners as well and so Um we are thrilled to be doing this Together because we as we will discuss Have seen a lot of common Trends and we Both Amelia and I have experienced all Of this personally as well so I think We're going to hopefully shed a lot of Light and help a lot of folks reduce That churn so let's hop into it Yeah so the house came keeping items

It's Zoom we all know how to use zoom at Varying levels of course uh here in 2023 But the specific flow of this session is Um to put those cues those questions in The Q a Um and Chase and I as we see them we'll Try to jump in if it's a clarifying Question to something that we just said Uh and we will save the more like Situational or philosophical type Questions for the end And again we love when you get a good Discussion going so please don't be shy Um if you're thinking about something Then chances are there's someone else in The Philippines or Germany or in Miami Or Southern California that is having That same question too uh and we are all In that all in this together so let's Get the discussion going and note if you Are having technical issues just uh try To put that there in the chat and we Will try to address that as that comes Up as well All right lastly the Eternal question Will there be a recording yes and we Encourage you to share that recording Generously with your colleagues or Better yet your entire LinkedIn Network When we send it um I believe that's gone Out is that tomorrow Chase when that's Going out yeah we'll definitely have it Up and in YouTube by tomorrow so uh We'll get everyone access to that link

As well Awesome Oh all right so let's see if we can Launch this pole for real here uh Uh launch all right so you all should See a poll that just popped up And I want you to be honest no lying When we generate leads for our clients What happens next So option number one an email goes to The client with the leads information Option number two An email goes out to the client and then Automated emails text messages and Voicemails start going to the lead or Option number three in email goes out And you actually nurture the leads for Your clients So let's see Oh we got a tight one Oh are you seeing the results because I Just see zeros on my end Oh no I'm seeing the results so right Now we've got a tie between oh it looks Like an email goes out With weed info is the leader by a hair And the second place choice is email Goes out to client Auto emails SMS and Voicemails go to the lead Nice okay and how um what percentage Have participated so far Let's see we Have 51 oh 52 It does come in All right then we'll wait another 30

Seconds let's say And yeah it's so weird on my end it Still just says zeros but I'm gonna go Ahead and kill the pole in five four Three two one and let's see if I can see The answers I can't but I'm assuming it finished Somewhere a lot around what you said Which is no surprise fit finishes there Chase okay great Um as we expected uh as most of us do When we generate leads we send them to Our clients because that's what we're Being paid for right to generate leads For all of you doing number two kudos to You it sounds like Um we do have some more advanced Marketers in the house which is exactly What we hope Um everyone is equipped and prepared to Do by the end of this webinar did we Have any number threes We did we had about 16 percent we're Number threes and again that was email Goes to client and we nurture the leads For the client that's like next next Level so that is very impressive to hear 16 of you are running your own call or Response type centers for your clients Um that is really kind of the Pinnacle And so Um but as was expected Amelia our number One response was we send an email with The leads information and so let's

Talk about that um but before we do Hopefully everybody is aware of who call Rail and high level are Amelia give us a Quick bit about callrail yeah absolutely So some of you might know a little Something about callrail but whether you Are brand new or you are in the platform Every day at the end of the day callrail Is helping marketing agencies prove that They are driving high quality leads for Clients and giving them clear visibility Into how clients can turn more leads Into better customers so we are Revealing the sources behind leads from Calls texts and forms at the add keyword And campaign level so that you can fill Those Roi gaps for your clients Carl's been doing this for a while do You know when Colorado actually got Started I believe that this is like a quiz Question is the CEO Um It was the around 2011 but I believe That we kind of hit like sort of Critical Public knowledge probably somewhere in 2015 and I will say for our agency folks A lot of the agencies that we have that Came probably came on board around like 28 20 2018 2019 is when we started Really getting known in the space Um my next slide which is that we have Around 200 000 businesses that use

Callrail Um more than 6 000 of those are agencies That are counting on callrail every day To show proof of Revenue Um and we have a whole bunch of Integrations so us along with our Partners can help you prove marketing Performance and consult with clients on How to improve those conversion rates Nice If you are new to high level we're an All-in-one sales and marketing platform That gives agencies everything you need To capture nurture to enclose leads into Long-term customers from funnel form Website Builders through pipeline CRM Um the whole gamut high levels white Label so we have about a little over 22 000 agencies using high level right now And through them almost half a about Maybe even more now half a million small Businesses use the platform every day Although they don't know it because They're using it through agencies who Have white labeled the platform So let's talk about the problem that we Just sort of Illustrated which is that Agencies have traditionally Low client retention and this is Something that Uh before we kind of hop into why I just Want to point out that This is a problem when we looked into it We came up with a stat that was about

