SAAS Lite LC Phone Rebilling Live for the Agency Unlimited Account!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody coming at You from high level so I am super Excited about this video because Um let's take a step back here and just Talk about SAS mode so when we first Came out with SAS mode Um you know this was early days and we Really didn't you know we we certainly Knew it would work for some people but We weren't sure how well it would work And you know fast forward to today and Oh my gosh you could not imagine how Successful this has been but what we Realized is that sometimes it's hard for People to get started with this and so We what we really wanted to do is start To you know we started to to really Think about this and talk about it as You know SAS is sort of for everybody Right Um and so you know so what we want to Try to figure out is like is there a way To bridge people into SAS mode a little Bit and we sort of came out with a sort Of idea of like SAS light and a good and So this is today our first example of of SAS light so basically what what we're Gonna do here is we're going to release The ability for you to rebuild your Clients the cost without Um any markup of the LC phone system uh Uh uh cost so essentially think about it Like this so today Um there are people making

Um just tons of money off the rebuilding On the 497 sort of SAS Pro Plan but you Know we have some people on the 297 plan Saying like yeah you know I really want To do this but I don't know how or I'm You know I haven't done this before or Whatever so this really is for those Folks so on the 297 plan on our agency Plan we are now introducing the ability To take the cost of the LC phone system Plus the strike fees and actually pass Those on to your clients and so um this Is a great way for you to kind of get Into that motion of rebuilding um and Kind of moving slowly down the SAS Road Um but you know uh but you're not yet Ready to kind of jump to that whole SAS Pro concept Um so I really I'm super excited about This I think this is a huge huge step Forward for us um there's a lot of Details here um so I'm going to kind of Try to go briefly uh through this with You Um and then we can kind of kind of keep Rolling on from there so Um a couple of a couple of things so Okay from today onwards they just is on The freelancer the agency unlimited We'll be able to rebuild which I said Okay important this all I love this Thank you Shivam for saying this is Important because that way I I don't Miss it this only works on the LC phone

System so if you're on the twilio if you Have your own twilio account this won't Work so make sure you're on the LC phone System somebody asked me this morning Can I do this for with just one sub Account yes you can so you don't have to Do it for all of them we have articles On the help section that cover all of That Um so uh agencies on the freelance plan Cannot mark up the cost right so this is Really just about is only available on The the Pro Plan this is really just About being able to take the actual cost And the credit card fees and and pass Them along so cool the sub account must Contain at least one account admin not To be confused with an agency admin Um because so because the big thing the Big change here right is what's Happening so let's say you're getting Charged a dollar you know we want to Make sure that the customer is actually Paying for that dollar as well right so You need an actual uh sub account admin Because somebody from your client needs To go in and add a credit card right Because otherwise how can can we chart You know how can you charge them and and We we charge you right I guess that Hopefully that makes sense to most People but anyways it's in the help docs If I'm super confusing so anyways Um uh so let me let me think here so

There's all all kinds of details here I'm gonna let I'm gonna like just try to Slide up slowly get on and let you Um read this if you want to pause it and Then let's kind of jump into uh some of The screenshots actually maybe let's see What happens here how do I know which Sub-accounts can be rebuilt for phone Usage please head over to the agency Settings phone system twilio and if we Click this uh let's see did that work oh I think it worked okay cool so you can See right here Um rebuilding is active rebuilding can Be enabled and rebuilding uh not cannot Be enabled right so you can see right Here and those two top ones right are Both managed by lead connector that's Why you're able to do the rebuilding Um and in the uh and then the first one It's already active and the second one It can be made active right so let's Switch back over here and let's see if I Get go a sub account can fall in any one Of the following conditions phone Rebuilding enabled Etc oh how do I Enable it right so you're going to go in Here go to the manage client page from Here then You're going to click enable on this Toggle And then finally you're going to follow This you can actually set share a link To your client to actually have them put

In the payment method request via email Request via SMS Or and or you can choose them if you Already have them in strength which is Really cool Um and then at this point your client Can have their payment method uh Important agencies must not add their Own card here needs to be your client Card this is uh what your client will See at the sub account level they can go In and add the payment method Uh let's see here once it's there oh Then you'll actually be able to set the Rebuilding obviously uh but uh for that Account uh let's see as mentioned before Uh you know sorry you cannot rebuild the Freelancer please upgrade so there's You're only able to to Really pass along The cost there uh let's see if I missed Anything here from this oh okay cool Yeah this is awesome okay so this is That walleting concept I was just Explaining that's super confusing right So here's how this works so uh let's see The flow let's it looks like the flow is Left to right right to left not sure so High level Um bills you and adds CR uh charges your Agency card and adds credits to your Wallet your uh and then uh you Bill your Client and then those credits are added To the location wallet right and that's How the debiting works so anyways

Hopefully that diagram actually helps And I'm sorry this is a super long video But I think it's very important to kind Of go over all these details yep I think I got it so we will have uh let's see Even more uh uh oh yeah there are actual Four release notes Here which should Actually be yeah here you go this is in The change log this is in the release Notes at the top of um everybody's app Also you can go to uh ideas.go high and click change log if you Want to so everything I just described Thankfully you don't have to just sit Here and watch the video over and over Again it's actually all nicely in here Oh and there's some more um screenshots As well about how to check client usage And those sorts of things but all of That to say I'm super excited that we're Able to bring this to all of you Um I can't wait to see uh all of your Reactions and I hope that on that note You're having an awesome Wednesday Thanks

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