Saas Agencies can now allow clients to cancel + upgrade themselves!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I've got two Really great SAS updates today so uh First up as you can see right here SAS Agencies can now allow their clients to Cancel their subscription so this is the So this is a scenario right so you have A SAS client they're in there they want To initiate the cancellation virtue Versus reaching out to you you can now Actually enable that feature if you want Them to so if you go into the SAS Configurator you can see here that There's a checkbox allow clients uh to Cancel their sub accounts you click that On and then what will happen is um and You can do that also at actually at an Account level as well like an actual Um uh location level and then so what Will happen is when you do that Um you can see here when a client Cancels what automatically positive Sub-account this behavior depends on so Some of the FAQ stuff uh on whether or Not you have uh this box check right Here Um but also when you see this you can See in company billing under modify Subscription this is what your client's Gonna be able to do excuse me they can Go ahead and cancel the account and That's what they're going to get uh when They do that so you can kind of see kind Of what the uh what the user experience

Is going to be right there and then Subscription cancels successfully and Then here you can they can actually Reactivate their account if they want to So anyways that's there take a look at The change log when you get a chance go To um hit uh Change log and you'll see it or in the Top right hand corner there's like uh There's a speaker icon um you can see That so that's that one okay two Agencies hit now and I like this one Better actually you can now a lot of Their SAS uh clients to upgrade their SAS subscriptions very similar situation Here check back box underneath the SAS Locations let's scroll down here to the Customer experience again modify Subscription okay I'm gonna upgrade it Boom I can choose my plan and Bam away You go so anyways those are awesome uh SAS feature upgrades just want to get Those out for you got a bunch more Videos coming out here in a minute so we Will talk soon thanks

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