Um the traditional Services turn right For agencies was around 62 percent which Was kind of shocking when you hear that Number Um it was Very interesting when we started talking With callrail and they shared with me Their report that's going to come out is It already out Amelia or is it about to Come out it is already out yeah Okay and they did their study with Colorado agencies last year in 2022 and Found that same number to be around 64 So you can see consistently no matter Who you're talking to this is a big Problem Um and let's talk about why so over Prospecting under retaining Uh looks like the formatting on our Slides is uh having a little issue here But when you have turned like that it Makes it impossible to forecast for your Agency It's super hard to provide security Right for your team uh one of the worst Days of my life my entire career was When I had to tell our whole team that In order to not let anyone go we were All going to take a 50 pay cut because We lost like two of our top clients in The same month and Um that's really hard and and it's just Because the the churn creates sort of a Roller coaster

Um you also don't get to make more of an Impact so when you're constantly Fighting to get new clients and losing Clients and you're on that roller Coaster you often don't get to do really Great marketing right you don't get to Go deeper into your clients businesses And solve more problems for them Um because they're gone before you get To really get into that kind of stuff So Client retention is really the name of The game and we're going to talk about How we can improve and get you under That average or let's say over that Average Um of about three and a half months 64 Churn rate Can anybody relate to this throw a y in The chat if you've experienced this Before you have one month where you are Like this is it I am going to be on the Beach with my laptop living that Lifestyle before I know it and then 30 Days later What the heck happened right Um things were going so well and now Three of those five clients are are Telling us they're they're out the door Already Um and you're just kind of scratching Your head I've been there Um Amelia I'm sure you have as well so

Let's talk about it yeah I I have Definitely been in that uncomfortable Spot I think for a lot of people it's like an Issue that they like suspect that they Might have on like a larger basis it's Definitely something we're also hearing A lot at callrail and of course being Data-minded people we're like well could We like quantify this uncomfortable Feeling that we are having uh so we did Like you said Chase we asked agencies About 600 of them about their concerns Their practices their goals Um and more and much of that really Related to this question around Retention because it is it is a toughie Um and we found specifically that Agencies were gaining an average of 69 New clients Um and this was in 2022 and they retain An average of 44 of their clients so With an average of 157 clients total That 44 retention rate equaled again 69 New clients so on average in 2022 Agencies were breaking even and this Retention rate was on a decline Um since 2021 when agencies said that They had a 53 retention rate so Retention is hard it's getting harder Folks are prospecting but they're never Growing There's the source there you guys can go Back to that

Um once you get the recording if you Want to dig deeper So let's talk about The formula for growth so retention plus New equals growth it costs up to four Times as much to earn a new client as it Does to retain an existing one have you All heard that before hopefully that you Haven't if we take a moment to kind of Stop and think about the power of that I would bet that most of us as agency Owners focus more on getting new clients Than we do on retention and so This is something that we really need to You know again we're going to flesh this Out in throughout this webinar but Hopefully the gears are starting to turn Here in that We need to be making time to really Pinpoint what is causing our churn and Take steps to improve it So Amelia absolutely yeah it is Um you know the more clients you gain The more you lose and you never get Ahead of that growth equation that chase Just mentioned you just keep baling Water until you take the action that you Need to take to plug the holes Um and it seems like it's not getting Better um I studied that cited that Statistic two slides ago but Additionally the majority of agency Marketers that we surveyed think that Client client retention is going to be

More challenging this year than it was Last year So why do clients turn Like A variety of reasons right and in order To plug the holes you have to find the Leaks and what's causing them Um again it's a variety of things right Like one thing that I remember from my Agency days particularly when I was new But I'm sure it happens all the time Right like we can all relate uh poor Communication so not sending Expectations not communicating on their Desired Cadence Miscommunications that can cause work to Be delayed or done incorrectly Um it happens all the time it happens to The best of us Sorry I just killed this eye for a Second because it froze so let me see if I can get it back on track yeah no Worries I think the next one is lack of Trust Yeah were you seeing the bullets on your End I was not seeing the bullets okay so Let's see let me see poor communication Never came up which is kind of ironic When you think about it Chase Yeah I don't know let me see if I go to Them we have poor communication with our Slides and also a lack of trust right Now with our slide deck but we

Definitely do Um if we have to we can do it this way But let me give this one more try so if We go okay so that's working all right Great let me share my screen again and We're gonna have to do all the bullets In one go but that's okay oh well in Of the day it leads to the situation Which I'm sure we have all experienced Like you can kind of just feel it Rolling off a client when you're like oh They don't trust me anymore they don't Believe in our agency anymore Um next lack of results so not getting The results the client wanted or just as Important not being able to prove the ROI that they're getting rough handoff Is another one Um so this is like why we asked that Question at the very beginning of this Webinar right Um a lot of agencies uh let's see I Think it was 43 of you all are Generating leads email the lead info off To the client done and dusted Um But you know I think that what pace was Trying to get at there is that like we Want to go beyond that into like their Own communication with their customers To speak to their process Um and that is the way to help those um Take those leads to completion Um and then one other thing that I've

Seen in my experience is that they Outgrow you quote unquote and take Marketing in-house now I will say that When I was working for a consultancy we Had a lot of boomerang clients that like Thought that they outgrew us and then Like a year later they'd be back and They'd be like Um we stopped doing all the things that You said to do and now we aren't getting The results anymore and I'd be like okay Okay What else what else do you see that 100 So to add to that um A couple of things have become very Clear to me at this point after working With so many agencies and Consultants is That Um in addition to everything Amelia said A slow start will kill you and we'll Talk a little bit more about sort of Bridging that Gap Um but this one is the biggest one for Me clients think they want leads but What they actually need are bookings and We Illustrated that in the poll right if You are just generating leads and Sending an email And that's it You're going to you're going to have High churn because clients are used to Referrals they are used to people Showing up that have been pre-sold by Friends family

Um and they're ready to buy and that's Way way different than having to close a Lead off of Facebook right we all know That but our clients don't and that will Really lead to a disconnect of Conversations like this give me a uh Give me a two in the chat if you've ever Had this conversation before you hop on That first call the client at the end of Month one or month two you guys kick Butt you generated a ton of leads at a Great cost and the client looks at you And goes what are you talking about These leads stink none of them showed up None of them bought anything I haven't Heard from any of these people we are Ready to cancel And that is because they were expecting Referral type traffic when what you are Delivering are leads off of the internet And so we learned this lesson the hard Way But if you take it one step further and Take a lead and nurture it into a Booking for your client you can change Your turn overnight clients know what to Do with booked appointments they do not Know what to do with leads off the Internet Another big reason that I have found That clients churn that's often Surprising to people is that you over Perform right it's obvious we're going To turn clients if we underperform for

Them but over perform How many people in the or do we have any SEO give me an SEO in the chat if you Provide SEO services to clients Have you ever heard this one well we're On page one now so why would we need to Continue paying you I've heard that one Multiple times that was kind of a Shocker the first time I heard that one But it kind of makes sense right what About this one have you ever heard We're flooded right now with new Business we need you guys to turn these Ads off Right this we weren't expecting this we Weren't expecting this level of volume We can't handle this we need to shut This down right you over performed most Businesses are looking to grow whether They know it or not 25 35 they're not Ready to double or triple their business Overnight and so all of these things Whether we do really bad job or a really Great job contribute to churn So let's see all right our slides are Working again so let's talk about Solutions yeah absolutely and I'll say To you know like these problems are more Systemic than just um You know you can't get to the solution On some of these problems by like just Like oh like I'll just do like whatever The opposite of the problem is like There's a lot to dig into here around

Incentives around structure Um around how you're you're Communicating with clients so Um Yeah I will say Um can you click forward one because There we go there we go okay I was gonna Say one thing that came through in our Data is that Um agencies pretty clearly know the Problem right or at least they know one Of their problems and a lot of agencies Attributed unmet goals to the inability To prove Roi Um and but they also know the solution And a majority of them think that Proving Roi to clients is key to growth And getting out of this Um retention leaky bucket Okay so this one we're just going to do In the chat we don't have like a a fancy Poll set up but when you sign up a new Client and be honest how long does it Take to get your first campaign off the Ground right whether it's a Google ad Campaign a Facebook ad campaign an SEO Campaign Um is it A week One to two weeks three plus Okay I see one to two weeks Uh too freaking long I like that one Jeff I think nailed it on the head right It's actually not our fault that

Campaigns take so long to get off the Ground it's the clients they take Forever to get us the assets that we Need right okay so and again this is all Consistent with every time I ask this Question same answers one to two weeks Two to three weeks somewhere in that Time zone The problem with that is every day that Goes by your client is wondering if they Made a bad decision to cut you that Check right every day their staff are Looking around going didn't we just pay Somebody like 2500 bucks to make the Phone ring how come the phone's not Ringing and so uh we have to understand That we need to kick off our Relationship uh in a strong way Um Absolutely I'll say to you too we Were rehearsing this thing Um you described that period of sign To launch a first campaign as Death Valley and that really stuck with me and I'm I'm stealing it and using it Literally Um but like that is the reason for this Slide right to avoid the Death Valley of That uh of that first initial period we Gotta start strong at the beginning of The relationship and this you know It can be a formal program that your Agency launches or it can be quite Informal but really like the root cause Of some of these turn issues uh start

With realest realistic expectations and Like that sounds pretty simple when I Say it out loud but like really Setting expectations of things that you Can deliver and that is not on the Account management team solely that goes Back to the selling phase so if you're Not in a position where you are over Both account management and sales I Would encourage you to reach across that Silo and make sure that you are you guys Are really really real for real aligned On what you're putting out there in the Selling phase versus what you're able to Deliver on the account management side I Think that it really blindsides a lot of People would you agree with that chase Yeah a hundred percent the more that you Can communicate the real expectations of How things are going to unfold The better chance you're going to have To retain the client yeah and having That good handoff between account Management and client service is pretty Critical too so during that Discovery Phase creating at least the outline of a Detailed plan that proves that you Understand client pain points Incorporating tangible action items Goals things that are going to be Accomplished through various stages of The plan and being able to deliver that Early on so even if you're in that Death Valley period it's like hey like here's

How we're going to act we're getting all The technical bells and whistles uh Together on the back side but here is Really how we're going to help you I would say to Um addressing the best way for you and Your client to present questions Concerns and constructive criticism that Is an ongoing conversation you know it Starts when the account manager is Meeting the client for the first time And it continues like there's continuous Check-in not just on like what the Concerns are but like hey is email Actually the best way for me to deliver This report to you or like hey I noticed That like this person who's a key Decision maker is never on our call is Does do they need to be involved do we Need to move this call in order for them To to be involved is there more that we Need to cover in order for that person To feel like they have a stake in the Game So again some of this is formal some of This is informal Um even with the more informal programs That I just talked about you do have to Systematize them in some way Even if it's just a template even if It's just like an internal checklist That's like okay hey we need to ask About the best way for us to Um present our reporting every week

Um and also I think that this is really Undervalued but like incentivizing that Account management team to do it the way That you need it to be done if you're Not if you're not in a situation in an Agency where you are the account Management team you do have to Incentivize people to do the things that You know need to get done But on the born formal side um sending The right expectations up front with an SLA Um so NSM and SLA is going to contain a List of services that your firm is going To provide performance targets backup Strategies penalties Um if those targets are not met clear Deadlines you know Some of these documents I know Especially for the smaller agencies here On this call slas msas statement of work Agreements are not feasible for you in Terms of like legal red lines but if They are or you're starting to scale up Into that side into that size of agency They can really serve you well when You're getting questions or running up Against things that start to be churn Risks Yeah and then lastly Um setting yourself up for success with Some quick wins early on Um but I think that chase actually has Some good insights on how to get there

How to get to the quick wins quicker so Yes definitely and I can't remember if I Need to okay uh I think yes So let's just jump over to it quick wins Are in my opinion the key to Death Valley and making it out alive and so Whether you're using callrail high level Some other tool you need to find a way To install tactical quick wins that will Generate results week one Before you show proof of Roi be sure That your Roi will be optimized Optimize your clients channels quickly Right this one to me is an easy easy Quick win that you can do let's take a Look at the right hand side of the Screen right has everyone heard of Companies like linktree Lincoln bio These companies blew up in the past year Because they realized hey it's kind of a Problem that our social profiles only Give us one link It usually goes to a company's home page Which is poorly optimized for mobile What if we could just make quick mobile Optimized landing pages for our social Channels and we can do these in high Level very quickly Um the point being we are turning the Social channels into lead generation Machines trackable uh marketing Opportunities and so let's say we were Working with Jan's Cafe here we throw This link on all her social profiles

Well now they're capturing leads right They're capturing emails they've got Quick buttons to get where people really Want to go and we've got the ability to Click to call right so now we can track That call in callrail we can see the Transcriptions right so day two our Clients could be seeing what's going on On their phones for the first time You'll be shocked at how many business Owners don't actually know what's being Said on their phone calls and so being Able to just show them at the end of Week one hey guess what We I don't know if you guys realize this Or not but you're missing 23 of your Inbound phone calls during business Hours were you aware of that Jan Dr Bob Whoever your client is right by the way We actually transcribed those calls for You you might want to take a look at Some of the things that are being said Here we see a real you know a lot of Opportunity to optimize these Conversations imagine if you could do That just a few days into the Relationship how dramatically that would Improve your odds of a long-term Relationship with that client Um High level's got a lot of little Quick automated wins that you can Install like a great one is activating Google business chat most businesses Don't even know it exists and when you

Turn it on all of a sudden people can Message them from Google Maps mobile Search results these are types of things That you could make you know an sop for Where day one day two you're you're Turning this stuff on and they are Actually seeing results happening in That first week during Death Valley so Um you need to figure out how you're Going to get quick wins for your client And you also need to figure out how You're going to optimize your agency's Tech stack to deliver on that Yeah and I'll say that uh Google Chat One is a great example and just even Just getting visibility into their Um into their data as you're collecting Benchmarks or as you said like hey like What's the missed call right like being Able to surface metrics that they've Never seen before that can point to like Larger actionable Um issues in their business is so so Important but um yeah I will say you Know going back to you know optimize Optimize optimize you know you can't Optimize their performance without Optimizing your agency's Tech stack Um and I will say you know I am a really Big fan of tools that are suited and Built for purpose it's one of the Reasons that I love chatting with Chase And partnering with high level is that It is a tool that is designed for

Agencies to be successful in the CRM and Marketing animation category Um and same thing with um with callrail Is that we we are really built to help Agencies get results for clients because One thing that I've learned I used to Work for a niche CRM company Um as well in another industry and like Those actionable details that are built For purpose really do matter and really Do get results Advances here we go So we talked about installing quick wins Um this next one automate the lead Nurture I feel like we we mentioned but I do want to double down on that if you Are generating leads and and generating Form fills you can't just send that Email like I forget the percentage of The poll uh indicates that we're doing Right now you have to do more than that Right we have to be automating emails Back in today's day and age we can Automate text messages back we can Automate ringless voicemail how many of Um you have seen that where actually Your phone won't actually ring you just Get the notification that you have a Voicemail Um and we can even do really cool things Called call Connects where we connect Our clients with leads on the phone and So all of this When you do it will guarantee that the

Leads are being interacted with within The first five minutes and statistically It's shocking right if you can't engage A lead in the first five minutes the Odds of ever closing it decreased by Like 80 something percent it's basically A missed opportunity and if we rely on Our clients to do that by just sending Them an email it will never happen I Promise you ever they just can't they're Not equipped they're not trained to do It they don't have the time to do it and So you need to figure out how are you Going to automate responses back to the Leads that you're generating on behalf Of your client to take it out of their Hands Um and then with high level because it's White label you can sell the system That's doing that as your own software And that really changes churn quite a Bit Um because it enables you to say oh you Want to shut off that SEO package or That ad package because you're getting Flooded we totally understand but as Amelia pointed out oftentimes they Boomerang back right so we need to be Able to continue to collect revenue from Them while they're not running ads or SEO or those higher ticketed services And charging for things that deliver Quick automated wins like call rail or The things that high level can do will

Carry you through and remove the stress Of being a boomerang client sure yeah Turn off the Facebook ads no problem let Us know when you're ready to ramp back Up again because you're collecting 300 400 500 a month for this system that's Enabling them to see what's going on in Their phone calls send text messages Back when somebody when they miss a call Uh chat through Google all these types Of things so these are critical and These absolutely will change the game When it comes to reducing churn if you Get them set up in week one Yeah absolutely and going back to that Point about visibility just like playing That out here for a minute you know Proving the ROI of your agency does Require visibility into transactions and Like we kind of know this as marketers At this point right like yes like I need Visibility into my digital customer Journey that tell a lot of people think About it at Colorado we think about it In a little bit of a different way uh we Think that it requires visibility into Not just the online or digital Journey But also the offline Journey offline Transactions because that visibility and The ability to respond to those offline Transactions is key so a lot of people Again are thinking okay digital Google Is like Google is the be all end-all Marketing attribution system and there's

A lot of problems with that like that's A problematic world view to me like um First of all Google is tracking a specific type of Conversion online purchases and the Trail just kind of goes cold if there's An offline interaction like a phone call Involved and then Coming back to your agency when you're Looking at your own Roi numbers for your Client your Roi numbers as an agency are Off the CPA for digital purchases only And not those bought over the phone it Makes you look like you're not as Effective as you actually are you're Underselling your value and particularly For those clients that get a lot of Phone calls like Home Services or Health Care Um or the ones that kind of have like The more Complex or longer sales cycle that Involve getting a quote Um every buyer journey of course is Going to be different but Trends that show not just leads Collected but closed one opportunities Means that your decisions can be smarter So Um if you go to the next slide Chase Um yeah we built callrail so that every Action is Unified Um and you can use our data to improve Targeting increase close weight close

Rates and again develop that more Complete and accurate Roi picture On the high level side we are here with The same mission right and so One of the core areas of high level is What we call funnels and funnels enable Us to generate funnel reports like the One that we see on the right which is Incredible for tracking success right so Hopefully you guys can't hear my toddler Having a meltdown outside my office Um but I I promise you that most clients Have never seen a visualization of their Marketing funnel and so if you can show Them look oh we generated x amount of Leads this percentage of them took the Next step and filled out the survey or Whatever and then this percentage of Them booked a call and then you guys Marked this many as one you can quickly See where they need to focus attention Right whoa what happened between here And here we need to go optimize this Area of the marketing funnel that you Guys are you know paying us to run and That's when you can quickly flesh things Out that have massive impact right it's Like well wait you know we're getting a Lot of bookings but you guys aren't Getting a lot of sales what's being said On these calls right and now we can go Back and look at the transcripts from Colorado right and say hey oh my gosh These people aren't trained at all Dr

Bob and so you can help your clients Pinpoint where the leaks are in the Bucket And like I said most clients have never Seen it visualized like that before Um so using something interesting and Like kind of bizarre thing but it kind Of makes sense when you say that chase You know I think a lot of um you know Everyone on this call is a marketing Expert and like funnels are just kind of Like our world and where we will where We live but we all know that sometimes We put things in front of clients and it Is just like a watershed moment in their Understanding of marketing Um and you know I think about like when I talk to marketing to other people I'm Like oh wait I actually do know things About marketing Um but to us it's kind of Common Sense Uh and it makes absolute sense I'll say On the call rail side too you know we Have a lot of instances where we do find Places in the funnel where people are Dropping off and it's for bizarre Reasons like you said like hey These People aren't trained or like in one Case we um were able to help them like Identify that their um Some of the things in their phone tree System were not ideal and we're sending People weird places and we were able to Stream that so that there was a better

Customer experience and they Um you know were able to convert those Leads a lot more efficiently because It was a better experience and they Weren't being sent weird places so Um yeah there it's just it's so Interesting to me to like dig in to some Of these places where you're losing them In the funnel 100 and oftentimes you'll see there's a Big problem at the top and we mentioned This before but missed calls missed Calls are it's crazy statistically it's Over half and if you actually dig in I Remember you know scratching my head Going why isn't this why aren't we Having success with this client this is Crazy we're driving a ton of click to Calls from Google what's going on here And you know Dr Bob who's responsible For you know answering these calls that We're generating oh so and so at the Front desk She was pretty young Um and so I hopped on a call with her And said talk to me about your day you Know What does the typical day look like and It was oh well you know I'm at the front Desk so I'm greeting everybody that Walks in I have to get them you know Greeted sat get them some water you know Kick off whatever they do Um I'm answering calls but a lot of them

Are spam calls these days right and I'm Like yep that's a major problem you're Answering a Spam call you're missing a Real lead that's trying to call in right I'm picking up breakfast and lunch and I Have to you know take out the trash and Then Dr Bob asked me to walk his dog Three times a day and it's just like oh My gosh no wonder there's so many calls Going unanswered and so you know we can Trigger off things like that right call Rail gives you ability to trigger off of That um you can use Colorado and high Level in conjunction through things like Zap beer where we could say hey if a Call goes unanswered let's send a text Message back and say hey sorry I missed Your call how can we help these types of Things can drastically change uh the Success of your marketing campaigns for Your clients but again if you can visual Lies it for them it'll most likely be The first time they've ever seen it Presented like that I love that point Around autoresponders too I think They're very under EST and it's like you can in order to Address missed calls with callrail you Can also Um you can also like send an email Notification to like let them know that They missed a call just to you know Reduce the likelihood that they're just Going to ignore what's on their phone

But you can also be a lot more proactive And like put that autoresponder on to be Like hey how can I help you I see that I Missed your call and um Pick up the relationship from there All right so once you have increased the ROI to report on how do you actually Communicate it Um This is I always like to start this kind of Conversation with just like There's a moment Once the campaign has kicked off usually And it's usually like To a weekend And The client is like This is working right And that question mark is a problem Like you want to know up front what good Looks like right like you want to have Established a benchmark and a goal and Reference that often and be able to show Tracking towards goal because if there's A right at the end of that sentence that Means the seeds of Doubt are already There Foreign Yes I think we all have you know just This question of what does good look Like Um I mentioned before I think I missed This point on the um

On the slide here but um you know Keeping Stay in an evolutionary mindset about How your clients best absorb information So I mentioned before like regular Meetings emailed reports that you're Reviewing in the monthly meeting like How are they best absorbing the Information about how their campaigns Are doing and what you're doing uh Actively to service their account like Is it is it reviewing in a monthly Meeting is it like bulleted out results Um this is something that I like to uh Pilot with like one client so if you Have like top three mrrs or top three Churn risks that you have at the top of Your brain it's like how can I find what Works with them and then replicate it Across my client base Foreign We talked about that one already pretty Extensively Yep exactly Um And then I'd say to like use utilizing Weed scoring Um can really be effective as well so Um scoring leads you know we have some Um We have some conversation intelligence Features that are powered by AI that can Help you score leads with minimal human Input so that allows you to shift your

Focus from scoring leads if you are like You know have heard Chase's message loud And clear that like sending an email With lead info is not enough and you Want to score those leads you don't have To manually score those leads you can Focus more on boosting conversions in Roi instead of manually scoring those Leads Are you able to see the rest of the Bullets on your end Oh yep I can I can okay yeah I think That last point is about let's see leads So lead generators that have a form only Um a Chase I think that this was Something that you said on our rehearsal Is like give them options like they Don't have to fill out a form I think That there's sometimes a temptation to Try to drive everything to a form but With a solution like callrail calls will Actually get you more data like it's a More data Rich interaction because You're able to like do keyword spawning And measure call duration and all of These things so adding a phone number Through that page is really key and then There is incontrovertible proof that you Have driven that lead Yeah 100 in my mind my lead pages are Going to have forms a trackable phone Number and a widget where they could Send a text and to me you know now You're just opening the chances of

Generating the lead because a lot of us You know are not going to spend the time To fill out a form anymore it's just the Way it is So let's talk about how you can expand If you follow the advice that we're Telling you know we're talking about Today and you go and start setting these Things up it actually opens the door for Expansion to make more revenue for our Agencies Um we're going to build the trust and at The same time we're going to increase Retention but we can also increase Profit And this is something that I think a lot Of agencies miss out on which is How much you can charge just for things Like audits and so you know we at the Agency that I used to run actually used Call Rail and we would have a um A VA go and do an audit once a week for Each of our clients and just provide a Brief synopsis of any Trends or anything That they were seeing in the phone call Conversations and we charged additional For that Um because you know sure the client can Look themselves but it's much better to Have somebody synthesize it and just Point out hey the majority of the calls Went really well this week but there Were actually three they all said the Same thing that's not incorrect based on

What you told us right so Um it was actually the same person that Said it three times so you should Probably sit down with them and make Sure that they understand you know what The deal is there You can take it further than that we Actually built a coaching program where We partnered with we used to work with a Lot of Med Spas so we partnered with one Of the main coaches in the space and we Offered that in conjunction with the Data that we had as a coaching package And you know it was much higher ticket But we had lots of clients take it and You know their staff would go through This training program so that they would Perform better on the phones and so These are services that are really easy To offer once you have the ability to See what's going on when you have the Insights you can package it up and sell It at high ticket offerings Automated features are things that we Talked about before some you know stuff That uh high level can deliver for you Uh missed call text backs Google chats These types of things that sort of run Themselves and again if you sell that as A software offering it's lower ticket it Often becomes a utility bill that Clients are just happy to pay every Month because it's delivering value Every month but it's not costing you

More employee bandwidth and so that can Be an incredible way to open up a new Revenue stream for your agency This last one is Uh something I love and Emilia and I Were talking about this you know when a Building gets put up a general Contractor gets hired right and they're The ones that have established the trust With the client Um and then they bring in plumbers and Electricians and folks to do specific Things and so for me the digital version Of that is bringing in an SEO expert if The client's asking you for SEO bringing In a Google ads expert if they're asking For Google ad services but the point is That I've established the trust right I Have gave them and set them up on their CRM I'm the one that's tracking all Their calls right I've replaced the main Number in their Google business profile With a call rail number and so I'm the One that really kind of They're leaning on Um but I can bring in other players and If it doesn't work out no problem you Know I'll let them know that you're Canceling with them and bring in another One uh for you to work with and so the Digital general contractor model can be Very very powerful but you first have to Establish the trust and the things that We've been talking about today will do

That for you I promise you if you take If you go audit a week's worth of phone Calls and you go back to a business with Some insights that you picked out They've never heard that before and they Will instantly trust you and want more Of that type of uh of service and Insight from you and that opens the door To become a digital general contractor Foreign Yeah we're about to hit the hour that Went Um faster than I expected so so let's Get into some of these wrap-up slides And try to save some time for Q a Yeah Amelia are you there did you flip Out Nope I'm still here Yep so I think that Um if you are interested in connecting With us just uh throw a c in the chat And we will get back with you And then Um Chase do you want People to throw oops looks like I didn't Do I missed one of my assignments there Um what do you want them to throw in the Chat if they want to follow up with you All Yeah you could just throw an H in there And um We'll follow up as well but we're also Gonna shoot you guys obviously a

Follow-up email with the recording of This I saw a couple of people asking yep We'll shoot the recording for sure and You can get back to us Um in that way as well Sounds like we've got some people Singing Colorado Praises in the chat I Saw a couple of people asking about a Colorado High Level integration Um you never know what the future will Hold but I will say you can integrate The two right now with zapier or some Other platforms like that like And things like that so both callrail And high level have I always get confused of what you're Supposed to call it zaps I guess they Are And so you can connect both platforms Um through a service like that so I know That we are hitting the hour but I'm Good for another five minutes if you are Amelia if we want to open up the system Yeah I see a couple that I can just Address real quickly so there is in the Q a someone asked Um about callrail and first touch calls I have tags that are full tag I have Calls that are tagged from first touch Uh with an ad instead of what they Called with Um from the most recently is there a way To not have first touch Um there is actually a variety of uh

Methods that you can apply in terms of Attribution within the callrail platform So first touch is one I believe it is The default so it makes sense that you Would be seeing that but we also have uh Last touch uh W shaped and a couple Others so I would just encourage you all To um I wish I had your name anonymous Attendee Follow up with your account manager and They should be able to show you where to Toggle that setting Um I also have one that came through the Chat that's Um I think I want to rephrase it because The this was from Michael and he asked Can AI automations use reflections of a Client's financial statements as a means To narrow down client marketing needs in Development of marketing campaigns During nurturing of the specific Marketing niches I think maybe what You're asking there is like can you use Conversion data like specifically Revenue data to show you Um like which ads are performing best And then like feed that back into your Automated bidding strategy I'm not sure If that's exactly what's being asked but If that is the question then yes you can Well since the elephant in all of the Rooms has entered this room Amelia how Is Carl thinking about AI Yeah absolutely you know we are seeing a

Lot of AI chat uh out there on Um I don't know about you but I'm on LinkedIn like all the time and it's like You know chat GPT chat GPD I'm like okay I I get it but like honestly you know we Have had an AI powered conversation Intelligence solution for years Um And I think that calls are actually like Pretty undervalued Um when it comes to like what can be Done with calls with AI uh so like I it Just kind of feels to me like we've had This like under the radar Solution That's like yeah like we use AI to Analyze your calls and like you can spot Keywords from it and that can feed into To your campaigns and your bidding Strategies Um But I feel like that is something that Is really right to explode like those Folks that are wanting to dip their toe Into AI but think it's too expensive Um it's not our solution for um Conversation intelligence starts at Fifty dollars a month Um and it's giving you data That honestly I don't think that a lot Of their competitors will have like if You're a call-based business and you're Looking into this like using Um conversation based intelligence to Inform your campaigns chances are your

Competitors probably aren't looking into It Um so you can be first which is amazing Um and I would say there's just like a Richness of data in calls as an Interaction that we are not seeing you Know I think of a lot of digital campaigns While they can drive traffic Um at scale fairly cheaply you also Don't get the richness of data to feed Back into the system and get that closed Loop attribution so that's I I could Honestly go on about that for a whole Nother webinar but I will not Yeah that's exciting we're we're Building we're actually very close to it Going live actually in high level where Anywhere essentially anywhere there's a Text field will be a little robot and You can click it and it'll open up like A chat DBT modal and you could say give Me 10 email subject headings for an Email about what a cool sculpting and Then okay I want that one boom and so Um it's pretty exciting I've been Playing with it more and more and Honestly it's very helpful especially When you uh are at the point of like Brain fog 4 P.M and you're like oh shoot I still need to you know write three Nurture emails or whatever Um it can be very helpful yeah well Maybe that is a topic for another our

Next webinar together the Chase and Emily show We're supposed to do Shameless plugs and We did not yes we have to find time for The Shameless plugs so uh before Everyone jumps Um you can find us in these places I mentioned you know we talked about Quick wins and we actually have a series On our YouTube channel of a probably Like eight or nine I think specific Quick wins that you could install week One for a client so you can check that Out Um we have a mastermind for folks that Are looking to open up this sort of White labeled SAS arm of your agency Coming up in Dallas in June and then we Have our our big event in October again This year in Dallas which was a real Blast last year so if you guys are Interested you can just check out those URLs there and Amelia what's what's Happening over at callrail yeah we have That Um 2023 outlook for digital agencies Report Um that you let's see the link was Shared in the chat earlier I'll pop it Back in here Um in a minute but we also have a a Webinar coming up on March 16th uh with Activecampaign and Eric Hall Um talking about integrated phone

Systems so hope to see you all there and Thanks everyone who stayed for staying For a little bit Yeah absolutely Um I wish we had more time for Q a but I do Think we have to wrap it up but thank You so much for everyone who attended Hopefully we'll get to do another one of These in the near future does everybody Have the links that they needed what is The link to the 2023 I got it okay cool I just popped it in Awesome thank you all thanks again for Joining we'll shoot you an email Tomorrow with the the recording and uh And a recap but until then have a great One everyone

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